Birthday july 27th
Age 42
Status alive
Pronunciation jee ‧ oh ‧ vah ‧ nee behl ‧ frey
Family belfrey family and
house of merlin
Handedness right-handed
Gender male
Orientation bisexual, biromantic
Relationship happily married
Nationality british
Speaks english, french, german
Species human; wizard
Blood Status pure-blood
Eye Color dark brown
Hair Color black
Height 6'2
Model brandon routh

With dark, luscious hair, brown eyes, and a 6'2" frame, Giovanni is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He is objectively attractive, and can be quite the "scene stealer", a quality he's very much aware of and often uses to his advantage. Well, at least back when he was still single. Now that he's older, and married to the love of his life, he tends to wear more age-approriate clothing — although the occasional f*ck boy outfits still make an appearance every now and then.
Giovanni was the youngest of his generation of Belfreys, the last son of Bartholomew and Antoinette. His family had a rather strict upbringing, but he managed to stray away from his father's supremacist ideals - unlike some of his siblings - and chose to live the liberal life. He was aware of how much wealth the Belfreys possessed, and so he was spoiled as a child - used to getting what he wanted, and always having a servant around to assist him. He'd later learn that this would somehow impair him out in the real world, where no one will fend for him except for himself

Giovanni showed his first signs of magic at age 9, when he accidentally burned the tip of his brother's broomstick out of frustration while they were playing Quidditch. Because of this, he was enrolled at Hogwarts at age 11 where he was placed under Slytherin house. Naturally, his love for Quidditch manifested during his school years, and he played for the team as a beater beginning in his sophomore year. He continued playing until he was promoted to team captain when he was a fifth year - a title that he kept until graduation. Because of his skills, it wasn't long until he was hotly recruited by professional Quidditch teams all over Great Britain. He ultimately chose to go with the Montrose Magpies - one of the most successful teams in the league.

It was during his first few years with the Magpies that he met Nicole Oberlin, one of his teammates. As a natural flirt, Giovanni put the moves on and tried to seduce her. They ended up having a drunken one night stand which resulted in Nicole becoming pregnant. This ruined the plans she laid out for her life, and she was forced to quit the team without telling Giovanni, who was otherwise clueless and just brushed off Nicole's disappearance, not really caring. When Giovanni turned 21, he was recruited to join the British National Quidditch Team, something that he would be proud of for the rest of his life. He played in the international level for about three years, amassing great success, before going back to the Montrose Magpies after he's grown weary. He continued to play professional Quidditch until he was 26, when he suffered a grave injury during their finals match against the Ballycastle Bats. It was technically not career-ending, but figuratively, it was for Giovanni, who decided that it was time to retire after playing for so many years. He realized that he hasn't really done anything with his life other than to play Quidditch, and so he started looking for something more to do.

He travelled around the world for a year, treating it as a well-deserved break from the world of sports. Afterwards, having developed some sort of expertise over broomsticks because of his Quidditch experience, Giovanni got into the study of other forms of magical transportation. He started doing research on the Floo network, and Portkeys, as well as Apparition, and at age 28, he got a job in the Ministry of Magic. He never expected to have a career as a ministry man, but he felt at home in the Department of Magical Transportation, and worked hard because he loved it. Of all the wealth he's amassed from playing Quidditch, not to mention his own family's riches, Giovanni needed not to work anymore in order to sustain himself until his hair is gray because he'd have enough money, but he figured that life would be boring that way and he'd rather be doing something productive - that could help wizardkind - than sit around all day.

At some point, Giovanni resigned from his post at the Ministry, notably during the infamous Fitzgerald regime. He didn't want to be associated with the atrocities committed under that administration, and so he decided to lay low and focus on his family instead. He married into the House of Merlin, tying the knot with Dunstan le Fey after several years of dating. They now have one son, Tristan le Fey, and two daughters, Iseult and Elayne. Nowadays, at age 42, Giovanni considers himself semi-retired, although he's looking at the possibility of managing and coaching a professional Quidditch team.
An extrovert at heart, Giovanni knows full well how to command a room with just his words and his natural charm. As a people person, he is friendly and a master of small talk, which is useful when he meets new people, something he actually enjoys doing and actively seeks out whenever he finds himself in a new place, or a different setting. Career-wise, Giovanni is hardworking and passionate, and very tenacious, especially with his athletic background. He is naturally competitive, and dislikes not winning, although he's not a sore loser and is generally a good sport.

Despite growing up under his uptight father's strict gaze, the young Gio still managed to be a literal sunshine — childish, playful, and with a penchant for playing pranks. He simply just likes making people smile, and with his infectious energy, he doesn't find it difficult to do so, especially with his own family. He considers himself a family man, and he would do everything for his husband and his children.

Dunstan le Fey (husband)
His better half. The love of his life. His best friend. Giovanni loves Dunstan with all his heart, and would do anything for him.

Tristan le Fey (son)

Iseult le Fey (daughter)

Elayne le Fey (daughter)


Boggart Open sea
Amortentia Mint toothpaste
Patronus Leopard
Wand Black Walnut, Dragon Heartstring, 12"
Interests Quidditch, politics, pranks
Pet Peeve When his drink gets warm
Habits Cracking his knuckles
MBTI Undetermined
Star Sign Leo
Dreams/Goals Become a quidditch coach
Color Green
Song Mr. Brightside
Show Big Brother
Movie Saving Private Ryan
Book American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Food Falafel Wraps
Drink Ice-cold Coca Cola

  • his friends and loved ones call him 'gio'
  • he is a former chaser for the montrose magpies
  • he has an estranged daughter with a former lover
  • with his inheritance, earnings from his days as a professional quidditch player, and savings from when he was a department head at the ministry, giovanni's vault in gringotts has a motherlode of money
  • his best class when he was at hogwarts was DAtDA
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