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Fredrick Spencer

Ravenclaw Alumni
American Boy

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Basic Information
AGE 24
NATIONALITY American/British
MODEL Aaron Tveit
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Although you can technically define them as high school sweethearts, it wasn't sunshine and daisies the entire time. They met as first years, and experienced what they'd later try to claim was love at first sight. They crushed on each other for two years and a half, afraid to ruin the friendship they had. It wasn't until third year when Louis Spencer got his head out of his ass and asked Gwendolyn to be his girlfriend. It was a dramatic affair, really, because it was in the middle of a quidditch match, while he was defending her from the other team so she'd catch the snitch.

They only lasted a grand total of six months. It was an at school only kind of relationship, by any means toxic, and they both knew Louis wasn't going to be loyal for three months without actually seeing his girlfriend. Gwen didn't want to date someone who'd potentially cheat on her, and swiftly ended what they had going on. It took a total of one week for them to get over each other; Louis was a popular guy back home in Orlando. He could have anyone. And he did. That summer was a wild one; he ended up losing his virginity to an older chick, messed around with her cousin, and wound up hooking up with said cousin's brother.

It wasn't until seventh year that they got back together. Louis was a playboy - he'd won a reputation at Ilvermorny for sleeping with girls and tossing them aside. Until he met his match: Thunderbird beater Olivia Cobbold. She was a Hogwarts transfer in their year, and the only girl who outright rejected him. And Louis - well, Louis loved himself a good challenge, so he pursued her. It took him an entire year, but by the start of seventh, he'd managed to win her over and score a date. It didn't settle well with Gwendolyn. Sure, what they had was brief, and they'd grown apart after their nasty breakup, but she hadn't realized he'd ever settle down with anyone. Especially someone who wasn't her.

Gwendolyn was nothin if not intense. She confronted them after their first date, much to Olivia's humiliation and Louis' amusement. Could you really blame him? Here was his ex, going crazy over his date with another girl - a girl who had decided they'd ultimately be better off as friends. Although Gwen got what she wanted (Louis), that was an instance he never let her live down. Not when they moved in together fresh out of Ilvermorny, not when they signed on to play pro together, not when they got married, not when they had their children a year after.

First came Patrick, Sean, Peggy, Isaac, Theo, Freddie, Elyson, Andy, Madi, Noah and Eleanor Ella. Fredrick was born alongside his quadruplets, Andre, Madison and Elyson, joining the Spencer bunch with open arms. The only downside to being a quadruplet is that Fredrick is biologically older while Andrew is legally older. Daylight Savings Time sure screwed over Fredrick, right when he came into the world. Andrew never ever lets him live it down, especially when it's their birthday.

Growing up was a bit of a wild ride for Fredrick, especially with Andrew as a brother. They were always getting into trouble as kids because of their smarts and were two peas in a pod. Andrew always had the crazy ideas and dragged Fredrick into them, but despite that Fredrick still had a somewhat normal childhood save for Andrew having to tell him Santa wasn't real (Fredrick still doesn't believe him and is trying to prove with science that Santa is indeed very real).

Fredrick's first sign of magic came when he was 7 years old and working on a science project. He was trying to make a super realistic volcano and wanted to show it off to his parents, the only problem was is that he miscalculated how much baking soda he needed to put in. When he mixed everything together the volcano literally exploded and covered Fredrick and the kitchen in gooey red gunk. He knew he couldn't clean it up, and started crying. Only when he opened his eyes everything was spotless and clean. When he told his parents they were happy to hear that Fredrick wasn't a squib.

After his magic appeared, Fredrick started to realize that there was something else different about him. He seemed to always know what people were thinking, even if he didn't want to know. At first it didn't bother him too much because he learned to drown out the noise, but once him and his siblings got older and more thoughts were going through their heads it became troublesome for the young boy.

He told his parents about it one night after dinner when he broke into tears because of hearing so many thoughts it physically hurt him. His parents took him to a close friend who was also a clairvoyant that helped Fredrick learn how to control his ability. At first it was very difficult and Fredrick didn't want to practice, but he also didn't want to pain to come back so he kept going.

Right when he went off to Ilvermorny he finally was able to grasp the control he needed to turn down his abilities, not exactly off, but it helped the young boy a lot in school. Being able to drown out the thoughts around him made it so he didn't have mental breakdowns like he once did, and during the summers he was able to practice and hone his abilities.

When he went off to Ilvermorny with Andrew, Fredrick was a little surprised that they were put into two different houses. He wasn't used to being separated from Andrew and his first year was really hard for him to adjust to having to meet and socialize with other people besides his family. But into his second and third year Fredrick became more comfortable, even gaining a spot on the Quidditch team for his house.

By the time he was 14, Fredrick was able to get a good grip on his abilities which allowed him to turn it off or not use it when he didn't want to. He was also able to keep it hidden easier, and it allowed him to finally have peace of mind. He didn't like to use his ability on people in the first place because it felt like an invasion of privacy, and people's brains weren't the best to dig around in in the first place.

But everything came crashing down in fourth year thanks to Andrew's failed experiment that nearly killed a kid.

Fredrick was a little pissed at Andrew for making them move, but couldn't be too angry with him because it was his brother/quadruplet. After a few heated words with Andrew, Fredrick ended up forgiving him. He was pretty sad though that they had to leave him behind in America, but knew that it was for the best of everyone.

Fredrick is excited to start his fifth year at Hogwarts with Andrew now and looks forward to seeing if he can join a Quidditch team again since he enjoyed it so much back home. He still misses America but knows he'll get used to England soon enough.

Meeting Augustus Gabriel was a high and low for Freddie because of the wonderful times but sad breakup he had with him. Although, during that time he met his best friend Blær Lýðursdóttir who he wouldn't give up for the world. After breaking up with Gus, Freddie met and started dating Amelia Tyrrell who was able to help him out of his single slump.

Freddie tries not to use his abilities on those close to him, feeling that in invades privacy and destroys a layer of trust. He's also scared to use his abilities because he doesn't want someone bad to find out and capture him or use it against him. He also doesn't want the ministry to find out, as he knows that they quite like to have clairvoyants on their side for... Reasons.



Fredrick really is a character and his personality is a little hard to narrow down. His mind is just constantly going and he's always thinking about something. A lot of people say that he never takes a break and is constantly moving or fidgeting or just doing something. And they'd be right, but Fredrick himself never really realizes it.

Fredrick is just a curious teenager who's also gifted with having a smart brain. Combined with the two he's just always thinking how things work and how things came to be or how this effects that and etc. It's been this way ever since he was a child, and it's gotten him into a bit of trouble since he's also tinkering and trying to create things that he's thought of in his mind.

Despite his constant thinking, Fredrick is actually a pretty nice guy when he wants to be. He tries to be nice and kind when first meeting someone but oh you better believe that if someone acts rude or gives Fredrick a reason to not like them he'll do a complete 180 and never speak to that person again. He's not bipolar, he just always give people the benefit of the doubt until they give him a reason not to like them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fredrick would consider himself and ambivert. He likes people but he doesn't like to constantly socialize, he'd rather have a little group of 4-5 people and just hang out all night then go to a party and get wasted. He also really loves to just talk about anything and everything, and it's almost like he could keep a conversation going for hours on end.

Though Fredrick is a pretty big nerd and goofball with his friends and siblings, he loves to talk about anything remotely related to science and will defend it till the end of existence itself. He also just loves to make the worst jokes and have a few good laughs throughout the day like anyone else.

All in all Fredrick is a (somewhat) well rounded person who is really just trying to finish school so he can be a scientist. But if anyone dares to talk bad about science or his siblings you best be warned he will fight (ง'̀-'́)ง.


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FATHER Louis Spencer
MOTHER Cordelia Spencer
SIBLINGS Brothers: Sean, Patrick, Isaac, Theodore, Andrew, Elyson
Sisters: Margaret, Madison
RELATIVES Grandparents and various cousins
WAND Pear, Dragon Heart String, 9"
BOGGART Grim Reaper
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Ravenclaw
BIRTHPLACE Orlando, Florida, USA
NICKNAMES Fred, Freddie
FAVE FOOD Fried Chicken
FAVE DRINK Pineapple/Mango Smoothie
FAVE MOVIE Woman in Black
FAVE SONG She Blinded Me With Science
FIRST KISS Augustus Gabriel



Blær Lýðursdóttir
Blear is Freddie's absolute bestie, they talk about everything and are super close. She was the first real friend he made after moving to London, and he couldn't be more thankful to have her around.

Augustus Gabriel
Gus was Freddie's first actual relationship and romance, and despite them being together almost two years it wasn't meant to last. The two broke up on good terms, and Freddie has gotten over Gus.
Amelia Tyrrell
Amelia is the light of Freddie's life and existence. He loves her to pieces and would give the world for her if it made her happy. Amelia makes Freddie a better person each and everyday.


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