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Welcome to History of Magic! This class is fifth through seventh years only;
for first through fourth years, go here

History of Magic Classroom
This class is taught by Professor Adair



Phyllis Adairface the shadow - slytherin graduate

「 Age 」
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
HoM Professor
「 Relationship 」

"Hello and welcome to History of Magic. I am an unfamiliar face to many of you, but to those that I am familiar to... I am Professor Phyllis Adair, but you are to call me only Professor Adair. As this is the higher class, I do have high expectations of each of you, as you should of yourself. I only really ask of a single thing on my part: do not mess around. I will not help those who slack off willingly, and those that don't, I'd be happy to help with anything. If you need anything from me, I will be found in my office more often than not."

OOC: I personally invite anyone who wants to screw around to do so :P It'll be good fun for everyone involved, though, do watch yourselves to not let your students get really wild; Phyllis ain't going to take no one's sh*t so keep it controlled.

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