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Voting has finished and option three has passed.

This vote is regarding the exotic status of wandless magic. It is taught at one of the major magic schools - Uagadou - as a regular way of preforming magic, not as one that is more advanced or difficult than magic with a wand. (See this article.) For someone raised on performing magic with a wand, wandless magic is going to be much more difficult, but for someone who comes from or studied at where wandless magic is still very prevalent, it's simply the status quo.

Wandless magic is only more convenient than wand magic in that if you lose your wand, you can still preform spells. Beyond that, there is no increase in power, and it could even be argued that except for someone very experienced, wandless magic would be less precise and not ideal for performing complex charms and transfiguration. (See this article.) The extra benefits to wandless magic are at most on par with the benefits to nonverbal magic, which is not an exotic ability.

This vote will close in one week on Sunday, 10 February 2019.

Option One

Wandless magic stays an exotic ability.

Option Two

Wandless magic will no longer be an exotic ability, no questions asked.

Option Three

Wandless magic will no longer be an exotic ability, but like with exotic patronuses, there must be an explanation as to why/how they learned the skill, such as they studied at Uagadou or learned from someone who studied at Uagadou.


For Option One (+1)

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For Option Two (+)

For Option Three (+10)

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I voted because the description layed out was clear. But just as a note... the second link didn't link to an exact article for me. Just the North America's magical history which was broken down into like 4 separate articles. I don't know if that was the intention, or if you'd tried to pick just one. But that seemed like a lot of reading, when I was hoping to do a quick scan. :P Love sought is good, but giv'n unsought is better. 15:12, February 3, 2019 (UTC)

I have no problems with the powers or explanations of someone with Wandless Magic, but my concern with Option 3 is the number of people who could suddenly go study from some Uagadou guy and learn wandless magic. We're RPing in Magical Britain, there really shouldn't be a ton of people that can perform wandless magic. If it was Uagadou RP Wiki, I'd feel differently of course, but as it stands - this is Hogwarts.
Anchor"Smooth seas have never made for skilled sailors." Talk Anchor

Oh yeah, the second link is just for the first article on the page. There's no link to just that article though, apprently >.>
Sure, we're rping in Magical Britain, but the wiki is full of characters who come from other places. There are almost as many characters in the American category as there are in the English category. We have 34 different ethnic group categories and and 62 different birthplaces, those not counting any that may be uncategorized. There shouldn't be technology in the magic world either, but there are cell phones now. IC, it's almost 2040, and while I agree that there shouldn't be an explosion of characters who can do wandless magic, I don't expect that to happen. For instance, right now we're having an "explosion" of pureblood families which, canonically, were dwindling, and yet there are more pages in the pureblood category than there are in the half-blood category - and we know half bloods to be the most common "blood type" in the magical world. Does being a pureblood do anything? Not really. Is it unrealistic given the canon information that we have? Absolutely. Is it a given that there is an NPC population in this RP world since we cannot possibly create every single being in our rp world? Yes. So instead of bothering with limiting purebloods, I just assume that the pureblood population in the NPC part is much less and then go about my day. Plus, we have British magical royalty on the wiki, which is explicitly nonexistent in canon, but here we are. My point is, it isn't a big deal, it's not actually that important, and things change.

02:22, February 4, 2019 (UTC)

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