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Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts! This class is first through third years only;
for fourth through seventh years, go here.

Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom
This class is taught by Professor Déonté



First Years

When the first years enter, they'll see the desks arranged in a U-shape with a single desk missing at the bottom, Déonté's desk at the top, and a large chalkboard just behind and to the left of that. A fresh piece of chalk hovers at the board, ready to write, and Nora sits atop her desk waiting for everyone to arrive. As usual, she's already reviewed the class roll, and - as is also usual these days - she sees several familiar names. "Welcome to Defense Against the Dark Arts, everyone," she says once they've all found a spot. "I'm Professor Déonté. We'll start on my left, and I'd like you all to introduce yourselves and give us one thing either involved with the dark arts or the defense of them."
02:10, 26 January 2021 (UTC)
"There is no crueler tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice."
Charles de Montesquieu
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Siobhan O'Shaygryffindor first year • living in the clouds

「 Age 」
11 y/o
「 Species 」
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「 Relationship 」

After months of anticipation, the day was finally here. She'd be taking Defense Against the Dark Arts with the infamous Professor Déonté. Her mum had told her all about the one-legged professor and the mischief she'd wreaked in her class once upon a time, and Siobhan was looking forward to emulating her mother's chaotic energy. She'd likely disapprove, but her dad wouldn't, and that's really all that mattered to Siobhan. When she enters the classroom, she's initially alarmed by the U shape — those usually never end well, in her experience — and sighs before dragging her feet over to a middle-to-left seat. A few minutes later, when the class has started and Siobhan sees nobody else is talking, she raises her hand. "Wands!" she grins. Can't say no to that. "And an evil brain."

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Second and Third Years General

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Otherwise, feel free to rp amongst yourselves if you like.