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George Parkinson
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Parkinson
Status Pureblood
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Affiliation Gryffindor
Wand Dragon Heart String
Species Human
Home Godric's Hollow


I am a bold, creative person. I'll always do what is right, I'll never give up and also talented.


I was born and raised in Godric's Hollow all my life. I always wanted to learn and practice magic and hoped and dreamed of one day become a great/the greatest wizard. The first time I used magic was when one day my cousin, Marvin Parkinson, came to visit. He and I never got along, in fact we were almost enemies. We were about eight years old and we both wanted to use the swing set in my backyard but, the problem was there was only one swing because the other was destroyed somehow. We made a deal, we would run towards the swings and first to get there wins. We both ran, my cousin, being able to do some spells, tried to stop me but I won in the end. When I reached I hoped on the swing to start swinging but my cousin pushed me off and started laughing at me, I became so upset that all of a sudden while he sat on the swing, I made it collapse and I knew it was magic because it was the same situation I had in my head, I imagined it collapsing but didn't really want to see him harmed. From that day I was more careful with what I thought about and how I use my powers.

Friendships & Relationships[]

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