Hogwarts Library

The Library is an endless sea of knowledge from books of ancient days long ago. The abandance of books seem overwhelming, but after asking the libraian for help you will find yourself sitting at a table eagerly studying and absorbing all the knowledge at your fingertips.

third floor


Aoibh and Tiernan


Princess AoibhThe Queen of her family • Hufflepuff 5th year

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Student • Princess
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Aoibh didn't go back to Ireland for Christmas. She didn't see the point. Not when Hogwarts provided so much better food and the bathrooms? Still so much more superior in Hogwarts. So she stayed. And, as it so happened, so did Tiernan. With the crowds thinned, Aoibh didn't try to be quiet in the library. Usually, she was terrified of being yelled at by the librarians. "Do you think this looks nice?" She asked as she showed a card. It had pink glitter stuck onto the paper with 'congrats on ur win' stuck onto the paper and the words were green glitter. "I'm sending it to the Slytherin winners. For their win. I thought it'd be nice comradery, you know?"

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hunting for hot librarians

Yi Hyanghyeon - Guseul
joo guseul
Apparently Hogwarts' librarians were hot, so today's mission was to see if it was true or not. Of course, Hyanghyeon Guseul was a good kid, so she brought along her homework to work on. Guseul walks around, trying to find the perfect place all the while humming the 'don't be suspicious' song under her breath, just quiet enough to not, y'know, disturb anyone because she's a good girl.
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