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Gretel Schmidt is the third of the many children of Audrick Schmidt and Lucinde Schmidt (nee Dubois). She's a little more than her fairytale of a name is, but nevertheless, old habits die hard with her. She's currently a beater for the Holyhead Harpies, and may or may not be in love.

Full Name Gretel Elizabeth Schmidt
Born October 19th
Age 22
Status Alive and well
Gender Female (cis)
Species Human/Witch
Nationality French
Ethnicity Caucasian
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Orientations Pansexual, panromantic
Father Audrick Schmidt
Mother Lucinde Schmidt (nee Dubois)
Siblings A lot.
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Other Relatives Blake Schmidt
Ancestral Home France
Most Important People Her family (before)
Amelia Richards Herself (now)

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School Beauxbatons
House Papillonlisse
Electives N/A
Average Grade EE's
Year Graduate
Papillonlisse Crest
Wand Walnut, Phoenix Feather, 10 inch
Animagus/Patronus None/Jaguar
Boggart Losing her identity
Amortentia Coffee, lip stick, cherries
Mirror of Erised
Exotic? Nope
Occupation Beater for the Holyhead Harpies
Loyalty Herself; Her Family; The Harpies
Organizations The Harpies

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Physical Information
Model Lucy Hale
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Handedness Right
Voice Type Soprano
Eyesight 20/20
Health Status Healthy
Most Notable Accessories Earrings
Distinguishing Marks Her height :')

Gretel is incredibly shy and she knows this all too well. She rarely starts conversation as a result of this, however, if she knows a person, she won't hesitate to speak up first. On the bright side, once you really get to know Gretel, she's a sweet person, with lots of love really. She's a teddy bear really, but mind you, she doesn't enjoy getting reminded that she is one. Why? Because she explodes in a blushing mess.

Yes, Gretel likes getting complimented, but doesn't enjoy the blush that follows. She thinks less of herself honestly, so a small compliment goes incredibly far for Gretel. For real though, she appreciates anyone who can make her feel better, even if at the end of the day, she might still wanna say she could have done better.

That all aside, she isn't very fond of dishonesty, and while she believes in second chances, don't expect her to want to believe you if you lie more than you tell the truth. And she also tends to do what others do to her. It's a big game of 'what comes around goes around' for her.


Audrick is the one Schmidt nobody knew about - imagine the scandal that sprung when he was discovered. He was the one child given up for adoption, the one that despite it all, still knew whose kid he was, but kept his distance. The one that lived with insecurities plaguing him. The one that never approached his family, but rather was approached by his own niece with the intentions of reuniting.

Audrick rose to fame as a Quidditch player, snatched up by the Quiberon Quafflepunchers the moment he graduated from Beauxbatons with his adopted siblings. He was a keeper, and most definitely one of the best there were. He went on to play Quidditch for years, with a brilliant team supporting him. Among those players was French beauty Lucinde Dubois.

Lucinde was a woman with brains, beauty and strength. She was one of the Quafflepunchers' beaters, but she aspired to enter the world of politics before it was too late. And that she did. Audrick's career in Quidditch grew to an international level when he was picked up by the French National Team, whilst his girlfriend Lucinde moved on to a political career when she found out she was expecting her first child.

Not wanting birth a child without being married, Audrick was quick to propose. He'd never been in a long-term relationship before Lucinde, so it was quite surprising when the news of their engagement broke out. Audrick was often contrasted to his long lost siblings, mostly because of his surname. There were jokes and theories that he was related to the legendary Derrick Schmidt and, though it wasn't the truth, he was quick to debunk them.

They were wed two months before their firstborn was welcomed into the world. It was a boy, but he wasn't the only child Audrick and Lucinde had. It seemed as though having too many kids to count was a habit of the Schmidts', because after Marco Schmidt followed many more children. They had a problem using contraception, it seemed.

Gretel was one of those children. Although, mind you, she was among the earlier kids, versus the ones that came later on. Quite honestly, she appreciated it. The house didn't feel so full, which was good for Gretel, because well... later in life she'll find out that she just does not like crowds.

Anyway, Gretel took her sweet time picking up on Quidditch and basically everything else. Literally. She was slow about learning everything. Although, she did learn to walk faster than she'd learn to talk. Then again, does it really matter? In the end, she picked up on everything, and well... did it better.

Gretel had her magical sign early on, at seven years of age. Let's just say that because of it... she can never look at a Quaffle the same way. It totally has nothing to do with the fact that she painted a Quaffle in a ghostly shade of white, and well, little Gretel is afraid of ghosts.

In time, Gretel would turn of age to go to Beauxbatons, where she'd be sorted into Papillionlisse, thanks to her overly friendly nature. Although, Gretel herself would admit... she was way too timid to really want to be friends. And that was in fact, her first year in a nutshell. Mostly getting used to all these new people and well... the idea of even going to school.

Naturally, her favorite part soon turned to be the holidays, but of course, she dreaded going back. Every single time. How she survived in such an environment, don't even ask. Besides putting up with all this, at least Gretel was on track with her studies, and she made a few friends here and there. Although, it never did take long to figure out that she falls in love with everyone, but seems to have that little more preference towards girls.

She soon would graduate with, what was in her mind, decent grades, but if it were someone else, they'd say that Gretel's grades are impressive, with EE's and a few O's across the board. Not like it really made that big of a difference to Gretel; after all, she did want to go into Quidditch.

She tagged along with the Quafflepunchers soon enough, although her time with them was short-lived; for in time, some relative of her dad's apparently seems to have discovered the family and saw the connection. Not like Gretel really cared to remember the fine details of it all, but she partially dreaded the fact that because of this, the worthless paparazzi (as if she didn't hate them enough already) were 24/7 on their backs and well... let's say Gretel was incredibly triggered by it all.

And then her dad decided that whoop, time for a change of scenery. That's not truly how it went, just how Gretel saw it all. It was for a moment like this that she was damn thankful that she graduated already, because the youngsters in the family had to start at Hogwarts. But that's a story for another time.

It didn't seem like long though, until Gretel found herself in the interest of the Holyhead Harpies, and not just because of her name. She accepted without a doubt, having known that the Harpies are about as good as you'll get around the UK. Well, in her mind of course. Now it's all a matter of getting used to the new setting and new people...

Gretel: Derived from the name Margaret, which means pearl.
Elizabeth: Originated from the Greek form of a Hebrew name meaning "My God is an oath".
Schmidt: Derived from the German word for smith or metalworker.
Frequented Places
First Love Amelia Richards None
First Kiss None
First Time Still a virgin :')
Any illnesses? N/A
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