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1) Give a short history of your character. How did they grow up? Is there an incident that made them the way they are? etc.

I feel that your inquisitive behaviour in my history is rather stalkerish, but I may also direct you to the phrase 'Curiosity killed the cat.' Well,in this case, you'd better pray hard that you're not the cat, and that your curiousity, as innocent as it may seem, doesn't catch up with you.

You see, it might seem innocent to you, but quite often things aren't quite as innocent as they appear. You see, I may look like the rose, but you fail to notice the thorns I bear.

Even with this ominous warning, you wish to proceed in your endeavours to find out about my past? I see now that I cannot shake you. Very well.

I was born Ophelia Rose Lister in Buckinghamshire, England. I.was pretty from birth, with ginger hair red as blood, which reflected my later personality. It was my name that was my parents' biggest slip up: it apparently meant peace- if you knew me now, which I can assure you you don't, you would know that name was the greatest misnomer of the century.

It was around 1807 at the time of my birth- although it may puzzle you at first how I lived so long, I promise you, seeker, your questions will be answered later on. My parents, Paul Joan Lister and Victoire Emilia Lister, both worked at a nearby farm to earn a living.

In the sort of time of my childhood, I, of course, had to work, and for little pay, too; although this was customary in those days. But somehow, and this is what scared people, through all the work, I remained beautiful. So, everyone naturally envied and liked me.

Until I got the letter. The Hogwarts Express was merely a rusty old steam train during my days of attendance; before the days of technology and all of that. So, the journey took much, much longer.

I was a average student I would say, becoming Prefect and Head Girl in my respective years. So, my parents died shortly after my graduation, so I was alone in the world- but I had inherited family funds I never knew about- turns out the work was to shield their magic from the muggles.

When I turned 18, I.was bitten by some male vampire- hence making me immortal, as I am today.

That's all there is to say. Now, shoo, off with you, before anyone sees! Let's hope curiosity doesn't catch you again... remember, I may be a rose, but I have hidden thorns, and a soul made of dark.

Just go...

2) Give a short description of your character's personality. Are you noble or sneaky? Arrogant or humble?

Curiosity got you again, I see. Well, I warned you, didn't I? I thought you would have gathered from previous comments that I was not a force to be reckoned with. Was that not enough? No?

I would say I am very sarcastic when solutions/answers are obvious, and when the opportunity to use this skill is too great to miss. I would say I am skilled in deceit, naturally charming and all of that. Also, I might say that I am.a competitive planner and dueller. I am also a Legilimens.

I have an iron will, and a heart of stone if I have one at all. I have shut off all emotional feelings,as I believe showing off feeling is merely a weakness. I am often referred to as 'The Shrouded's Ice Queen' though never in front of Shadow. Before Master Shadow it would be 'Ice Lady.' Referring to me as 'Ice Queen' before him would do nothing but get us on Shadow's bad side.

I go very red, and my eyes darken when angry. I have very passionate anger, probably inherited from a great uncle Louis, who I hasten to add, I have never personally met. I am really not a person to cross.

Otherwise I am diplomatic and reasonable.

3) Are you Pure-Blood, Half-Blood or Muggle-Born? Do you have any notable magical relations? (Remember, you cannot be related to important Harry Potter characters!) Pure Blood, of course.

4) Describe your character's profession. Do you plan to enroll your character into the Ministry of Magic? Does your character not work? Is your character a teacher? The Shrouded

5) Describe your character's marital status. Is your character single or married? What is the spouse's name? Any kids? Single

OOC (Out of Character) Question - How much time will you have to participate on this RP site? (This does not affect which House you'll be sorted into).

A)I have a lot of other responsibilities, and although I really want to be a part of this wiki, there may be days on end I won't be able to participate in anything.

B)Although I do have some other responsibilities, and there may be times I'll be absent, I should be able to participate on a weekly basis, around my other schedule.

C)I should be able to participate at least some every day.

D)I have loads of free time, and don't see participation to be a problem at all.

OPTIONAL: If you want your character Sorted into a House, then please fill out this section as well.
Please Bold Your Choices

1) There are three paths. One leads to a wandering road, another to a lake, and one over a mountain. Which one?

A)None of them, I'm at home reading.




2) Which type of spell is most useful?

A)A Complex Spell

B)A Spell Of Control

C)A Combat Spell

D)A Healing Spell

3) How would you describe yourself?



C)Hard Working


4) Someone infuriates you in public. How do you react?

A)Shrug it off

B)Tell them that they are worthless and to get a life, infuriate them, push them, and storm off.

C)Get up, look at them right in the eye, and walk away like it never happened.

D)They are just joking around

5) What is most important to you?


B)Getting your way


D)Friends and family

Any House You DO NOT Want to Be In? (No Promises, Sorry)

Any House You REALLY Want to Be In? (Sorry, Again, No Promises)

OOC (Out of Character) Question-(This does not affect which House you'll be sorted into).

1) This is my first character

2) This is NOT my first character.

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