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The Sorting Quiz
Please Bold Your Choices

1) There are three paths. One leads to a wandering road, another to a lake, and one over a mountain. Which one?

A) None of them, I'm at home reading.

B) Lake

C) Mountain

D) Road

2) Which type of spell is most useful?

A) A Complex Spell

B) A Spell Of Control

C) A Combat Spell

D) A Healing Spell

3) How would you describe yourself?

A) Wise

B) Cunning

C) Hard-working

D) Loyal

4) Someone infuriates you in public. How do you react?

A) Shrug it off.

B) Tell them that they are worthless and to get a life, infuriate them, push them, and storm off.

C) Get up, look at them right in the eye, and walk away like it never happened.

D) They are just joking around.

5) What is most important to you?

A) Grades.

B) Getting your way.

C) Life.

D) Friends and family.

6) Give a description of your character's personality. Personality must be at least one paragraph long. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or Humble? Anything about your character that might help the Sorting Hat decide. (Don't worry, you can copy this onto your character page later!)

Being a constant dreamer, Katherine's imagination is boundless and sometimes even farfetched. It's surprisingly not too hard for her to keep her focus, but all she needs is a few pushes to stray thoughts to get her going. In her head, she's ruthlessly optimistic, but somehow her vocal chords always end up spouting realistic things, almost to the point of being a pessimist. Her inability to feel ashamed or shy of speaking her opinion more or less weirds people out.

She hones her artistic talent happily, but only does so with charcoal and crayons. Nothing else. Her art is an insight to her personality - complicatedly realistic, imaginative, and optimistic all at the same time with definite conflict. Her parents' divorce at age three caused her to become more mature than most kids her age. However, she is still confused on why her mother has stopped visiting, though to her understanding her father had something to do with it.

Generally, Katherine's quite nice to others (despite her lack of sugarcoating), and if given permission, will happily defend them in her own eccentric way. Her lack of caution and eagerness to try out new things tend to get her in strange situations. She's not a fan of thinking things through, but grudgingly does so. Her floaty, hopeful side is often nowhere to be seen; the sightings being as rare as Crumple-Horned Snorkacks.

Thinking and pondering things at random never cease to plague Katherine's action bar, and so she tends to come up with strange questions in class (which in turn, often gets her teased.) Her imagination's limits - or lack of - give her an easy grip on many spells. Her quick wits and inability to be truly surprised are assets are one can forever rely on. She enjoys learning new things - and come up with reality-defying theories for them - and one should never put it past her to know things she shouldn't. Her personality type is INFP.

7) Write about the history of your character. History must be at least two paragraphs long. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? etc. (Again, you can copy this onto your character page later!)

Nora Déonté and Jason Marxa had their daughter before their first marriage anniversary hounded them. Katherine fortunately did not require a C-section, and was born into the world without causing too much innumerable pain to her mother on July 2, 2014. Rather unfortunately, she only experienced three years of truly having a mother before the divorce whisked away any further possibilities. Jason won custody of her by some unfathomable reason and suddenly Katherine was forced to deal with the strange women her dad brought to the house. At age eight, the Christmas and birthday visits stopped completely, and it was her favorite topic to wonder/daydream/ponder about till she was eleven.

She liked none of them, and even played a prank or two (her unused paints turned out to be fantastic for defacing clothing). That is, until Ellie Tate came along. The latter was a sweet, "don't-get-TOO-fresh-with-me" woman who genuinely paid attention and interest towards the little girl. The two became fairly good friends, and Katie often thought that she was a way better parent than Jason ever would. However, Ellie could simply not replace Nora.

When she was in the 4th grade at school, one of her classmates had a seizure and tumbled off the fourth floor. Everyone else screamed and panicked while Katherine rushed downstairs to hold her friend's hand as the life dwindled away from her. She stayed there, immovable, until the medics and the police arrived. It took some time to pry her away from the corpse, but she didn't shed a single tear. Not one. The next day she was perfectly normal, which weirded out her peers and superiors even more than before.

The incident didn't faze Jason at all when the school reported it to him, but it left Ellie concerned. Katie shrugged it all off, and nothing too disastrous occurred until she neared her tenth birthday.

Jason, Ellie, and her had been out to get Chinese food (which Katie often found weird looking and ended up shaping them into animals and feeding it to strays) when they got involved in a rather theatrical (in Katie's opinion) car crash. Ellie got out completely unscathed save a few minor cuts, but Katie and Jason were hospitalized. The former was completely confounded that the hospital didn't allow her to have charcoal. A whole bleeding hospital, and there wasn't a single stick of charcoal! The crayons calmed her down, but she never quite forgot the charcoal incident (that happily involved three vexed nurses as they tried to drag her back to bed) and took to carrying pieces of it in her pocket at all times.

At least, she reasoned, she would be capable of writing a farewell letter in the case she ever got stranded on some island surrounded by shark-infested waters. Jason and Ellie couldn't reply to that, and thus Katie's laundry had their pockets pulled out all the time whenever they were about to head to the laundromat.

During the mishap in the hospital and MUCH to Katie's delight, Nora visited. Jason was highly annoyed by this, which confused Katie because even a blind man could see they still had feelings for each other. Concussions and internal bleeding caused some problems for the daughter and father, but they both got out fine.

Shortly after, Jason acquired a generous job offer in Britain and they moved. Ellie came with them as her parents lived there, and the states were getting a little too crowded for her liking. Katie didn't mind the sudden move, and adjusted easily to the new surroundings in Stockport, England.

8) Write about your character's appearance. How do they look like? Are you planning on using a certain model for your character? If you already have a picture in mind, you can put it here!

Brighton Sharbino.
Katherine Marx

9) Are you Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important Harry Potter characters!)


10) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as veela, vampire, werewolf or the likes? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have an "exotic" characters as your first two characters!)


11) What year is your character in?

1st in the coming term. Right now she's 10.

Any House You DO NOT Want to Be In? (No Promises, Sorry)

Any House You REALLY Want to Be In? (Sorry, Again, No Promises)

Out of Character Questions (These do not affect which House you'll be sorted into)

1. How much time will you have to participate on this RP site? (This does not affect which House you'll be sorted into).

A) I have a lot of other responsibilities, and although I really want to be a part of this wiki, there may be days on end I won't be able to participate in anything.

:B) Although I do have some other responsibilities, and there may be times I'll be absent, I should be able to participate on a weekly basis, around my other schedule.

C) I should be able to participate at least some every day.
D) I have loads of free time, and don't see participation to be a problem at all.

2. Is this your first character?

A) This is my first character

:B) This is NOT my first character.

3. If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic"?

One, no exotics naturally.

4. Please post your time zone in relation with the UTC time zone (ex. Eastern Standard Time is -4), but if you don't understand how to calculate that then please simply put the name of your time zone below.


Number of A's: 2

Number of B's: 1

Number of C's: 1

Number of D's: 1

Ravenclaw crest The Sorting Hat has placed Katherine Déonté-Marxa into Ravenclaw!

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you've a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind."

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