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We are going to keep count of how the team is doing here.

Team Members
Attendance/Activity Bludgers Hit Target Shots Blocked/Shots Scored Comments
"Cunning Captain"
Captain and Chaser
Pending NA NA
"Daring Dasher"
Pending NA NA
"Flaming Flyer"
Pending NA NA
"Silver Bullet"
Pending NA NA
"Bad-Ass Beater"
Pending NA NA
"Quick Thinker"
Pending NA NA
"Swift Seeker"
Pending NA NA


Subs are welcome to practice.


Nolan Cook - Puddlemere United Beater • The Cunning Captain • Slytherin Alumni

- “And suddenly you know... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.”
Message Me  - 12:53, November 1, 2015 (UTC)

Nolan stood center field as he addressed the whole team. "Alright, guys. This is our first official practice. Bear with me, and I think we could all learn something new, eh? Okay, let's begin." He nodded and looked towards Nicolette and Joaquin. "Mitchell-Anderson, Perez, I want you on one side for a little mock game." He announced before looking at Jack and EQ. "Thornburn, Evans, I need you on the other. You'll start with the quaffle for this exercise." Nolan explained and then turned to Steph. "Schonewise, you'll act as keeper for Mitchell-Anderson and Perez, I've got Evans and Thornburn." He gave her a curt nod before finally turning his attention to Aikaterine. "Vassalos, I'll have you running drills right now. I'll let the snitch out, and you try to catch it - pretty simple. The real fun will start later when I get the beaters on you." He smirked before speaking to the whole team again. "Remember this is a practice - our first one for that matter - it's alright if you mess up. We're here to support each other, not condemn one another alright? Let's work together and get this done." He spoke with confidence and determination before letting the bludgers go first, then throwing the quaffle up to Jack, and finally releasing the snitch. "Let's go!"

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