Welcome to the Guidance Counsellor's office!


Situated on the Third Floor Corridor, this newly furbished office belongs to the Hogwarts Guidance Counsellor - Mrs. Kang. Along the walls are collections of Anastasia's favorite vinyl records and books. Quite often you can find her playing a record while immersing herself in a good novel. The office is equip with comfortable seats, stools, and bean bag chairs to meet all your comfy needs. It is also stocked with tons of snacks and candies for students and teachers alike who come to visit.

Having study issues? Drama? Family problems? Insecurities? Maybe just want a place to relax, eat snacks, and listen to good music? This is the place!

Note: If you are Daegu, Seoul, or Daejeon, you may NOT steal any of the snacks


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