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Basic Information
AGE 11
SEXUALITY Too young to know
MODEL Kiernan Shipka


In a world plagued by horrors beyond one’s imagination, there has to be a continuing state of order. Chaos nor panic can be allowed any kind of leeway without risking the possibility of a disruption in the natural state of order, organization & peace. There is no driving out chaos with anything short of strategic plans executed to the best of mankind’s ability. It’s been proven over and over; for thousands of years, mankind has face many kinds of issues; social, political and economic. The turmoil in each and every occasion has brought forth a wide array of emotions, none the kind. It’s what instability does; create panic, anger, frustration and contempt. And with this negativity coursing through men’s veins, an excessive amount of energy becomes prevalent. And with this excessive amount of dark energy, accidents happen – none of them are the good kind. These impulses caused what is now known as magic.

From the moment Serena's family emerged, they have held a respectable amount of power in the muggle and wizarding words alike. They’ve spawned nobles and royals, mathematical and scientific geniuses, muses for ancient and modern day art & literature. As underrated as they may be, they have always been prominent figures in the history of mankind, often marrying into Houses that, centuries later, would birth many of the legends we know today. Furthermore, in respects to their affluent relatives, the same can be said for their influence in the wizarding worlds. They have birthed monarchs, ministers and presidents alike, not just for one governing body but for many. Their lineage has spread, and descendants of the Langston family cloak the entire world, with all its 195 countries accounted for. The positions they have most dominated, however, are those in law enforcement. They typically strive to hold deep, meaningful, positions that'll enable them to discover new findings. They have birthed some of the most powerful aurors there are, and inclusively birthed the wizard that made way for what is modern day Hit Wizards.

Although in recent times her family has strayed from that deep aspiration to be in political power, they've not strayed from that sense of obligation to carry out justice. Serena's grandparents - Eleanor and Jensen Langston - met in muggle university, shortly after Eleanor graduated from Hogwarts. They were both pursuing a career in laws, but because they aspired to be defense attorney and prosecutors respectively, their relationship started as one of rivals. Furthermore, as time progressed and they inched closer to the completion of their muggle studies, they also came together to the point they began dating. A short year later, they were engaged, and after a brief engagement of three months, they were wed. Shortly after, they began to have kids. Henry, Phillip, Archibald, Barbara, Reginald, and Isadora. As many kids as they had, not once did they let this hinder their careers. They were devoted to the justice system, maybe more so than to their children. It wasn't uncommon to ask about their kids and receive they're at preschool or they're with their nan for an answer.

Henry met his eventual wife Fiona as a baby. Their families were close friends, and thus they were essentially raised together. The love he once felt he never received as a babe, he received from the Sutcliffe family; they always made sure to make him feel at home. At age seven, he and Fiona got married with ring pops in Hyde Park. At age twelve, they got together for real. At age eighteen, they were wed. Years later, they had their first child: Serena Langston. Serena was followed by her younger brothers Arthur and Elliot, and at age 16, her younger half-sister Grace Langston was born. Grace was... a peculiar case. She very nearly destroyed her maternal and paternal families in half. You see, Grace was the product of infidelity - a series of nights Henry and Fiona's little sister Violette had. Violette, ever the immature young woman, left the newborn at the Langston doorstep before fleeing, and has yet to resurface even as her daughter approaches Hogwarts age. Grace's birth created a fracture in Henry and Fiona's marriage that led to a brief separation. Though they got back together for their kids' sake, things have never been the same again.

Grace grew up rather ignorant to the situation of her birth. She has little to no memories of the separation. However, she knew the relationship that she grew up under was rather different than her siblings. More cold and business like. Grace was still loved, though, and was never neglected. She could just feel slight coldness between her parents. Of course, she believed Fiona was her true mother up until she was nine years old. Though this would later not carry on to Grace herself, Fiona had understood that it was not Grace's fault that Henry was not faithful. Though she was the product of the infidelity, it was not her fault and shouldn't be punished or neglected as if it was. Thus, Grace was raised with just as much love and attention that Fiona gave her older siblings. In fact, Grace was almost spoiled (read: she was) and was the princess of the family, especially considering her siblings were far older than her.

When she was eight years old, she had her first magical incident. Unlike Serena, hers was not so touching. In fact, in typical Grace fashion, it was dramatic and explosive. She had found out about her true mother. Her flighty aunt that she only met once or twice. Both times hadn't been good experience with Grace not really being allowed near her. Up until then, Grace never really knew why but never questioned it. She didn't care. Until one of her brothers decided to tell her why. It was a slip of the tongue and the brother only realised that he spilled the family secret after he said it. It took Grace a few moments to realise Fiona wasn't her mother. Her small mind, not sure how else to react, she screamed, causing the curtains nearby to set on fire. She nearly burned the entire house down.

Afterwards, Grace took a bit to...recover. She practically ignored both her parents, really only interacting with her siblings (save for that one brother). Grace spent a long time playing with dolls and at school. At least she knew that she was a witch. Not that she was surprised. Of course Grace Langston was a witch and definitely not a squib. Grace deserved nothing less. Eventually, she got over the family secret, even though she's still a bit miffed with her father. By the time she was eleven years old, though, she'd understood why Fiona and Henry's marriage was so...fractured. Fragile. Of course, she'd made an equation in her head that sort of went like this:

Father cheated = Grace was born = fragile marriage = Grace's fault

Grace was kind of going through the stages of grief. She'd gone through the very brief denial and spent centuries in the anger stage. Right now, she was sort of stuck in the depressive stage and by the time she was eleven, she'd begun to feel sort of...ashamed, guilty. As if it was her fault. So she began to try and make it better. Grace Langston was going to be the best student in Hogwarts and make the family proud to have her.



Grace Langston is, to most people, a spoilt brat. She can often come across as snobbish and narcissistic to most people. However, Grace simply wants to be the best and be around the best. Already feeling like she's the family disappointment, Grace wants to prove that her father's mistake (her) was actually a blessing. Of course, chances are that's already the case but Grace can be stubborn and rather narrow sighted. Once she catches onto something, then it's difficult for her to seperate herself from it. Stubborn. Thus, Grace can also be very presumptuous, especially about the people she meets. However, she's not a blood supremecist, nor is she racist. Grace really doesn't think about those aspects of magical life. Grace can just tend to act very superior to people. Grace loves to be adored and at the centre of attention, though, and can often be described as a princess. She hates to get her hands dirty and can tend to whine a lot.

Grace is, by definition, a hopeless romantic. Never really knowing what it was like to grow up under parents who adored one another, Grace finds herself throwing herself at every novel and movie about love. The Notebook? Adores it. Titanic? She binged it when she was ten. Though only eleven, Grace has a plan to make sure she marries someone perfect. Someone who adores her. She doesn't want to end up with a man (or a girl, or whatever in between. Grace really just wants love and doesn't care for what's in their pants because that's just gross) who ends up cheating like her father did. Grace actually feels rather bad and resents her father for ruining his marriage, even though that mistake is the reason she's alive. She still fully hasn't accepted that little fact.

Grace thinks she's mentally older than 11 and often tries to act around fifteen but even then, she's still naive and innocent and it can be quite obvious at times. However, Grace is willing to own up to her mistakes and hates to lie or sneak around behind someones back. She's a full believer that the truth is the better option. Obviously, Grace sees the world as if it was black and white and doesn't truly understand the grey area. What Grace loves though is makeup. She wants to be a model of sorts as she grows older, or maybe an actress. Grace doesn't want to be a ministry worker like those in her family, she knows that much. What she does love though is rain. Grace doesn't care how soaked she gets, she will stand in the rain until she's shivering. It calms her. What she hates, though? Bugs. Spiders, flies, mosquitos, butterflies. She hates them all. Except bees. For some reason, Grace is not freaked out by bees. Maybe it was because of a fifth grade project she did about them and she understood how important they were to the world. Unlike mosquitos, bees are friends.


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Other Information
FATHER Henry Langston
MOTHER Violette Sutcliffe
SIBLINGS Serena Langston

Magical Information
WAND Hazel wood with a dragon heartstring core
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Slytherin

FAVE CLASS Depends on the teacher
FAVE DRINK Apple juice


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Grace Langston - Little Princess 🐭 Hopeless romantic -I don't know if I believe in marriage–I believe in love.
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