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Voting has finished and option two has passed.

This vote is regarding the current vampire age limit. (Go here for the current limit.) On the wiki, the limit is about 200 years, which is only a few decades more than the average life expectancy for magic people - about 140 years in the 1990's, but more likely than not higher now since we're in the 2040's. This relatively short vampire life expectancy appears to be based off the few vampires we know from canon, but not off any concrete fact (see this page). JK Rowling herself said that she didn't include much vampire lore in Harry Potter because there was already so much out there, so there was no need. That said, a lot of vampire stories involve vampires who are hundreds of years old and are almost immortal. Even the vampires on the wiki cannot be killed except in very specific ways, none of which are natural causes, such as old age.

My proposition is that we get rid of the vampire age limit, and that is all. All the other vampire powers, traits, and vulnerabilities would remain the same, except there would be no age limit, which opens up more creative opportunities for the history of vampire characters.

This vote will close on Sunday, June 23rd, 2019.

17:49, June 16, 2019 (UTC)

Option One

Nothing changes, so the vampire age limit remains as it currently is.

Option Two

The vampire age limit is removed entirely, and the age limit for dhamphirs becomes 500 years.

Option Two

The vampire age limit is limited to common era only - that is, no B.C.E. birth dates - and the age limit for dhampirs becomes 500 years.


Option One (+)

Option Two (+9)

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Option Three (+)


Liss wanted to call this vote "Revamping" please appreciate her pun that is all

Vampires would still age, though, if all else remains the same. Or would vampires simply stop aging once bitten? And would this immediately affect all vampires in the wiki or just the ones made after this vote concludes? Ildsjel (talk)
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