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Professor Silas ChevalierSlytherin Alumni • Headmaster

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36 y/o
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Married to Michaela

"Hello everyone, and welcome to a new year here at Hogwarts! I would also like to give a very special warm welcome to all the first years who are starting a new journey here on this very day. To those who are returning students, may you continue to strive for greatness and push yourself further in academics and extra curricular activities at our amazing academy! Many new clubs are being organized and of course our annual Hogwarts Quidditch Cup is once again up for grabs. So with all the being said this will hopefully shape up to be quite the memorable and exciting year for everyone involved!" Silas said with a pause, looking out at all the students and staff alike. "And with that, may the opening feast commence!" With a brave smile, Silas raised his goblet to form a large cheers before lowering it to his lips.

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Teacher's Table

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Maria hurried into He great hall after settling Merwyn in, and took a seat.