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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.







Gilbert Schweinsteiger was the only child born to Alfred Beilschmidt, a German professional football player from FC Bayern Munchen and the National Team (Die Mannschaft). He was an excellent forward - even more excellent made so by a certain fan in the crowd, Alena Schweinsteiger. Since she had gotten a better paid job in the depths of Munich she had a much better life now moved away from the bulk of her family, and had developed a certainly unhealthy like of Muggle pursuits in the city. The larger of which, football, was hard to avoid if you were to pursue any degree of permanent living in the city - with Bayern's competitors largely inadequate, she eventually became what she called a Bayernator and what the rest of the fans called the unimaginative FCB-Fans.

Quite young and impressionable, the young woman quickly harboured a silly little crush on the man of the moment, Alfred Beilschmidt - recently, and controversially, transferred from Borussia Dortmund - but Alena was already lost and didn't particularly care about the politics. She made a habit of interfering with the games in Bayern's favour - in her opinion little things like confunding the keeper, or slightly enhancing Alfred's stamina - to make sure her star was still the man of the moment. But then, before Alena could even get a look-in, Alfred found a girlfriend - a tall blonde, Cecilie Andersen, who Alena remembered going to school with at Durmstrang. Also magical. That was when Alena's silly little crush on the Bayern Munchen player became obsessional and began her downward spiral.

Alena waited after their final game in the league and watched Cecilie carefully as she made her way over to Alfred - her trademark Confundo being enough to make the girl twirl right around and kiss the nearby Franck Ackermann, one of Alfred's own teammates. Upset by his girlfriend and his 'friend's' apparent betrayal, he stalked off out of the ground where Alena was waiting, offering him a beer as something to make him feel just a little better. Being a skilled potioneer as well as having a few useful acquaintances at an apothecary (who may or may not have tried this themselves but were unable to deter Alena from trying herself) she had been, over the past months, able to (with the assistance of a few of her half siblings less inclined to moral pursuits) procure Amortentia to slip in his drink.

As hoped, he became hopelessly infatuated with the young girl, and she took him back to the house he owned in the city. The small problem was that in this crazily infatuated state he would not be able to play, but she decided she was able to cross that bridge when she came to it. His love for beer was enough to keep the doses up, so that she could ensure that she would not be left alone. A month or so later, on the off season, the pair opted for a move away from the pressurings of his job - to Hannover, a similarly large city in the same country. A few weeks after that Alena found herself pregnant with his child, who they had agreed to call Gilbert.

Their "love" which Alena was now not conscious of the fact it was never true, such was her obsession - seemed to blossom more and more with every passing day. It was not until the day she went into labour with Gilbert that she forgot to give Alfred his regular dose through the pain of it. He left his long-term girlfriend in labour with his child, broke it off and disappeared back to Munich in an attempt to reclaim his job. Alena was distraught, in her anger pinning all her misdoings on Cecilie and getting the latter arrested by the German Ministry. It was not a move she regretted, not ever, and decided to repeat her former actions with Amalie. She travelled to Munich for the final time and left baby Gilbert on Alfred's doorstep, unable to bear the sight of him as he so much more resembled his father than she; before disappearing back to Cologne where she was born.

Gilbert was taken in by Alfred, and he treated him as one of his own - because he was. Alfred had managed to regain his job and the money coming in led him to treat his son like a king. Although he knew that Gilbert appreciated him, on word from a friend who now revealed himself to be like Alena, Gilbert was unlikely to be able to feel true love due to the love potion that forced his birth. Nevertheless Alfred tried his best to raise him with love and teach him, in the hope that he would not be like his friend and former girlfriend. He brought his son up as a loyal FC Bayern fan, and he was loved by all the members of the team; and babysitted by all of them at least once on the substitutes' bench while his father played.

Gilbert showed his first sign of magic ironically in a similar way to the funny quirks his mother had at the age of four; at a game against Borussia Dortmund, old rivals, he sat next to his father who had just come off the pitch injured. Pointing a small finger at the captain of the team he requested the name of the player - and the captain seemed disoriented and was dispossessed by the nearest Bayern player, who scored. Immediately Alfred paled several shades in colour, recognising it from his own games, and he quickly hurried his son home and called his friend. His friend had been suspicious, and talked to Alfred about the nature of his son. The only problem was that his friend lived in England, having recently moved away with his new wife Alicia, an English native.

And so, Gilbert went to live with 'Uncle Albrecht' who he called 'Alber' very, very quickly. It was established quickly that Durmstrang was not the place for a half-blood wizard, and for him to gain English citizenship and go to Hogwarts was the only viable option. He missed Germany quickly, and every six months he would go back to visit his father and see a few of the FC Bayern games where television was unavailable due to magical problems. Albrecht and Alicia had a baby girl, Georgia, who Gilbert treated as a playmate and friend and not as a sister. Soon enough his time came to go to Hogwarts, after several more magical bumps along his road (one being accidentally making Georgia's hair as long as Rapunzel's, to the girl's delight.)

Gilbert made a friend on the train, a fellow German called Ronan. They hit it off, discussing which houses they would be in while Gilbert made a meal of the German chocolate he had remaining without offering to share. A feast was had, untit they arrived at the station and Gilbert and Ronan ended up being the ones to fall in the lake. Gilbert was sorted into Gryffindor, and Ronan Hufflepuff; but despite House divisions they still remained the fast friends they had been on the train. The signs of strangeness arrived in fifth year when everyone was dating, except for Gilbert; he just simply could not find feelings for anyone. Uncomfortable with being judged, he got with a fourth year who turned out to be Cecilie's daughter Nina. She was pretty, but Gilbert simply could not love her no matter how hard he tried, and he was distraught at having to break it off so that she could find somebody that would.

He got decent OWLs but right from the get-go it was clear that his passion lay in Quidditch. He played Keeper and occasionally beater, and in fifth year gained the prestigious position of Captain. Gryffindor won the cup all three times during his years as captain and he is proud to wear that badge still. He went back to his roots in Germany upon his graduation, and played for a Quidditch team that translated to 'Munich Monkeys' as their keeper, deigned as a sweeper keeper for often unorthodox but stunning regardless tactics. After four years of playing for them he moved on to the unfortunately misnomered 'Wolfsburg Wolves' and played for them for a season.

At the age of 21 he was offered a place on the 'Heidelberg Harriers' who were more often than not Germany's representative in the Quidditch World Cup. He initially turned it down to travel, but at 22 he was offered again and accepted. He has recently discovered his younger half sister, by Dmitri Rasskazov, Luisa Rasskazova. After moving to England and losing the World Cup, he opted to move to the Ballycastle Bats when the opportunity arose for him. He's still a Harrier at heart, and he can still be quoted to hum the theme 'Jump' occasionally when he thinks nobody is listening. When most of the Harriers reunited in the Montrose Magpies he joined them, because he loves them more than anything (because he'll never be capable of romance.)

During a match against Puddlemere United this season, Gilbert and his closest friend Julchen Beilschmidt suffered bludgers to the head from Julchen's brother Wolfram, and Avery Rivers-Scott. This resulted in a rare case of double amnesia, and he remembers nothing about the former Harriers or his resultant quidditch career in England. Part of English, because it was his second language, is missing, so he's trying to relearn that.

They're mostly back to their old selves now after the work of St. Mungo's. He's been called up again for the 2030 World Cup and he's happy.


One thing Gilbert knows is that he does not need your approval - except for that of his friends, who he expends all of his energy upon to ensure they're okay. His definition of a perfect self constantly changes, but he is more worried for others than for himself, although he will shut people out if he thinks he has lost himself completely. He is passionate about those close to him and gets quite angry when he thinks they have been wronged, even by another of their own. He can often feel like he is not good enough for people, and failure makes him feel inadequate and unneeded. He often forgets his physical needs in being the scaffolding of others and has often wound up in a dangerous situation because of it.

He fears himself becoming selfish and forgetting those who have been his accidental scaffolding, to him it is repayment and he hates to ask for help even if he knows he needs it. He will hide his insecurities because he thinks those he trusts the most (his friends) will think less of him if he reveals that he's not the strong resolute person he says he is. Since he was sixteen he has always felt not full and whole for the fact that he cannot love, this is only bolstered by seeing those around him in make ups and break ups. This has been ongoing for so long he will blame it on other problems and try to forget that it chips away at him.

He often flirts to hide the fact he cannot love - his favourite saying is 'I'm hot, you're hot, it'd be hot.' He is resilient, strong willed and helpful, as well as a bit of a joker and might drink a little more than he should after a game. After all, it is only that way he is able to truly celebrate. He has a lust for expensive items and grandeur, a hidden one that he does not really want for but dreams of to avoid real selfishness but this is rarely fulfilled. He is a good liar and uses that sometimes to his advantage. This flirting has died down to almost nothing when he has discovered a half sister, and how that has affected her life and his life by seemingly simple acts; he does not want to bring this on other people.

He's not sure he cares anymore. He's not sure if there's anything left for him in this world, the world that keeps rejecting him and punishing him. If it wasn't for Julchen he wouldn't be here, but she needs him, and he needs her. He's crumbling and he's a shell of who he used to be, he's growing more and more desperate. Everyone is haunting him, everyone he's lost. His dad, Ansel, Rica, Vilte, Saro, and Leif to a degree. He knows the latter four are just gone, but he feels abandoned.

He's far more like he used to be before the Harriers split; more carefree, more open. And that's good, but he feels like he's missing something that he's refilled the holes working together with Julchen.




Rica Fuerst
His sister figure, and the only person he's really been able to call family for a long while, before Luisa. He moved to comfort her during her problems with Ansel, and definitely misses her after her move to Bulgaria. Especially when they finally got her jump jumping.

Ansel Schmidt (deceased)
Ansel was great, even when he was being an asshole to Rica, Gilbert still cared about him. He just regrets the fact he didn't get the chance to say that to him while he was alive. Julchen Beilschmidt
Julchen is quite the hotshot, and Gilbert will attest to her talent. He definitely missed her on her move to the Harpies and is glad to have her back as a teammate. She's a close friend of his, because the Harriers were always closely bonded. He's really upset to find her also tangled up in grief for Vilte and Rica, who left, and Ansel, who died. There are only three original Harriers left in England - Julchen, Leif and himself - and he's determined to never let them go. She's all he's got. And they got engaged for schizz and giggles. Best. Friend. Ever.





"deutschland'll make you jump jump."

Gilbert Schweinsteiger
RPer Lilly Mara
Age 29
Birthday March 27th
Nationality German
Ethnicity German
Species Wizard
Blood Half-Blood
Orientations Asexual/Aromantic
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Manuel Neuer
Height 6'4
Schooling Hogwarts, Gryffindor
Year Alumna
Occupation Tutshill Tornadoes Keeper
Wand {{{wand}}}
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Patronus Great Dane
Boggart Clowns
Affiliation(s) Julchen Beilschmidt Luisa Rasskazova, Sarohildi Auttenburg, Leif Reichert, Viltaute Ingersleben, Tutshill Tornadoes
Location His apartment; Ilkley Moor
Most influenced by Rica Fuerst
Languages English, German


Model: Manuel Neuer

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