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Gustavo Torres
José Torres (father)
Ana María Torres
Daniella Torres (big sister)
Victoria Torres (big sister)
Future First Year
Blood Status
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Gustavo Torres is an upcoming Gryffindor First Year. He is the little brother of Victoria Torres and Daniella Torres and a werewolf.


Modelled by Dylan Schmid

You've already heard the story of how the Torres family began. You already know all about Victoria Torres. Though I highly doubt that you know about the little boy in the family. Gustavo Torres. You see, he lived a relatively normal life, so to speak. He grew up in Puerto Rica with his parents and two big sisters. His first few years of life consisted of him absolutely adoring Tori and not wanting to do anything without her. As he grew up, he started to do things on his own (thank goodness for that).

He remembers seeing Tori leave for England for some place called 'Hogwarts'. He wanted to go so bad. However, he wasn't allowed cause 'he wasn't like Victoria'. Which, caused the rebellious seven year old boy to leave the house to prove to them he was like his big sister. Unfortunately, this wasn't a normal night. It was a full moon. As the boy wandered around, he found himself face to face with a furry monster. This monster wasn't in it's right mind and attacked the poor boy, his screams the only thing that alerted the surrounding people of their presence. The beast ran once he heard the pounding of feet, leaving Gustavo to bleed to death.

Luckily, he was found by his parents, who (naturally) knew he was out of bed and were on the search for him when they heard his scream. His father, José, being a wizard, immediately took him to a wizarding hospital, having recognized the bite from his DAtDA class. Gustavo stayed at the unfamiliar hospital for a month, waiting for his first transformation. Of course his misfortune didn't stop there. As soon as he was discharged, he was sent to England to live with his aunt and uncle.

Naturally, Gustavo was ecstatic to be with his big sister again. However, that's when once again things started to go wrong. As soon as Gustavo entered his Uncle's house, all hell broke loose. Him and his wife would frequently being to beat Tori and Gustavo. Luckily for Tori, she went to school for the majority of the year. Which meant more bruises for Gustavo. The winter during Tori's fifth year, things changed drastically. It just was too much for Gustavo to handle and his locked magic rushed to his defense, killing his aunt and uncle in the process. Frightened, Tori and Gustavo (though more so the latter, while the former attempted to brave through it) went to the local orphanage.

Now he's just waiting for the fateful letter to Hogwarts, all the while fearing for his sister's safety.

Gustavo Torres in two words would often be described as a "cinnamon roll" or "little angel". Which, isn't too far from the truth to be honest with you. However, there is so much more to him then that. He's determined to succeed and achieve his dreams. He's reckless and will often do what he wants much too his sister's chagrin and most of all, he is a natural protector. So no. He's not just your typical little boy who depends on his sisters. Oh no. He's actually pretty self-reliant.

First, his cinnamon roll side. He's innocent as innocent can be. He loves all creatures and will often be found helping stray animals. He tries so hard at school but in all honesty, isn't academically minded at all. Though that doesn't stop him from trying. Gustavo is just your typical hard-worker. And in all honesty, that isn't a bad thing. Unless it's taken advantage of. He tries so hard for approval and acceptance, which makes his parents abandonment and his relatives mistreatment of him all the more heartbreaking because he keeps blaming it on himself.

Gustavo is reckless. After all, he is a ten year old boy who doesn't like being inside. So naturally he'll escape every once in awhile. This trait often causes him to end up with cuts and bruises (more then he normally has). Which, naturally, worries his sisters a lot, even though he doesn't see the big deal. Their marks of victory after all. Which, if your close enough, you'll know that that is what he truly believes. After all, when he gets them himself, it's a sign that the wolf in him didn't win in the end. When he gets them from his relatives, it's one less that his big sister has.


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