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This is your Herbology Exam. Please copy down the questions below to your own exam page.

Written Exam[]


Please put the correct answer on the space provided before each number.

___1.) A creature who lets out a sharp cry every time it is unearthed. It can also used to make a Draught that cures Petrification.

___2.) Another name for the plant mentioned in number 1.

___3.) It is any organinc material which helps plant to nurtue the essential nutrients needed for plant growth.

___4.) A plant which has the sense of touch. It is similar to a giant vine.

___5.) A process of changing plant pots.

___6.) This is a fertilizer which came from dragons.

___7.) It is a special type of seaweeds which gives the user gills.

___8.) A potion ingredient for the Wolfsbane Potion. This plant is once widespread, but now can only be found in wild places.

___9.) A very valuable, very violent species of a plant. It is a tree whom acts like a human. It's branches serves as it's arms.

___10.)These are giant flowers which is shaped like an Umbrella.


1.) Write an essay about the Whomping Willow. It's bodily features and many fantastic objects about this plant. Please include things that this plant can do. Also, in your opinion, are Whomping Willows useful to humans? (15 pts.)

2.) Write an essay about Mandragora, Devils Snare and Umbrella Flower. Write it's uses to humans as well as it's features. Also, add objects of how these plants can be important in our daily lives. (15 pts)


Grade Mark:

38~40 - Outstanding

30~38 - Exceeds Expectations

25~30 - Acceptable

20~25 - Unsatisfactory

10~20 - Poor

0~10 - Troll

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Graded Exams[]