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Welcome to Theory of the Dark Arts, where you'll take a deep dive into the psychology of infamous dark wizards throughout history and understand the theoretical purposes of various dark artefacts within their possession.

Approved as an elective at the NEWT-level only, all students interested in enrolling must meet a certain criteria to enroll in this class. In their OWL examinations, all prospective students must have scored at least an AA in Defense Against the Dark Arts and an EE in History of Magic. Further, they must receive the signatures of their Head of House, History Professor, and Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.
Theory of the Dark Arts
Taught by Professor Berkshire.


Daniel Henney 2

Prof. Godfrey BerkshireTheory of the Dark Arts

「 Age 」
30 y/o
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
Hogwarts Professor
「 Relationship 」

"I will not tolerate any kind of slacking in this class. Essays will be assigned once a week, with daily readings to supplement the information discussed in class. If you can't keep up, you will fail this course and be promptly removed for future terms. I encourage you to think long and hard before deciding whether to continue in this course. It will be by far the most rigorous, mentally challenging class you'll be taught while at Hogwarts. Furthermore, at no point will wands be allowed inside the classroom unlesss previously allowed by myself." Godfrey pauses, allowing his words to sink in. "With that out of the way, let's begin."

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Enrolled Students[]

Sixth Years[]

  1. Vilja Mäkinen — O in DatDA, O in History of Magic
  2. Grizel Mac an Baird - EE in DADA, O in HoM

Seventh Years[]

  1. Willow Deneris - O (DATDA) and EE (History)
  2. Skippy Williams - EE in DADA, EE in HoM


note: sixth and seventh years will be taking the class together this year, as it's the inaugural year of the class.

Game Master
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When the students file into the classroom, they'll notice there are no seats or desks. The room is pitch black, with only a dim light turned on near the professor's deks. A horrible feeling of dread begins to sink in the students' stomachs as the room's temperature begins to drop. In the heart of the classroom is a shadowy figure, but without proper lighting, no student has any way of knowing what lurks in the darkness.

OOC: Students aren't aware there's a no wands policy in place yet, so for this class only, they're allowed to have them on their person.


Will Denerisslytherin • mozart's daughter • lil shit

「 Age 」
「 Species 」
「 Occupation 」
「 Relationship 」

Bold, very bold, to think Will would let go of her wand. She has an unhealthy attachment to her wand (it was her first thing she properly owned when she joined the magical world) so she walked in with her wand in the pocket of her robes. As long as she didn't take it out it'd be fine. When she heard this was being offered, she got the right recommendations. Look-she knew it'd be interesting and worthwhile. The professor certainly knew how to set the mood. Will didn't think much of the dread. She lived with dread ever since she was five, she was use to it, it was her normal state. Guess this was the room where she belonged.

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Skippy Williams,
Hufflepuff 7th year • Quidditch Captain
Skippy was only in this class to make his resumé look good - if, of course, he decided to pursue something that needed a resumé. He had no desire for the workload, but he would put up with it for a passing NEWT score. He can't see shit in the dim light, and he didn't like the feeling in the room. Was something in here with them? He thought this was a theory class. He draws his wand and tries to cast a nonverbal lumos maxima to brighten things up a bit.
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03:14, 18 January 2021 (UTC)
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