The following issues are things that are to be voted on by any user who has been here one month or longer, per this vote.


In Progress

Topic Last Edit Last Author
Hogwarts Board of Governors07:37, July 30, 2020HaleTheKing
Faceclaims07:27, July 16, 2020TimeForTheTea


Topic Last Edit Last Author
Model Reservation Revision07:43, July 5, 2020Brocky292
Voting Structure Revision07:34, July 5, 2020Brocky292
2045 Minister Election10:26, June 29, 2020TimeForTheTea
Heads of Houses16:35, June 22, 2020Jay Sea
Time stamps and Voting structure20:12, June 16, 2020Jay Sea
New Users07:29, June 15, 2020TimeForTheTea
Updated Character Limit06:58, June 14, 2020TimeForTheTea
Model Sharing04:14, June 7, 2020Filoksenia
Histories and Personalities04:25, May 31, 2020TimeForTheTea
Monarchy Finalisation23:08, May 28, 2020Brocky292
Calendar 2.013:10, May 27, 2020TimeForTheTea
Class Structure09:20, January 28, 2020Jay Sea
Exotics and New Users16:01, January 23, 2020Jay Sea
Special Advisor of Non-Wizard Beings and Half-Beings08:11, November 27, 2019EvilhariboMadness
New Forums02:33, November 27, 2019TimeForTheTea
Admin Team Re-evaluation06:05, November 20, 2019TimeForTheTea
2042 Minister Election05:05, November 15, 2019EvilhariboMadness
Human Resources00:58, August 13, 2019TimeForTheTea
Archiving18:21, June 24, 2019Jay Sea
Vampire Age Limit18:12, June 24, 2019Jay Sea
OOC Event Timeline18:39, May 4, 2019Brocky292
User Rights Elections Voting Process (add on)06:44, April 10, 2019TimeForTheTea
Wandless Magic03:21, February 11, 2019Notmyresident
Legilimens03:20, February 11, 2019Notmyresident
User Rights Elections Voting Process01:59, February 5, 2019Notmyresident
Exotic Patronuses08:10, January 20, 2019Notmyresident
One Ministry Head Per User19:55, December 29, 2018Blue Butter
In Character vs. Out of Character Time19:41, December 26, 2018Blue Butter
Addition of Human Resources at the Ministry19:18, December 26, 2018TimeForTheTea
Minor Characters19:17, December 26, 2018TimeForTheTea
Sharing Active Character Slots19:17, December 26, 2018TimeForTheTea
Holiday Theme16:46, December 18, 2018Queen of Anarchy
Department structure21:47, October 7, 2018TimeForTheTea
Limit on Children22:42, September 29, 2018TimeForTheTea
Addition of Human Resources23:58, September 17, 2018Brocky292
Election Reset23:58, September 17, 2018Brocky292
2038 Chief Warlock Election07:11, September 12, 2018Brocky292
Introduction of New Character Spots21:13, June 12, 2018Brocky292
Inclusion of Lincliff City14:11, June 1, 2018JayeMalik'
Increase in Character Spots00:26, May 31, 2018Brocky292
Inclusion of Obscurials16:45, May 1, 2018Carnarvan
Royal Appearances13:18, January 26, 2018JayeMalik'
GIFs in a bubble23:18, December 3, 2017JayeMalik'
2034 Minister Election00:02, October 2, 2017Alyssa5582
2034 Chief Warlock Election22:31, September 28, 2017Alyssa5582
2030 Minister of Magic Vote14:01, August 15, 2017Bond em7
Wizarding Lawyers13:54, August 15, 2017Bond em7
Ministry Revamp13:54, August 15, 2017Bond em7
Discussions15:22, June 6, 2017Carnarvan
Minister of Magic Vote19:58, June 5, 2017Bond em7
Minister of Magic19:51, June 5, 2017Bond em7
User Relations00:16, February 12, 2017Carnarvan
Camp Half-Blood Dynamic22:35, April 17, 2016Ckohrs0221
Minister Election02:02, April 11, 2016Ckohrs0221
Class GLEs pt.100:08, December 27, 2014Jiskran
Racial Special Abilities16:29, July 20, 2014Head of Ravenclaw
Quidditch17:54, March 24, 2014Bond em7
Word Bubble Gradient to IC17:54, March 24, 2014Bond em7
Character Deaths17:50, March 24, 2014Bond em7
Hogwarts Break13:13, September 10, 2013Bond em7
Vote Testing17:29, June 15, 2013Jiskran
War Additions20:44, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Transfiguration Department20:44, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Mythology Department20:43, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Headmaster20:43, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Educational Reform20:42, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Deputy Headmaster20:42, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Defense Against the Dark Arts Department20:42, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Chat Policy Changes20:42, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Ancient Runes Department20:42, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Class GLEs pt.320:40, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Class GLEs pt.220:40, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Class GLE pt.420:40, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
Bureaucrat Demotion Guideline20:39, May 13, 2013Head of Ravenclaw
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