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Age: 30

1) History: Ruslan Cohen Willow was the tenth child of Sabina and Ruslan Willow. As can be seen by the number of kids they have had Sabina has been through this many times before but she has also been through some great tradegies, her and her whole family, so before we get into the life of Ruslan C. Willow let's find out what the family has been up to before his birth.

Ruslan I has always lived in Russia and he always wants to keep it that way for him and his whole family and even made this clear to his friends that if they wanted him as their friend they would never leave Russia for good. Ruslan did not have many friends except for his friends in the government sinc he was a politician, but he met Sabina before he became a politician, he met Sabina at Koldovstoretz and fell in love with her free spirit attitude towards life and when Ruslan decided that it had been a considerable amount of time that they had been in a relationship, three years they got married and a year later they had their first three kids, Dimitri, Tytus and Artur, triplets.

Ruslan and Sabina had fun raising their first three kids for the year that they were alone and then Sabina was pregnant with her next baby, Ronen. Ruslan and Sabina loved taking care of their children, telling them Muggle and magical stories about their beautiful country they called home. As Dimitri, Tytus, Artur and Ronen started growing up they got a new addition two years later when the triplets were three and Ronen was two they had to greet their new brothers, Avgust and Motke. As time passed on Sabina gave birth to another set of twins, Leonity and Perle and then they took a three year break and had nuber nine after the break, Peretz and from then on their tradegies started. 

The first tradegy happening with Avgust when he was just eleven years old, he was looking forward to Koldovstoretz and seeing his older brothers but during the sumer break before he went to school he was swimming and what they were told by Ruslan I what happend was that Avgust drowned and their was no hope of saving him and that was all Ruslan would say on the subject, some of the Willow's family friends stopped staying in contact with the family because they think Ruslan I killed Avgust because Ruslan I made it clear that he did not like Avgust's blonde hair but either way they had another son to fill the void Avgust left and this is the star of the show, Ruslan II.

Ruslan being the tenth child he got as much attention as could be given individually to nine children. But, he learned early to share with his bigger siblings and grew up early starting to find an escape in history books and thinking about theological questions at a very young age, Ruslan II was destined for greatness. When he was six though tradegy struck for the family again when at the age of 21 Tytus and his newly wed wife, Katherine (17) were married and had a child but a year after the child was born they were murdered and no one witnessed the murder except for Ruslan I who would never tell anyone what happend that evening. So, the tradegy was never resolved but Ruslan I adopted their daughter, Alena as his own and Ruslan II enjoyed playing with her once he got home from school before he started going to Koldovstoretz. (in between the time of Tytus' death and Ruslan II going to school Noa Willow was born.)

When Ruslan was at school he was always compared to his siblings that had gotten to the school before him, but not in a bad way it was actually a very good way that he was just as good as them, he enjoyed the school it expanded his knowledge of the world and he was top of his class. During christmas this was celebrated alongside the arrival of new twins, Elmira and Sofia Willow. Everyone was overjoyed about the news and Ruslan went through school going through theological questions, getting top grades in his class and battling dpression and deciding what his sexuality was, he had decided at the last day at Koldovstoretz that he was gay and he was happy because of it.

Everyone seemed happy in the Willow family and the newly weds of Carmel and Peretz decided to move to America together so that they could raise a family in a new enviroment, but once they got to America they were killed by another Russian immigrant and out of spite that they had moved to America Ruslan I didn't do anything, he even tried to convince his family not to have a funeral for them seemingly banning them from his life. He didn't attend the funeral.

Ruslan II decided after his brother had been killed in America to try himself and moved to England himself and stayed there for awhile getting news when Noa and Yosef finally had a baby after three miscarriages, but except for letters and going back to the family for holidays and when tradegy struck Ruslan II tried to make a new life for himself in England, joining the English wizarding world and becoming a teacher at Hogwarts teaching Muggle Studies where he enjoyed talking about history and theology. But, soon he found that he wanted to do something different and he decided he wanted to get a job at the Ministry but he wasn't sure as what so wile he thought it through he got a boyfriend and lived off his money he had from teaching. Going back to Russia when Noa and Yosef died unexpectatly, Ruslan I took their child in persumbably because the child's name was Ruslan, Ruslan II smiled at the new child but he soon went back to England not expecting what would come next.

Years passed and Ruslan started a job at the ministry in the Department of Mysteries for he found that it would be the most fun out of all the departments and things were getting more serious beterrn him and Darrell, they were living together now and Ruslan couldn't be happy until he got the news that Motke and his wife, Malvinia were both dead and he went back to Russia bringing Darrell with him this time so Ruslan could introduce him to the family, everyone seemed to like him except for Ruslan I, who found it digsting that his son wanted to date another boy and made it known to the family. Even though Ruslan I made it known to everyone Ruslan II still brought Darrell to Sabina's sixty-fifth birthday party, that was a terrible idea. 

Ruslan found himself at another funeral because the night of Sabina's birthday party she killed herself, Ruslan II held it in as much as he could but it was like his family was being masacarred. But, a month later that is when he exploded when Darrell was kidnapped with no trace to be found Ruslan II lost it and he tried to kill himself Alena helped him through it and Ruslan quit his job at the Ministry so he could come back to Russia so that Alena could help him and gradualy over two months he was getting back to normal, but then Alena burst when her girlfriend was killed and Ruslan helped her the best he could using the same things that helped him and soon Alena and Ruslan II decide to move to England together so they can help each other stay safe and keep each other company. Ruslan got a job in the International Magical Coroperation so he could look out for possible killers of his family in Russia and all around the world.

2) Personality: Ruslan is very inteillgent and excels at anything he puts his mind to. He is very talented at intruments and his voice, but Ruslan I said that singing would get him no where so he only does it for fun. He is kind and compassionate towards everyone he meets and treats everyone like family. He may seem like he is crazy or like a hippie at first but once you get to know him he will be your friend for life.

3) Blood Relation: Pure-Blood

4) Character abilities: N/A

5) Profession: Head of Department of International Magical Cooperation

6) Marital Status: Single

  1. Darrell Woods- Only boyfriend was kidnapped.

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