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giselle (n.)

1. the face behind flootube channel fleurdeleine
2. the calm to her siblings' chaotic
3. looks like she could kill you, is actually a cinnamon roll

basic information

name giselle madeleine chae-kyeong fleury [ 나채경 ]
nickname/s maddie [ by close friends & family ]
age 20
birthday july 21
sex / gender female / female
nationality french

korean [ maternal ]
french [ paternal ]

orientations pansexual panromantic
relationship status single
species witch

magical information

blood status pure-blood
magical education

durmstrang institute [ 1st to 5th ]
hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizard [ 6th to 7th; ravenclaw ]

year graduated
exotic? no



nari fleury [ mother ]
fabien fleury [ father ]


vivienne [ sister ]
lucien [ brother ]
lyra [ sister ]
suzanne [ sister ]
gabrielle [ sister ]

extended family
best friend/s


model lee si-yeon [ dreamcatcher ]
hair colour black [ natural, dyed blue ]
eye colour dark brown
height just right
weight just right
distinguishing marks


  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?
    1. "It's a hella romantic notion but I'll believe it when I experience it!"
  2. What is one activity that helps wind you down? Alternatively, what is one activity that does the opposite to you? Is there more than one, if so-what?
    1. "Music! Either listening or making music, especially after a really bad episode. I especially love it when I'm translating songs into other languages. The flow of my work is easy, familiar, and predictable and yet the end results are all uniquely their own, so there's always a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment and surprise!"
  3. What are people’s usual first impressions of you? Are they correct?
    1. "I've been told that I have a scary resting face? So people usually viewed me as someone unapproachable. I'm not unapproachable or anything close to it! I actually like making friends and talking to new people~"
  4. How much effort do you put into fashion and appearance? Do you have a personal ‘aesthetic’?
    1. "I like feeling pretty so I put a good amount of effort into my looks. For my personal aesthetic... They're mostly muted colours I guess? Nothing too bright. I've been told that my fashion style is chic? Not really sure."
  5. Are you happy with the path that you've found yourself on? How would you change it if you could?
    1. "I am~ But I guess I'd want to get rid of my episodic migraine problems since it's held me back from properly bonding with all of my friends and family."


  1. What was your first incident of magic and how old were you? (Compulsory)
    1. "I was always told that my first incident of magic coincided with my first major migraine episode when I was around 4? Apparently I broke so many glasses that day all over the house, but I really can't remember it..."
  2. Were you close with your family growing up? If not-why?
    1. "I'd like to think so! I love all of my siblings, by blood or by bond, and I'm willing to bet my life that the love me back as well. I may not be able to go out with them that much but we still remain pretty close from childhood to now."
  3. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
    1. "Mmm... I'd like to be a professional singer I guess? Like, I'm hoping my migraines will be completely gone so I can finally pursue my dream without fear of being hospitalized often."
  4. What were you like growing up?
    1. "Growing up, I was pretty sheltered. I wasn't able to go out much with my siblings nor my friends and I had to go to the hospital often, especially when my migraines were at their worst. But I do take pride in the fact that I was always the one to fill the cookie tins, candy jars etc. and they always end up empty at the end of the day!"
  5. If you’re not native to the UK, where were you born and how did you end up in the UK?
    1. "Because of an incident that all of us would rather reverse, most of my younger siblings (by blood or by bond) came here. I didn't come with them at first because of my failer health and I was tasked to look after Lars as he was... recovering. Now that he's up and all okay, we decided to follow the rest here so tada!"
  6. How's your financial situation? What's your main income? Do you rely on anyone? Do you want to rely on them or be more independent?
    1. "I work as a voice actress and I do vocal demos for entertainment companies, but I also run a monetized music channel called fleurdeleine. I can say that I can be pretty independent financially!"


  1. When was the last time you cried?
    1. "My last episode. My migraines are painful enough to make me tear up so yeah..."
  2. Do you have any mental or physical afflictions?
    1. "I suffer from migraines with aura, though they're more episodic than chronic and my headache days have lessened as the years went by. I was born with it, too, so there's that kernel of knowledge."

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