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Ella Spencer - Second Year Hufflepuff • Little Ray of Sunshine • @under_my_umbrElla

-"She danced like no one was watching. But they were. And she looked like an idiot."
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Ella had a mediocre first year and she suspected this year would be the same. Truthfully, she'd much rather be at home with her siblings but instead she was stuck in this old castle with no one to keep her company, save for Dipz. Speaking of, the dog was currently under the table recieving bits of food from Ella. No one would ever know with how stealthy Dipz is. Ella believes he was a spy dog in a previous life.

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Margie Cook - Fourth Year Hufflepuff • The Golden Child • Seeker

-"The question isn't who is going to let me - it's who is going to stop me."
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Margie was looking around for Troy to ask how his summer was, but knowing him, he'd fall on her eventually. She could ask him then. In the mean time, she was eating some of the stew from the table. It was actually really good. These house-elves are always stepping up their game.

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JJ Park - Sixth Year Hufflepuff • Witch Weekly Intern • @walkinthePark

-"I live by one rule: I keep my head, heels, and standards high."
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Janji was livid. If she laid eyes on that Kang boy, she was going to stab him in the neck with her Gucci stilettos. Taeji was a mess because of that jerk. Siwoo was acting weird because of that jerk. And Jun was sad because Tae was a mess because of that jerk. JJ had a lot of pent up anger and she was ready to use it. Just thinking about the boy caused her to take an angry bite of her sandwich.

Axel Maverick - Seventh Year Hufflepuff • Prince of Euphoria • @Euphoria_Prince

-"Jealousy is a disease - get well soon, b*tch."
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It was Axel's last year of school and he could not be happier to get out of this hell hole. He was ready to focus on just music. And maybe a certain Gryffindor. But just not school. Honestly, it's a miracle that he didn't drop out yet. Sighing in boredom, Axel poked at the salad on his plate.

Upcoming Hufflepuff - Juliya Ayers-Connor - Daddy's Little Wolf Princess
Juliya was happy that at least she and Valeriya got the same house and was excitedly talking with her. 'Course she was bit sad that she got separated from Iliana and the others but she'd get over it
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Valeriya Sakellarios-WillowFirst Year Hufflepuff

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Val was listening, but largely eating rather than responding — Juliya knew her well enough to know that she wasn't being rude, just the fact that food would generally prioritise over conversation until the food was gone, or she wasn't hungry anymore. Whichever happened first.

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