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1) Give a history of your character. History must be at least two paragraphs long. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? etc.

Katherine grew up in England and attended Hogwarts. She was very likable and pretty. As such she was never long without a boyfriend. She was very popular and had many friends. She had good grades and loved to help people, she knew she wanted to have a job that would make people happy. She got a job as Muggle nurse after she left Hogwarts. When she 26 everything changed for her.

When she was 26 she met an American man named Leonard. He was in the Air Force and was stationed at Croughton, in the city where Katherine worked. Leonard won her over with his friendliness and charm. They were soon dating and were happily involved until Leonard was due to return home. Not wanting to leave her love, Katherine decided to go with him. Leonard had hoped for this and no sooner than she said that he got down on one knee and proposed. The Air Force gave the couple two weeks to get married and get home. They were married by week's end and then they headed out for the U.S

Two years into their marriage the couple was blessed with their oldest son. Winston Wolf. 3 years later, their daughter Gwen was born. When Winston was 8 years old, Leonard was called overseas to fight in the war. Katherine was sad but continued to do her job. Then 2 years later the worst thing happened: They received news that Leonard had been killed in the line of duty.

Katherine was devastated by the news. She went into mourning and hasn't come out. The family moved back to England where Winston attended Hogwarts. Every day Katherine goes to work, a desk job as a secretary in the ministry. She then came home and sat at the kitchen table ignorant to the world around her. She would stare at a picture of their family before Leonard was called overseas. Gwen or Winston when he was home, would place a plat of food in front of her. She would eat then go to bed and repeat the process all over again the next day. Now that Winston and Gwen both left for Hogwarts she's even more lonely if that's possible. She goes to a restaurant most nights now and buys a simple cheap meal that will get her through the day.

2) Give a description of your character's personality. Personality must be at least one paragraph long. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or humble?

Katherine used to be a very likable and bubbly woman. She loved to hang out with her girlfriends and got along great with Leonard's fellow Air Force men. When her husband died that all changed. She is a broken woman, she sits at her table and stares at a photo of a family lost. She could care less about the world around her now that it's gone.

3) Are you Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important Harry Potter characters!)

Pure - Blood

4) Does your character have any special magical abilities? Or special abilities in general (photographic memory, etc.)? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as veela, vampire, werewolf or the likes? Part or half of that magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have an "exotic" characters as your first two characters!)


5) Describe your character's profession. Do you plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher?

Some Secretarial job in the Ministry.

6) Describe your character's marital status. Is your character single or married? What is the spouse's name? Any kids?

Widow, 2 children. Winston and Gwen Wolf

OPTIONAL: If you want your character Sorted into a House, then please fill out this section as well.
Please Bold Your Choices

NOTE: This is before her husband died

1) There are three paths. One leads to a wandering road, another to a lake, and one over a mountain. Which one?

A) None of them, I'm at home reading.

B) Lake

C) Mountain

D) Road

2) Which type of spell is most useful?

A) A Complex Spell

B) A Spell Of Control

C) A Combat Spell

D) A Healing Spell

3) How would you describe yourself?

A) Wise

B) Cunning

C) Hard-working

D) Loyal

4) Someone infuriates you in public. How do you react?

A) Shrug it off.

B) Tell them that they are worthless and to get a life, infuriate them, push them, and storm off.

C) Get up, look at them right in the eye, and walk away like it never happened.

D) They are just joking around.

5) What is most important to you?

A) Grades.

B) Getting your way.

C) Life. ' D) Friends and family.

Any House You DO NOT Want to Be In? (No Promises, Sorry)

Any House You REALLY Want to Be In? (Sorry, Again, No Promises)

Out of Character Questions (These do not affect which House you'll be sorted into)

1. How much time will you have to participate on this RP site? (This does not affect which House you'll be sorted into).

A) I have a lot of other responsibilities, and although I really want to be a part of this wiki, there may be days on end I won't be able to participate in anything.
B) Although I do have some other responsibilities, and there may be times I'll be absent, I should be able to participate on a weekly basis, around my other schedule.

:C) I should be able to participate at least some every day.

D) I have loads of free time, and don't see participation to be a problem at all.

2. Is this your first character?

A) This is my first character

:B) This is NOT my first character.

3. If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic"?

8 1 is Exotic.

4. Please post your time zone in relation with the UTC time zone (ex. Eastern Standard Time is -4), but if you don't understand how to calculate that then please simply put the name of your time zone below.


Just a minor thing: what does she do now that Gwen and Winston both attend Hogwarts, what does she do in terms of food and such? -asteriea 15:11, February 18, 2015 (UTC)

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-asteriea 11:43, February 19, 2015 (UTC)

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