Grace Annaleigh Russell

Eight Years Old 🌺 Daughter of Karsci and Kamille Russell

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Basic Information
AGE 8 (January 2, 2032)
SEXUALITY Undetermined
MODEL Nikola Szafezcka
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Albion Kinnaird returned to England one autumn day of the year 2031. She was pregnant with the child of one of her grandfather's ranchhands but had decided to try and get in contact with her ex-boyfriend, a Zayd Shafiq, to see if he would help her. Sadly, it fell through and Albion was left on her own. She worked as an employee at Flourish and Blotts while pregnant and delivered her baby girl on a cold January morning. Mind you, the date was January 2, 2032, that Grace Annaleigh entered the world into the hands of the Head Healer, Hope Black. From that moment on, Grace was the apple of her mother's eye.

Sadly, the happiness wouldn't last. Four months later, her mother had taken Grace out to explore Diagon Alley and that was when the unexpected happened. Terrorists attacked the section of the alley that they were in and debris killed Albion right on impact. Grace landed in the middle of all the chaos, firmly enclosed in her carrier, next to her mother's dead body. Over the casting of spells, she was rescued by one Vasilius Jo, a man that would become her current mentor figure over the years. Grace was kept safe by him during the entirety of the fight, and met his boyfriend when both were taken to the hospital, Theofanis Michaelakakis. Those two meetings set the stage for the next immediate years of Grace's life.

She immediately clung to both men, and as she grew, they visited more and more. Both had mentioned adopting her, making her their daughter in everything but blood. They promised her, but of course, promises are made to be broken. And broken, their promise was. She was devastated, and felt betrayed, so much so that she would be diagnosed with depression afterwards. But things finally begun to look up a few weeks after her fourth birthday... She had finally found a true family.

She literally ran into the young newlyweds of Kamille and Karsci Russell, and barely a year later, she was adopted. Her name was legally changed to that of Russell, and even though she wasn't their biological child, they definitely treated her like it. Grace has lived with them for a year exactly now and has definitely thrived. Her depression hasn't made a comeback yet, or even faint symptoms, which is keeping her feeling amazing and energetic as ever. She is turning five this winter, and cannot wait for her magic to manifest, let alone how many more years she has to wait until she enters Hogwarts like her daddy and mommy did.


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Growing up in such a way as Grace had, what with her first three years of life being spent in an orphanage without much adult attention, has definitely influenced her in ways that are only now beginning to manifest. She developed depression at a young age, upon the less-than-watchful eyes of the orphanage employees, and spent her days by herself, tucked into the dark corners of the orphange. She struggles with building emotional connections, well, it's not surprising that whenever she tried to open up, she was always pushed away in the end. Despite this, and under the loving care of her parents, Grace has developed into an intelligent and funny little girl.

She spends her days with her parents, especially her daddy, and absolutely has the best time ever with them. Under the eyes of her parents, Grace has thrived. She has turned from the small, depressed, and basically abandoned girl to one who rolls with the punches that the world has thrown at her. She now has a love of art and reading, and under the encouragment of her parents, Grace has began to prepare for the years of schooling that lay in front of her. She absolutely adores her parents, and trusts them with her life. After all, if it wasn't for them, then she would've never probably gotten out of the orphanage.


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Other Information
FATHER Karsci Russell
MOTHER Kamille Russell
HOMETOWN Coral Gates, England, UK
CURRENT LOCATION Russell Residence

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Magical Information
WAND Undetermined
PATRONUS Undetermined
BOGGART Undetermined
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Undetermined

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FAVE COLOR Pink & Purple
FAVE CLASS Undetermined


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Grace Russell - Five Years Old 🌺 Daughter of Karsci and Kamille Russell
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