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Gina Morita
Gina Morita
Birthdate February 2nd, 2019
Birth Place Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan
Hometown Machida, Tokyo, Japan
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada
Accent Japanese
Heritage Japanese-American
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Family Morita
Wand Arm Ambidextrous
Wand Length 8⅓"
Wand Wood Cherry
Wand Core Occamy feather
Boggart Giant taser with legs
Patronus Crab
Amortentia Peanut oil, Dried sardines, Orange peels
Hecate Grimm

Gina Morita - Illustrator/Author
Send Me an Owl! - “The wait is as much journey as the motion, because timing is pivotal.”
“According to some law of #&@%ery and bad luck, enemies always arrived at the most inconvenient time, by chance if not by design.”

Vital Information

Gina Morita is a Pure-Blood witch of Japanse-American descent. She is the daughter of Rumiko Niizuna and Mat Morita.

Full Name: Gina Morita
Meaning of name: "Silvery"
Nickname: Gin
Birthdate: February 2nd
Astrological Sign: Aquarius
Type of childhood: Authentic
First memory: Getting tased by her dad
Most important childhood event: Ninja Training School
Why: She learned ninja espionage

– Rumiko Niizuna


– Gina Morita

Life Before Norumbega

Her father raised her like she was his son because he wanted a boy and what he got was a girl. She grew up playing a never ending game of tag. It was a game in which where father was constantly 'declaring himself it' and never ceasing to find a way to tag her. It sounds fun, it was everything else. Her father was occasionally a taser wielding manic. He could have easily done the same with magic. He liked the sound the muggle gadget made when he brandished it. Her father thought hardcore training was going to be a gateway to magical potential. He thought they were going to discover that she was a natural born legilimens or a metamorphmagus. He was disappointed. That is to say the least about his feelings. He did nothing to hide his unhappiness with her when he learned that after all of the years that were dedicated to intensive training she was a normal human, an under performing below average witch. She was six after her first magical incident, hardly anyone noticed. She changed the color of her eyes from brown to hazel, after that was when she began attended Ninja Training School under one of Japan's few remaining ninja practitioners.

She may have been too young, she may not have been interested at all in being trained to be the perfect all-around athlete (as a Shinobi Warrior). Her father did not concern himself with anything except her Ninja Training. He found instructors that were willing to perform his each and every command. They were compensated well for doing their job and with her accolades came praise for her training. She was forced to spend hour long sessions with martial arts grandmasters from all around the world. She had lessons with other students, they were sparring drills. She was not often gaining the benefit of being trained along side someone else. Her training was customized and, much more brutal and much more physically and mental draining. Along side other training Ninja she had to prove she was better by hitting the hardest. When lessons with specific individuals took place the were rigorous missions. Infiltration, sabotage and assassination where previous knowledge of climbing arts, infiltration arts, and escape arts would be fundamental.


She started attending Mahoutokoro early, she was ecstatic to escape from under her father's thumb. She would have runaway if it would have been the slightest bit better than being exposed to her father every day of her life. Mahoutokoro felt like the accepted form of running away, she was free, on a temporary basis. She attended Mahoutokoro because it was what her father wanted, what he expected of her. When she was of age she transferred schools. She found an exchange program that would accept her on late notice. More was expected from her, she did not show an aptitude for Martial Magic. She was excellent at Charms, and mediocre at Potions She was Outstanding at Transfiguration and below average at Herbology. She never failed to be a disappointment to her father, her appeared to be more tolerant, in truth her mother did not care one way or the other. She transferred to a school of magic in northeastern North America, Norumbega School of Magical Enlightenment.

Later Life

She graduated from Norumbega, the Raven placed a Salmon into the corresponding tank thus, she left as a Tsattine (Tsat'en) Alum. She is a Former motocross rider, she has competed on championships and raced competitively for over a decade. She retired early at the age of 24 after suffering from a career ending injury. While she was in recovery she did a lot of experimental forms of therapy with her healers. She was never better than average at History, she was a gifted artist, she made quite the interesting professor of an elective course offered to 4th through 7th year students and interested adults in the wizarding community. She is a Former Art History Professor, she spent two years working at small art school in the United States. She is the co-Author and Illustrator of a Children's Book. Her cousin wrote a book for kids about their childhood as "ninjas", Gina was ask to do the illustrations.

Additional Facts

Lower education: Mahoutokoro; (1-3)
Norumbega; Tsattine (Tsat'en) (4-7)
Higher education: O.W.L. Results

Charms    — E
Transfiguration — O    
Herbology — A    
Defense Against the Dark Arts — A
Ancient Runes — E    
Potions — A    
Care of Magical Creatures — E
Astronomy — E    
Divination — P
Arithmancy — P
History of Magic — A    

N.E.W.T. Results

Charms    — O
Transfiguration — O    
Herbology — A    
Defense Against the Dark Arts — A
Ancient Runes — E    
Potions — A    
Care of Magical Creatures — E
Astronomy — E    
Divination — P
Arithmancy — P
History of Magic — E    

Talents (hidden or not): Transfiguration, Charms
Extremely skilled at: Art, Photography
Extremely unskilled at:
Good characteristics: Determination
Character flaws: Unapologetic

Color: Vermillion
Food: Poutine
Music: Pop, punk, rock
Clothing style/Outfit: Varies
Literature: Nonfiction
Expressions: “Paint The Town Red”
Quote: “The wait is as much journey as the motion, because timing is pivotal.”


Numinous - Rarefied, Libidinous, Mimetic

She knows how to avoid people like the plague, she knows how to hide in plain sight. She knows how to take a life without anyone near them being suspicious until it was absolutely too late to do anything. She knows how fight and she knows how to defeat any obstacle that should find a way to obstruct her path. She is willing to die to reach her ultimate goal. She does not subscribe to violent nature that was beaten into her through years of training. She will defend herself when necessary, she would rather incapacitate than decapitate. She can be described quite simply, crunchy on the outside and soft and gushy on the inside. She is a bit of a klutz, she is the person who bumps into everything. The kind of person who trips over her own feet. She is an accident magnet. This of course is an act, she wants attention and she is going to get it by any means necessary. She was, she is, and she will always be the rebel. That is not part of her act for attention, it is her freedom and her expression of who she truly is.

She is a Mythology nerd and and a History lover. She did not perform well in school because she does not appreciate structure. She is romantically interested in everyone, it is part of her act, she is also a romantic so she finds the flirtatious aspect of attention grabbing to be tons of fun. She can be an odd person, she finds it unique and endearing. To others it is annoying to the point of being off putting. She is an adventure lover, she would go leaping off a cliff with or without a muggle type of safety system rigged up first. She loves murder mystery LARP improv. She is a hardcore spiritualist, she loves meditation and she is a yoga enthusiast who will recommend it to everyone. She is a strict lover of girl fronted pop, punk, rock bands. She likes to drink and smoke sometimes does both at the same time. She is nicknamed Gin like the drink (or the card game Gin). She prefers they/them pronouns but, also uses she/her.


She has a light, warm, beige skin complexion. She has brown eyes and she has straight brown/black hair that falls a little past her shoulders. She has a heart shaped face rounded at her cheek bones it contours to a sharp squarish shape at her jawline and narrows to an obvious point at her chin. She has got small, rounded ears, a tiny nose with a bit of a point at the tip and she has a little mouth. She loves manicures and having her nails done, she almost always gets an intricate design or a plain coat. Since she is looking down at her hands a lot while drawing she hates seeing her bare nails. She likes to wear casual loose fitting muggle clothing. She occasionally dresses ultra feminine probably for shock value and of course when she wants attention.

She has tattoos, a few on her fingers, her lower shin and full sleeves on both of her arms; mostly flowers, insects (bees and butterflies), as well as a giant snake.