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This user/character is inactive for the following reason: She is training with the WNQT, prepping start as Keeper for the Harpies as long as they will have her.
This user/character will return: Probably not anytime soon... Please excuse the inactivity.

Gaia Ellis
Gaia Ellis
Birthdate May 28th 2005
Birth Place Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
Hometown Holyhead, Wales
Accent Welsh
Heritage Welsh/Argentinian
Bloodline Muggle-Born
Family Ellis
Wand Arm Right
Wand Length 8¼ inches
Wand Wood Oak
Wand Core Phoenix Feather
Boggart Rejection
Patronus Crow
Amortentia Zante currants, Steamed Cockles, Fleetwood's High-Finish Handle Polish
Hecate Grimm

Gaia Ellis - Holyhead Harpies Keeper
Send Me an Owl! - “Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”
“Many people pray to be kept out of unexpected problems. Some people pray to be able to confront and overcome them.”

Vital Information

Gaia Ellis is a Muggle-Born witch of Welsh and Argentinian descent. She is the daughter of Linda Ellis and a man by the name of Gruffydd Peregrine.

Full Name: Gaia Megan Ellis
Meaning of name: Gaia — The earth personified as a goddess

Megan — Pearl

Birthdate: May 28th
Astrological Sign: Gemini
Type of childhood: Lonely
First memory: Magical tantrums when Eira and Rhys were being a-holes
Most important childhood event: Finding that broom in the storage closet
Why: Gaia was prepared to give up on magic, she was not very good at it and prior to Hogwarts she knew nothing about it, that broom changed everything

Life Before Hogwarts

I hate school. Magic school suuuuuucks so hard! I'm not going back, and you can't make me.

– Gaia Ellis

Do you think you call the shots here? You are going back. You know what else? You are going to graduate.

– Linda Ellis

Gaia did not know she was going to grow up to be a witch when she was a little girl. Her mother Linda is a muggle stand up comedienne, and she has never known her father. She was raised by her mother's friends Madoc and Enid Charles along side their children Eira and Rhys while her mother went on tour. When she was seven, the year after her mother told her she would no longer be staying with Eira and Rhys. Gaia had begun displaying her latent magic abilities, the muggles she was surrounded by had no explanation for it. Linda discussed the "strange occurrences" that only seemed to happen around Gaia with Enid and Madoc.

Linda knew what was happening with Gaia, for the sake of her friends Enid and Madoc she pretended she did not. She apologized for having left her daughter with them for so long, and any problems she may have caused with Eira and Rhys. Enid and Madoc assured her there was nothing to apologize for. Gaia and her mother moved away two years later. Linda stopped doing comedy shows so that she could with stay with her daughter. When Gaia's Hogwarts letter arrived her mother Linda was uncertain about letting her daughter go. There was absolutely no magic Linda could teach Gaia, but she wanted her daughter close if anything should ever happened to her. Linda was convinced by the understanding and patient Hogwarts staff member to let Gaia go, and with that the little girl was on her way to Hogwarts.

Slytherin Crest (Gif)


Gaia was a Hatstall between Gryffindor and Slytherin. She has clear cut qualities that could have landed her anywhere. She pretty much begged to be with the Snakes, she was drawn to the Dungeons right away. She was slow to develop because she knew the least about magic of all her classmates. She failed almost all of her classes in her first through third year, and she complained to her mother that magic school was not what she thought it would be. She begged not to be sent back.

Linda explained to Gaia life is not always what people think it will be. She told her daughter she had to take what she wanted from life. If she did not like Hogwarts she had to find something about it she did like. If she did not like her classes, she had to find something that caught her interest.

Gaia did not find anything interesting in her books or her classes when she returned to Hogwarts. She excelled at Charms and Transfiguration, she even has a steady enough hand for a flair with Potions.

At 12 and ¼ she found her niche in a storage room, it was someone's old broomstick, gathering dust. A 2014 Starsweeper XXI. Gaia realized something when she claimed, and secretly flew that broom. She did not hate Flying class the same way she had hated the rest of her classes in first year, she was not very good either. Gaia started spending all of her time at the training grounds. She flew during breakfast, she flew during lunch, and she flew during dinner. It became hard for people to find her because her feet were never on the ground.

Gaia played Keeper for her quidditch team, a position she learned to love for the complexity involved in staring a Chaser down, then determining in a split second whether or not either of you have the skills to make or break the game. Making a switch toward the middle of her fifth year to play Chaser (and reserve Keeper) was a let a down she was forced to play Chaser the entire year. Gaia was playing the position she hated the most, second to playing Seeker, which she despised. Gaia is at home in-front of those hoops. There truly is no other place on the quidditch pitch for her.



When she left Hogwarts she knew exactly what she wanted to do. She wanted to be a Harpy. She was determined to play quidditch for the team in Holyhead, and she would not let anything stand in her way. She attempted to take a place as a Chaser... big mistake. Some of the girls from her time at Hogwarts were already vying for, and locked in those spots. She was able to steal the Keeper spot. A feat she is sometimes more proud of than she probably should be. Gaia was able to play in the 2025 Quidditch World Cup, in that same season the Holyhead Harpies took home the win.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Llanfawr Primary School (Ysgol Gynradd Llanfawr)
Higher education: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; Slytherin

O.W.L. Results

Charms — E
Herbology — E
Transfiguration — E
Defense Against the Dark Arts — E
Potions — O
Care of Magical Creatures — O
Astronomy — O
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — O

N.E.W.T. Results

Charms — O
Herbology — E
Transfiguration — E
Defense Against the Dark Arts — O
Potions — O
Care of Magical Creatures — O
Astronomy — E
History of Magic — A
Muggle Studies — O
Apparition — O

Talents (hidden or not): Charms
Extremely skilled at: Transfiguration, Potions
Extremely unskilled at: Herbology
Good characteristics: Self-confident, Playful
Character flaws: Foul-mouthed, Sarcastic

Color: Green and Gold
Food: Crempogau, Lobscows, Bara Brith
Music: Electronic music
Clothing style/Outfit: Leather jackets
Literature: Poetry
Expressions: “Fight Fire With Fire.”
Quote: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Recent developments: During the 2025 Quidditch World Cup Gaia added 'British Ministry' to the list of holding cells she has been placed in
(The first of which she had not left anyone maimed while getting herself injured in the process)


Self-confident - Kittenish, Acerbic, Vulgar, Lonesome

Gaia is amusingly confident in herself. She is a potty mouth, she swears like a sailor and loves to say morbid things like; "I want to wear your lungs like fairy wings." or "I like the way you think. I wish I could crack open your skull and gnaw on your brains." She says these things for the reaction, which she always finds hilarious be it anger or shock. She is not the friendliest person, or the easiest person to talk to. She has a habit of making a person think she is not listening to them or that she does not care. She is listening, and she does care, but do not ask her. Her answer will be completely random.

She is a bit of a $#^%-starter. She likes to get into fights with people, verbal or physical and she doesn't mind wearing a black or blue eye for a few days to let the world know it too. She nicknamed her fists the girls; Lucy and Desi.
Mannerisms: Deliberately impassive or expressionless
Peculiarities: Makes random or slightly morbid jokes/threats
Worst bad habit: Eavesdropper; she listens to everything
Enjoys laughing at/with drunk people
Quirks: Talks to animals
She is sXe (Straight edge)
(refrains from using alcohol, tobacco and other recreational drugs)
Pet Peeves: Anyone who needs to have the attention of other people


Frankie Sandford

Gaia resembles her father, although she shares her grandmother Celinda's strong Argentinian features. She has warm medium tan skin, and a square shaped face. Her eyes, they are the same sparkling brown eyes as her father. She has brown hair, which in her early childhood grew to be very long, and at one point attained the same beautiful sun-streaks in a light brown dark gold color that her father had. When she was seventeen Gaia started cutting her hair, very short. She is addicted to cutting her hair, and is frequently cutting it "too short. Her pixie style awkwardly grew out into an asymmetrical cut she started to love. Her trademark style.


Family Member Relationship with them
Mother Linda had a distant relationship with her daughter when she was younger. Gaia was frequently "babysat" by and temporarily lived with Linda's friends Madoc, and Enid until she was seven.
Sister Peyton is her father's daughter alright, except she looks like her mother. "Irish twins", Peyton beat Gaia (they tied officially) for the Hogwarts Potions Champion title. Gaia did indeed jinx her for it.
Brother Isaac is Gaia's favorite playmate. When Eira and Rhys were being the a-holes they are. She and Isaac would run away and blow off steam chucking rocks or breaking glass. No one can ever replace Ike.
Father The father that Gaia should have had, she barely knows. Being that her mother is believed to be a Muggle Gaia assumed this man was a Wizard. He is not, entirely. He happens to be Muggle-Born.

Extended family:

Celinda Varela
Ianto Ellis
Nia Bamford
Lloyd Peregrine
Siana Ellis
Dylan Charles
Mair Peregrine
Trevor Duvall

Friend Relationship with them
Sian Vaughn † (Deceased)
Former Beater (Holyhead Harpies)

Sian made some sort of impression on Gaia pretty early. Gaia found her on the pitch a few hours early for practice, it is one of the quickest ways to Gaia's good side. They did not have the best repertoire, but Sian reminded Gaia of Lena. She could not help but to appreciate that on and off the pitch.

Althea Keyne
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Althea was treated with the same amount of respect Gaia gave Althea's twin sister Delilah. They were Gryffindor/Slytherin opponents turned Harpies teammates. They were never the closest, but Gaia knew Althea was undeniably the one she could count on when $#^* hit the fan.

Althea still is first on the list of contacts when Gaia fights her way into any Holding Cells.
Delilah Keyne
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Delilah was treated with the same amount of respect Gaia gave her twin sister Althea. They were Chaser/Keeper opponents turned Holyhead teammates. Never the closest or even considered close, Gaia would still deck ANYONE in the jaw if they said something bad about Delilah.

Lena Schmidt
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Lena is older but wiser. Based on past experiences with 'the Chaser trio', Gaia always liked Lena (the second to) the most out of all their teammates. She feels like they had very similar personalities, but she could sense thy had come from different backgrounds.

Gwyn Baines
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Gaia prefers Gwyn because they were in the same house at Hogwarts. They are only a few years apart in age, Gaia basically idolized Gwyn in school. She played Keeper for her during her Captaincy of the Slytherin team, and simultaneously took over her position and captaincy after she graduated (despite hating the position). Is there really more to say?

Julchen Beilschmidt
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Julchen is an amazing Chaser, of that there is no doubt. The fact that she, and another 'new girl' were able to break up the trio stung a bit. Julchen was a Harrier, so needless to say, Gaia felt she had to prove she really was a Harpy. Just one of the girls.

Cerys Glyndwr
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Cerys was one of the two who broke up the longstanding trio. The same trio that won the world cup. ... Gaia doesn't have anything against Cerys personally. Except, maybe, her closeness with Lena. Gaia is known to be a tad jealous of that platonic partnership.

Emily Stanton
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Gaia hadhas a huge preference for the Beater Emily replaced. She is ridiculously sour on the girl despite her being a Beater. If she had been a Chaser, and not replaced Morgan she wouldn't have to "try and play nice". Can't ruin the hard earned team dynamic now, not after winning the World Cup.

Sara Atherton
Former Teammate (Holyhead Harpies)

Gaia is partial to Sara despite her being a Chaser, similar to the way she is with Viola, Gwyn it is something she needs to work on. A Slytherin trailing behind by only a few years, Sara should fit in, and mesh well with the girls. Gaia thinks that Sara came around a good time.

Eira Charles
Childhood Friend

Eira was like a sister to Gaia growing up, until freaky things started happening around Gaia. When a set of books flew towards Eira's head it was after she told Gaia that she only lived in the Charles' house because her own mother did not want her. Eira and Gaia still do not speak much or at all.

Rhys Charles
Childhood Friend

Rhys was like a brother to Gaia growing up, until freaky things started happening around Gaia. When he woke up on the roof and had no recollection of how he got there, it did not take long to remember this was the morning after his fight with Gaia. Rhys remains apprehensive about making contact with her.

Morgan Reese

Morgan is Gaia's favorite Harpy! Her favorite person! (her girlfriend) The seeker past aside Gaia cites Morgan (and Lena) as the reason for the 2025 World Cup win. Although she did not exactly put up a huge fight 'for' her. Morgan temporarily leaving the team was a huge blow to Gaia. She spent the season without her vandalizing the locker room to vent her frustration.

Viola Sodworth

Gaia does not care for Viola, simply because she is a Seeker, that does not mean she does not like her. She admires that Vi appears to have a bit of a dark side, there is a tortured soul in her. Her favorite thing about Vi is probably how if she stares at you long enough, you might blow up. She often observes her trying to understand how V does that.

Emily Smith

Emily is kind of a mystery to Gaia, she knows the kid is a great player, and she knows that even though EmilyII is a newb she is also a vet. She trusts her skill on the pitch, but out of game... she does not really know how to feel about this girl, it is the classic relationship she would usually have with any Chaser.

TJ Blackheart

TJ is cool with Gaia. The fact that she is a Chaser does not often bother Gaia because she senses that they are kindred spirits. She does not often bring it up unless she using the position TJ plays as an excuse to make a joke about how she would normally hate/love or hate/hate her.


Most prized possession: Magic
Why: She would have nothing without her magic, if she was not a witch she would be nobody
Familiar/Pet: Disgleirio "Dis" (Terrapin)
Wand: Oak Phoenix Feather