Gideon Edison
Gryffindor 💥 First Year


Personal Information

Full NameGideon Apollo Edison
BirthdayJuly 27th
Zodiac SignLeo
Sex / GenderMale / Male
Sexual OrientationUnsure
Romantic OrientationUnsure
Relationship StatusSingle
BirthplaceLondon, England
Living SituationCoral Gates
Languages SpokenEnglish

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-blood
Wand WoodElm Wood
Wand CoreDragon Heartstring
Wand Length11 ¾


In a classroom, Gideon's the class clown. He's good at making people laugh, so why not do so? As well as the fact that cheering people up makes him all smiley inside. Just a tiny bit (a lot bit, but he's not going to admit it). He's the one to make a silly comment even when the teacher's talking and doesn't want the class to speak. Heck, he'll make a stupid comment just to test to see what the teacher might do in response. He's always testing to see reactions from people and if does or say something. "Don't touch me"? Gideon's going to hug you. "Wash the dishes"? Gideon will be found later in his room playing video games and the dishes will still be dirty. Well, that one leans more so to the fact washing dishes sucks, but whatever. This partially comes from the fact that he's so curious. He wants answers and more answers for the questions he makes from the answers he originally received. A tongue twister? Yeah, Gideon loves those.

In a sense, Gideon's one of those people who is naturally pretty good at a lot of things and or a quick learner to things he's not good at. Due to this, he's pretty good at different sets of skills. He has a skateboard in which he rides often. He's pretty good at the drums, which he picks up every now and then. He likes to play quidditch and doesn't suck. Hey, if you convince him, he's also a decent sketcher, too. Though, trying so many things out, he's unsure what he's best at. He's a jack of all trades. Good at a lot of things, but not best in any of them. Well, there surely is a tiny bit Gideon can't seem to work on. Listening or following instructions, for example. Only being asked to do something once is a rare occurrence in the Edison household for Gideon, and it's his poor listening skills. As well as hating being told what to do.


Arthur and Lucienne Edison were to meet when Arthur was in need of a tutor for his final year of Hogwarts and Lucienne was the one who eventually helped him out. This eventually led to a friendship, which would then soon after turn into a romantic relationship between the two. After Lucienne had graduated, the two found an apartment to move in together. It was a year later that Lucienne would figure out she was pregnant with a baby boy, his name being Tristan Edison. Arthur proposed to Lucienne in the middle of her pregnancy, in which they would finally be married four years later. The Edison family was as happy as they could be through thick and thin, and it stayed that way when Gideon was born a bit later after the wedding.

Gideon was only a year old when the family took a trip to visit France, in which they stumbled on a young girl - only a year younger than Tristan - who had run away from an orphanage she had lived in. After a long process and many decisions, she was eventually adopted into the family as Theodora Edison, otherwise known as Thea. It was a large adjustment for them all - though, not so much Gideon with his tiny infant self - but, Thea became apart that family just as much as Tristan or Gideon.

Being that both of his siblings were off to Hogwarts when he was six, Gideon became quite close with a lot of friends at school and in his neighborhood so he wasn't so lonely and bored easily. His good sense of humour and talent for making others laugh seemed to do the trick with friend-making, so it was never too much of a struggle. If he wasn't hanging out with friends, he was on his father old broom. In fact, Gideon's first sign of magic was on that exact broom when he was seven. Or, well, after an incident with the broom. When getting a ridiculous idea to play a game of catch on the broom with a few other (wizard family) friends who didn't seem to care if it was stupid or not either. It lasted about two minutes of them catching the ball and laughing before Gideon threw himself to forward and toppled off the broom and onto the ground. One of the kids quickly raced to get Arthur and Lucienne, but his arm - that was broken from the fall - was already healed accidentally by Gideon himself.

In result to proving he was a wizard, he received an acceptance letter from Hogwarts when he was ten. Guess some students would be somewhat nervous, but Gideon was certainly not one of them. He's excited to be sorted into a house, make some crazy friends, and do some dumb shit in a large castle. Though, of course, it'll be nice to see where his siblings have spent most of their year for five and six years studying. Plus, learning magic. To do more dumb shit with his magical wand of course.


Face ClaimNoah Schnapp
Eye ColourHazel
Hair ColourBrown
Weight137 Pounds
Voice TypeN / A
Blood TypeB+
Distinguishing MarksDefinitely a Few Scars From Somewhere or Another
Body StyleSlim
ScentN / A

Family Information

FatherArthur Edison
MotherLucienne Edison
Full SiblingsTristan Edison, Theodora Edison
Half SiblingsN / A
Guardian(s)N / A
SpouseN / A
ChildrenN / A
Other RelativesN / A


Significant Other(s)N / A
Best Friend(s)Valeriya Sakellarios-Willow
FriendsHanna Myung, Any First Year Tbh
EnemiesN / A
OtherN / A

Name Etymology

Given [ Gideon ]
Middle [ Apollo ]
Surname [ Edison ]


Nickname(s)N / A
Favourite ColourPurple
Favourite Movie???
Favourite Song???
Favourite FoodPizza
Favourite DrinkHot Chocolate
LikesExploring, Making Friends, Making People Laugh
DislikesHomework, Strict Teachers
LovesHis Family, His Friends
LoathesRejection, Bullies
First KissN / A
First CrushN / A
First LoveN / A
First TimeN / A
Pet(s)An Owl Names, Dr. Whoo
Sports PlayedQuidditch
Instruments PlayedDrums
AddictionsN / A
GoalsN / A
AchievementsN / A
Biggest HopeN / A
Biggest RegretN / A
Best MemoriesN / A
Worst MemoriesN / A
Mental IllnessesN / A
Criminal RecordN / A
Medical RecordN / A

Custom Trivia

  • He's decent at the drums.
  • He's also quite decent at skateboarding.
  • He will, undoubtedly, try to become your friend.


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