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genevieve summers
fourth year gryffindor
spirit of my silence i can hear you


Birthday November 2
Age 14
Pronunciation jeh-neh-veev suhm-mers
Family Fallon & Elizabeth (parents)
Julienne, Eric, Carlos, Rosanna (adopted siblings)
Gender Female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation ???
Relationship Single
Nationality English
Languages English
Residence Gryffindor Dormitories, Summers Residence
Religion Christian
Handedness Left
Roleplayer Red
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Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'4"
Style Plain
Faceclaim Sofia Bryant

Genevieve doesn't like wearing clothes or presenting herself in a way that brings too much attention to herself. She is very used to being the "plain one" in her friend group – this is partly because she is generally a bit shy. It is mostly because she is the friend that everyone rants to about things since she is a good secret keeper and listener, which means she often hears some of her friends complain about the others 'upstaging them' or trying too hard with their outfits and make-up. She does not think that's correct or a very nice thing to do, but she'd still rather not be on the intended target of such comments. Her dark hair is so curly and she's given up on trying to control it, and while her love language is physical touch, it is one of her biggest pet peeves when people try to touch it. She has big, dark brown eyes that used to hide behind a thick pair of glasses before getting bit (the improvement to her eyesight is the one thing she is grateful for).


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At the young age of eighteen, Fallon Summers knew he had to get himself and his sister Autumn (who was only seven at the time) out of their abusive household and he immediately began to work a number of different part-time jobs while balancing an internship at the Ministry of Magic in order to make enough money to possibly support her. He finally got custody when he was twenty-one and she was twelve, and with her off at Hogwarts for three quarters of the year (thankfully, in the guardianship hearing for her, the Ministry was also able to secure financial assistance for the two siblings to account for her tuition), he was more than capable of juggling raising a preteen and slowly rising up in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes where he now works under the Muggle-Worthy Excuse Committee.

At the age of twenty eight, he met his future wife while on the job. Her name was Stephanie and she let him go through an incredibly bogus and preposterous explanation for why a snake had appeared out of thin air and landed on her head during her visit to the zoo (the result of a five-year-old's accidental magic), before revealing that she was a squib and already knew everything about magic. The two quickly fell in love, and they married after two years of dating.

After growing up in the environment that Fallon did, he was convinced that there was already more than enough children in the world who were in need of a loving and supportive home and that it would be better to adopt than just add to the population. Stephanie agreed, and the two of them adopted their first child, a five-year-old girl named Julienne, from Lil Bundles. Autumn had already been frequenting the place very often growing up and had formed an attachment to this girl, so she was already always over, so adopting her seemed like the obvious choice. Over the next seven years he would adopt four more children, namely Carlos, Eric, Genevieve, and Rosanna in that order.

Genevieve had been left on the doorstep of Lil Bundles when she was just a baby. Luckily, the people there were kind and she grew up in an environment with lots of support. They knew she had to have been magic if she was left at Lil Bundles, but there was always the possibility that she would turn out a squib. This was disproved when at the age of seven, Genevieve started making origami animals that would come to life upon the final fold. Unfortunately, some of the more aggressive paper animals would attack some of the other children and this resulted to lots and lots of paper cuts. No serious harm done, but Gen cried for two days.

She never really wanted to find her real family. At first, it was a bit of a pride thing – if they didn't want her, she would simply just not want them back. However, she grew to realize that the world is a lot more nuanced than that and they could have had a perfectly good reason for giving her up. Maybe they wanted to give her better opportunities than what she would have gotten being raised by them? Maybe they were simply unfit to take care of a child, and they recognized that. Whatever it was, Gen was content with the way things were.

At the age of nine, she was adopted by Fallon and Stephanie after the former remembered her from the great origami disaster two years prior (he got a big hoot out of hearing that from his friends in the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad), and Gen was quickly introduced to the family she never thought she would have. Her parents were incredibly supportive and loving. Her siblings could be annoying, but she knew they all cared about each other. She was so happy that any desire to find her biological parents had vanished – if this home is what that decision led to, she is more than happy to have been placed on that path.

At eleven, Genevieve was sorted into HOUSE, and apparently there were already quite a few expectations on her shoulders. Eric was a quidditch player, Carlos was a really skilled member of the dueling club, and Julienne was a prefect for Hufflepuff. They were all quite academically achieving as well, and professors recognized the last name. At first it was a bit overwhelming, but it was also a lot easier making friends when everyone finds your siblings cool. Besides, if anything, she's proud of them.

Gen's sister, Rosanna, was the daughter of a werewolf, Harlan, who had lost custody of her after intentionally killing two coworkers during a full moon. Deemed unfit to look after a child and with no relatives to take her in unless they considered moving her all the way to America (they were estranged from her dead mother's side of the family who lived there, and her father had been an only child), Rosanna was put up for adoption at six. Bubbly and energetic, the Summers couple quickly fell in love with her and adopted her when she was seven.

Three years later, Rosanna's father had escaped his imprisonment at the Ministry, and set out to reclaim his daughter and go on the run from the authorities. He had tracked her down to the Summers residence, and managed to get in through an open window on a hot summer's night to the room Genevieve shared with her younger sister. After waking up because she had heard Rosanna struggle (before she was silenced by a spell), Genevieve was almost obliviated by Harlan but she managed to disarm him with a quiet expelliarmus. Seeing no other option, he turned into a wolf and attacked. Genevieve screamed as loud as she could to alert the other members of her household. Thankfully, her father arrived at the scene before anything happened, and her mother was able to call the authorities, who apparated there right in time.

She was taken to St. Mungo's to be treated for the large gash spanning from her left shoulder to the bottom right of her stomach and nearly bled out, but was luckily saved by the healers on duty. Unfortunately, this did mean that she would suffer from lycantrophy from that point on. Rosanna's memory of the incident was erased, but they all agreed in the family to tell her once she older and more capable of processing something so heavy.

Not being able to talk about what happened at home unless she did so in privacy, when she could be certain her younger sister wouldn't accidentally overhear, the feeling that she was burdening her family with this condition slowly began to build up and fester. She was fourteen, but she was old enough to know that they aren't particularly well off and that wolfsbane is expensive. She was afraid of accidentally hurting one of her family members during a full moon. Convinced that it was the correct thing to do, she decided it would be best to run away, but she only got as far as packing her bags before her mother found her and Genevieve broke down in tears. Her parents and older siblings reassured her that they love her no matter what and that they'll be by her side every step of the way.

Returning to Hogwarts as a fourth year, Genevieve is struggling with this new side of her while trying to keep it a secret from all her friends. She is convinced that it would only burden them or that it might place too much attention on her, which she never ever enjoyed. She is confident in her ability to handle this problem on her own, but she is grateful knowing that she has people she loves to fall back on.



(+): brave, polite, agreeable
(–): short-tempered, aggressive, doormat

Gen is very good at fading in the background and acting as perfect support to her friends. She is plain, not very loud, and agreeable to mostly anything. Many of the people in her current friend group say that she can be a calming presence, but deep down she knows that it's not really anything to do with her actual aura but mostly because she is quiet when they talk and a good listener.

Ever since being turned into a werewolf, her more aggressive traits have been coming out. Gen is normally reserved, but that does not necessarily mean that she is always calm and understanding. She is just good at holding her tongue. It's come as a shock to some of her friends that she is much more willing to fight back or speak her mind nowadays, but it is in the nature of a werewolf to be a bit more hotheaded. She doesn't really like showing this part of her and does try her best to keep her cool, but she cannot be helped when faced with especially frustrating or annoying situations.

She is very good at giving advice. This is because she is typically who people go to when they have problems, so she feels like she's heard it all and it has reached the point where she's realized that the problems of most teenagers are exceedingly repetitive. She is also a pretty good secret-keeper, but that is mostly because she hears so much of them that they are hard to keep track and some of the things she is privy to are just so ridiculous that she understands the shame that would accompany these secrets getting out.

Genevieve feels a bit lost from time to time regarding her personal identity and likes blending in with the crowd because it is easier than self-reflection. She is fond of taking personality tests to give herself a better understanding of who she is, and is obsessed with wandlore as she believes that it is the ultimate way to determine what a person is like. It's magic, so it can't be wrong. Her lack of a clear image or personal aesthetic makes her a bit of a doormat; she often agrees to whatever her friends suggest simply because she doesn't even know what she'd be arguing for or what she would do instead.

Gen is shy but not socially awkward – she is always being dragged around here and there by her friends so she's been to her fair share of parties and other events, and as a result has become that girl that nobody hates, but nobody feels too strongly about either. She is popular by extension of her siblings and the group she associates herself with and doesn't mind that at all. She does not get jealous easily, after all, and is more likely to just be happy for the people she loves, especially since Gen is a bit of a mom friend. To her, love is support, so she always tries to be there for the people that she loves and to not have them worry about her too much. She always has what anyone needs, whether it be a shoulder to cry on or a pack of biscuits from her undetectable extension charmed bag.


Interests Wandlore, personality tests, origami, miniature versions of things, scented candles
Habits Exasperated sighing, biting the inside of her cheek
Pet Peeves Unnecessarily rude people, people who don't wait for other friends to tie their shoe and catch up
Goals Get used to the whole lycantrophy thing, become a wandmaker
Enneagram 9w8
Star Sign Scorpio
Alignment Lawful Good
Love Language Acts of Service

Magical Characteristics

Wand Holly, Dragon heartstring, 7 inches
Amortentia Citrus-y smells
Patronus Sheep
Patronus Memory Road trip with her family
Boggart The full moon
Blood Status Presumed half-blood
Peculiar Werewolf


Song Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
TV Show Avatar, the Last Airbender
Book Matilda
Movie Stardust
Color Orange

*Genevieve is a bit obsessed with personality tests and views wandlore as the ultimate personality test.
*She works part-time at the Hogsmeade branch of Ollivander's.
*She has a somewhat scattered music taste because she takes song recommendations from everyone.
*Care of Magical Creatures used to be one of her favorite subjects, but she has since dropped it because all the animals are afraid of her since turning.
*She has a backpack with nearly everything you would ever need in it – the perfect accessory for her mom friend tendencies.
*She has a rant account on snitcher with zero followers and would die if anyone found it.
*She enjoys watching people play video games.
*She is known for having very, very pretty handwriting.
*One of her niche interests is that she Gen loves miniature versions of things.
*She loves oranges!

Gen Gif 3

genevieve summers
fourth year gryffindor
spirit of my silence i can hear you