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The Sorting Quiz

A. Select the option that best fits your character. (Remember, this part is a requirement for every character you make! Please italicize the answer.)

1. What are you looking forward to learning at Hogwarts the most?

A. Transfiguration
B. Magical Creatures
C. Hexes & Jinxes
D. The castle's secret areas

2. Pick one:

B. Stars
A. Moon

3. If flowers adapted their scent to attract the unwary, what would it smell of in order to lure you in?

A. Parchment
B. Freshly baked bread
C. A crackling log fire
D. The Sea

4. Pick one:

A. Dawn
B. Dusk

5. Four boxes are placed before you. Which one do you open?

A. The ornate one, promising secret knowledge and unbearable temptation
B. The small, tortoiseshell box, embellished in gold, with a small, squeaking creature
C. The small, pewter box that reads "I only open for the worthy"
D. The gleaming black box marked with Merlin's rune

6. Pick one:

A. White
B. Black

7. What road tempts you the most?

A. The cobbled street lined with ancient buildings
B. The wide, sunny, grassy lane
C. The twisting, leaf-strewn path through woods
D. The narrow, dark, lantern-lit alley

8. Pick one:

A. Forest
B. River

9. What scares you most?

A. Speaking in such a silly voice, people will laugh at you and mock you
B. Waking up and realizing your family & friends don't know you
C. An eye at the keyhole of the dark, windowless room where you're locked
D. Standing on top of something high, without anything to stop you from falling

10. It's late, you're walking alone, and hear a peculiar cry you believe has a magical source. What do you do?

A. Wait for developments, while mentally reviewing the most appropriate spells
B. Draw your wand & stand your ground
C. Draw your wand & search for the source
D. Proceed with caution, keep a hand on the concealed wand, and keep an eye out

The Character's Background

1) Give a description of your character's personality. It must be at least two paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

A sullen boy is all that's left in the wake of everything that's gone on his life. With a life marred by sexual assault, substance abuse, alcoholism and depression, it's not surprising he's become as resentful as he has. Where he was once gentle and kind, he's become rough and impatient. Where he was happy and full of positivity, he now has anger issues and a pessimistic view on life. He's suffered a lot throughout the years. The glimmers of light in his life have dimmed, to the point there's barely a fickle flame keeping him from going too far - and even then, it dims further with every passing day. While moralistic, Laurent tends to do what's best for himself. Though the courtesy sometimes is extended to his own siblings, in recent times Laurent has become more and more selfish overtime, placing himself and those he cares about above the rest.
Laurent can be very sarcastic and is often very moody, even when he knows it's not merited. While this has proven to be nearly fatal, it's a tendency he's incapable of letting go of. He's a smartass and will prove as much. Laurent is capable of pushing himself and others to the limit. Thus, he can be very scathing, looking at the smallest of errors and informing you of them. While it can be good at times, as it makes him very meticulous and iffy with details, it can also prove to be disheartening. Once upon a time, he'd have never thought he could turn out to be this way, but again and again he's been proven wrong - this isn't a first, and surely won't be the final time it happens.
Though capable of working with a team, as he's constantly proving what with his pack and all, Laurent likes to work alone, too. He's quiet and reserved, and tends to rely on himself more than others. He's often off on a walk or lurking in the corners, meditating and thinking about the specific areas in which his life went so drastically wrong. He's very hard on himself and is quick to blame himself for the shortcomings of those around him. He's withdrawn and so self-critical, something that, when coupled with his depression, can prove to be detrimental to his already fragile mental health.
Laurent misses the good days, but very little holds special meaning to him. He struggles to find the value in things and often questions others to the point he now has more trust issues than he's often willing to admit to. He misses enjoying life - but now everything is dull and gray, and there's no way he can come back from that. Not that he knows of. Furthermore, he has an uncanny potential for a lot. Though his baggage will always be with him, and he'll likely never recuperate that lively personality he once had, he hopes that one day - somehow - he'll be able to find joy in the things he once loved. At least a little.

2) Write about the history of your character. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? It must be at least three paragraphs long, seven sentences each.

From a family whose blood was so pure they'd been included in the Sacred 28, Julius Selwyn had no reason or intention to sink to even looking at a muggleborn witch, and for 25 years of his life he didn't. Until, that was, he met the Japanese witch Kagome Hakumo. Their relationship was unexpected, to say the least, but with Julius capable of causing serious damage to the family name his parents made the decision to refrain from disinheriting him with two conditions: Hakumo had to pretend to be pure-blooded, and she had to sign a prenuptial agreement. Both agreed to this, though Hakumo was a little concerned in regards to the prenup, and they were married a few months later, when she became pregnant.

11 years and five children later, Julius got home early from his high-up ministry job to find his wife in bed with a man he'd never even met. The divorce was filed as soon as he could get it, citing his wife's adultery as the public reason for the divorce. Privately, he couldn't really care less - he'd fallen out of love with Hakumo years before and had been waiting for a good reason to divorce so he could marry his mistress, Kim Hae-Soo. The prenuptial agreement saved the Selwyns' family fortune, but there was no such barrier to save Hakumo's reputation. The only thing that stopped her ex-husband from declaring her real blood status was his love of their children. Oh, and his regard for his family reputation.

It caused a stir in pureblood society when, only six months after divorcing his first wife, Julius Selwyn remarried, this time to a pureblood from South Korea, Kim Hae-Soo, who the general public believes he met a week after his divorce. That's not true - he had, in fact, been seeing her for years after meeting her at her fourth husband's funeral. This wedding was remarkable not only because of its proximity to his divorce but also because of Hae-Soo's reputation in wizarding England: she'd had six husbands before marrying Julius (aged only 28), each richer than the last, and each had died in mysterious circumstances, leaving all their money to her. It helps that Hae-Soo is gorgeous - it's been speculated that there was a veela somewhere in her ancestry, but both she and her family deny this and there's no record of it, so we must conclude that she just got really lucky with her genes.

Laurent Demetrius Selwyn has by no means had an easy life. His first six years came and went in the blink of an eye. He and twin sister Melina Mia were without a doubt a force to be reckoned with. Bold and happy, they held little care for the rules and often made a fool of themselves for the sake of a good time. They were a dynamic duo, a match made in the stars worthy of rivaling perhaps even Bonnie and Clyde - platonically speaking, of course. Until tragedy struck. Some say it was a gas line that burst, some say it was a stove left on overnight, but Laurent knows the chilling truth - he murdered his own sister.

It was a dark and dreary day that he tries not to dwell on, regardless of the fact that it affirmed he was a wizard. He was angry that evening, but it shouldn't have ended the way it did. It shouldn't have. Horrified and concerned he might be found guilty, Laurent was ushered by his parents to Mahoutokoro. While he wouldn't be able to board, he'd be staying with a distant relative until everything cooled down. Except nothing cooled down, other than his sister's body. His parents worked hard, but ultimately, the Devil worked harder. There where whispers, rumors of what Laurent had done, and eventually, it reached the ears of Ryo Do-Hyun. And that was the worst thing that could have happened to Laurent.

From ages seven to eleven, Laurent only knew pain. Ryo Do-Hyun was infamous for attempting to kidnap several kids, God only knows for what. There was a strong case against him, but his charges were always dismissed and people struggled to see how or why. But it happened. For the first few months - year, even - people suspected something was going wrong inside the walls of his little house. They occasionally heard screams and cries, but he no longer posed a threat to their children so they were in no position to even want to protect this new child he was taking "care" of. But behind those doors, run-down walls and barred windows? Laurent was suffering. Day after day, night after night - he struggled to even walk properly anymore.

Laurent was stripped of his innocence and dignity. Everything his parents were supposed to do - love him, cherish him, protect him - it went right out the window. At least for him. Seeing Pandora, Cassius, the rest of his siblings attending Mahoutokoro for day school? Sometimes he wondered what hurt more - knowing his parents cared more about his siblings than they ever would about him, or the constant sexual abuse. Day by day, bit by bit, he began to close in on himself. By age 11, he couldn't feel anything - no pain, no happiness, nothing. It was just a constant numbness. He avoided his siblings as best as he could, but it proved to be difficult. It's like they were everywhere. The famed Selwyns.

Come age thirteen, Laurent had already fallen into the drug abuse hole. It was deep, and so was he. It started off fairly innocent - a couple of concoctions made specifically to loosen him up. Then came the liquor, then came the hardcore drugs. Muggle drugs had little effect on him, but potions? Even spells, really - anything that could give him a high. Come age fourteen, you could definitely call him an addict and an alcoholic. Not a day passed where he didn't touch anything. He needed to feel alive somehow. Until the end of his fourth year. When he ODed. It wasn't an accident - it was specifically on purpose. He couldn't take it anymore. He'd suffered long enough, and the notion that he still had three years ahead of him? No. So that's when his family - his biological one, at any rate - intercepted.

It was time for Laurent to come "home". What was home? He struggled to see them as his family, let alone people he might be able to find comfort with - especially not with Cassius and Calliope around. The dynamic duo. Pandora? Maybe. Carlisle? He struggled to see it. Chevalier? Likely not. But regardless, it was what it was and he was sure that whatever was coming was going to be infinitely better than what he had been going through these past several years. So without questions asked, and a clear lack of care when Ryo Do-Hyun was found dead with several stab wounds, he ended his career at Mahoutokoro. He postponed his arrival at the UK for a month, though, not sure if he was ready to arrive yet. But as time passed, his mother became more pressed on time to get him his school supplies, and he found himself jumping on a Portkey last minute to arrive to his new residence.

3) Write about your character's appearance. What do they look like? Are you planning on using a certain model for your character? If you already have a picture in mind, you can put it here!

His model is Kim Seokjin.

4) Is your character a Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important characters from the Harry Potter Universe!)

5) Does your character have any special abilities? Is he or she of a different magical race, such as Veela, Vampire, Werewolf or the like? Part or half of a magical race counts! (Remember, you cannot have a character with special abilities/of a different magical race as one of your first two characters!)


6) What year is your character in?

Laurent is now entering his fifth year, though this is his first in Hogwarts and eighth year overall of magical education.

OOC Questions

B. Whilst the first two questions will not affect the character's house (and are mandatory), the others are designed specifically to help users come up with their character's ideal job (and are optional).

1) Is this your first character?

A. This is my first character.
B. No, this is not my first character.

2) If your answer to the previous question is B, how many characters do you have? How many of them are "exotic"?

Somewhere around early 10s/2?

3) What would people who know your character well say they're really good at?

4) What do they really want to avoid in their future job/career? Do they hate working in an office? Do they hate the field?

5) Aside from family and peers, what motivates your character the most in life? What drives their passion?

6) Where does your character's weaknesses lie?

7) Wand cores and woods speak volumes about a person's character. What is your character's wand? Why does it answer to them?


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