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This character is dead. They either died in battle or on a quest, but they have moved on to an after life beyond the veil.


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Gertrude means spear of strength, derived from the Germanic elements ger spear and thrud strength.
Chastity is from the English word chastity, which is ultimately from Latin castus pure.
Evans is an English patronymic surname meaning son of Evan.


Gertrude Chastity and Gaylord Cannon Evans were born to Maria and Quentin Evans, second and third of seven, all of whom had the weirdest and most embarrassing name their parents could think of. Personally, GC no. 1 thinks she got off quite easily, compared to Gaylord Cannon, whose name had to have been a joke. The siblings are half-bloods, with a pure-blooded mother and a muggle-born father, and grew up knowing more about the muggle world than most wizarding children, apparently.

GC spent most of her childhood playing chaser or trying to hit bludgers hard enough to make them move, which apparently amuses EQ. Of course, she's now a lot better at it, but she thinks she'll stick to chasing. The Evans household was managed by magic, unless the kids managed to anger their mother enough to be subjected to that which they dreaded most - chores. For their first seven years or so, the GCs went by Gertrude and Gaylord, until Gertrude decided she didn't like her name and followed EQ's example by restyling herself as GC, and Gaylord realised what his name meant and immediately followed suit.

GC's first sign of magic was when she was eight years old and her twin wouldn't give back her Holyhead Harpies figurines. Getting worked up, she accidentally caused a heavy hardback to fall on his head and he may or may not have ended up with a small concussion, which she still likes to bring up whenever he teases her.


GC is, in the words of her mother, full of life. She's almost always doing something she finds amusing, like irritating her brother EQ, or planning for the possibility of a zombie apocalypse. Due to her middle name being Chastity, she is naturally a serious flirt. She tends to carry a knut at all times because she likes to fidget with it, as well as a pen or pencil because she doodles on everything she sees. GC loves to learn new things, but she gets bored rather easily and often forgets to listen to people. She's very flexible and loves rhythmic gymnastics and ice skating and just about anything that enables her to show off said flexibility.

While in general, GC is prone to random niceness, like giving all of her change to a homeless person on the street, or writing random positive things on post-its and leaving them in the common room for people to find, she is also quite very sassy by nature. She is very inventive, especially with things like pranks, and often comes up with wildly useless solutions to things. She's possibly the Holyhead Harpies' biggest fan, and really wants to be a chaser for them when she's older, especially since they're all female and she's a proud feminist. What annoys her a lot is when people are prone to stuttering, though she knows most of them can't really help it. Contrary to popular belief, GC is capable of seriousness, though she is usually as far from serious as she possibly can be.


Maria Evans mother
Quentin Evans father
Englebert EQ Evans brother
Gaylord GC Evans brother
Bathilda Tilly Evans sister
Audi Evans sister
Yetzel Zel Evans sister
Elmo Mo Evans brother

Angus AW Evans brother


Gertrude Chastity GC1/Jessie Evans
RPer Kibeth
Age 14
Birthday May 21
Nationality Scottish (British)
Ethnicity Caucasian
Species Witch; Human
Blood Half-Blood
Orientations Heteroflexible; Heteroromantic
Gender Female (cis)
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Faceclaim Pyper America Smith
Height 5'10"
Schooling Hogwarts (Ravenclaw)
Year Fourth
Wand Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, 8 1/2"
Wand Arm Right
Patronus Otter
Boggart Sexual Abuse
Affiliation(s) Evans family; Ravenclaw; Herself
Location Evans Residence/Ravenclaw Tower
Most influenced by GC2 Evans then Tilly Evans
Languages English, some French and Spanish


Model: Pyper America Smith

credit to kibeth for page & brocky and red for inspiration/code