Gladrags Wizardwear

"245 Years, dressing theelegant Wizard..."

Gladrags wizardwear

You look through the recently frosted pink-trim windows, at the dim lit shop floor; to see some of the most beautiful vintage clothing. Curious, you step into the fuchsia carpeted floor, soft, on your weary boots. The rustle of taffeta and the shimmer of silk whistles in your ear as you make your way to the front of the shop, where two young men are tending the shop. Feel free to make any inquiries regarding any specific clothes. You may access our catalogue here!


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Piper and Heloise

Piper Lancaster - Hufflepuff Fourth Year 🐻 Indecisive

-“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.”
Message Me – {{{2}}}

Piper was in here trying to find some new clothes. She was hoping to find something punk-ish. Maybe another leather jacket (she already had four) would be good. Or maybe a crop top or band related. Piper had already gone through multiple other stores and this was the last on her list. It was the weekend after potions and she was wanting to treat herself.

Héloise Malfoy - Slytherin ♔ Fifth Year

-❤️ Giving a f*ck doesn't really go with my outfit ❤️
Message Me – 06:57, October 30, 2018 (UTC)

Heloise had come to do some clothes shopping to clear her mind. School had just started and everything seemed to already feel overwhelming. She doesn't have anything particular in mind, but rather just look around and see what pops out to her.