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Name: Hadley Lynette Dane
Age: Thirteen
Birthday: December 13th, 2031
Birthplace: London, England - St. Mungo's
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: English & Russian
Languages Spoken: English & British Sign Language (not fluent)
Languages Understood: English & British Sign Language (not fluent)
Current Residence: The Dane Family Home in Hogsmeade, Scotland
Occupation: Gryffindor 3rd year
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual (closeted)

Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Affiliations: The Dane family, Hogwarts, & Gryffindor
Blood Status: Half-blood
Species: Witch
Wand Wood, Core, & Length: Red Oak, Dragon Heartstring, & 11 inches
Patronus: Tiger
Boggart: Having her mother return
Amortentia: Homemade pizza & Whipped cream

Hogwarts is the meeting point for a lot of witches and wizards in Great Britain including Jenelle and Aydan. They met in their third year as a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor. At the time, Aydan was still crushing over his dear friend Twyla. Even Jenelle had a small crush on her. When Twyla disappeared, the two friends started to get closer. By their fifth year at Hogwarts, the two were dating and very, very madly in love. Nothing compared to their chemistry.

During their seventh year, Jenelle became the Head Girl. It gave her a few privileges that she probably abused. On Valentine's Day, the two stayed in the hotel above the Three Broomsticks and had unprotected sex. At seventeen years old with big dreams ahead of her, Jenelle was pregnant. Both of them were worried, but were prepared to raise their family together. With Jenelle's Triwizard Champion earnings, they started to rent their first apartment soon after leaving Hogwarts. Jenelle started working at the Ministry of Magic and Aydan was working for Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. Later on, Aydan proposed and they became engaged.

Then, on October 17th of 2028, Felix Maverick Dane was welcomed into the world a bit prematurely. He stayed at St. Mungo's for a little while before they were able to take him home, which was heartbreaking for the young couple. Once Felix was home and well adjusted, the two would get married on December 27th - a nice winter wedding. Life was simple for a while after that. Both of them got promotions with Jenelle maxing out as the Department Head of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes.

Everything was going well for them when Jenelle found out she was pregnant with twins. This wasn't bad news - just shocking. The couple realized it was time to move and purchased a house outside of Hogsmeade just shortly before the twins' due date. On December 13th of 2031, twins Hudson Laurence and Hadley Lynette Dane were born. Going from one child to three was a crazy experience for the parents. Hadley wasn't an easy child like her brothers and would regularly throw tantrums or get into trouble. Jenelle, who had always struggled with depression, started to deal with postpartum issues. She loved her children, but the combination of taking care of them, working, and handling all other adult things was starting to take a toll even when Aydan was helping her out (and he did a lot).

When Hadley and Hudson were two years old, their mother seemed to just vanish with a poof. They stayed with their Auntie Elle and Uncle Thomas for a while after that until they were able to move back into their old home. For a while, she didn't understand what happened to her mother until she was much older and her father explained to her more of what happened. Still she doesn't understand and part of her now doesn't want to know at all. It's the only mystery that Hadley doesn't want to solve.

When their mother was alive, she prioritized educating the children and making them into little prodigies. They were always well stimulated and were pushed to try things on their own. Hadley had always rejected these concepts and would throw temper tantrums, so her mother's death caused her to shut down and stop trying. In many ways, she reversed back in many of her developments and the normal progression of her growth was slowed. Her father tried, but she was very defiant and childish. It took longer for her speech to become well developed even though she was always a very vocal child. She struggled to do tasks on her own or at least threw temper tantrums until her father or aunts did it for her. Eventually, she grew out of this, but the effects were very clear.

When she was seven years old, she had her first sign of magic. She was running around the house with her brothers, tossing a quaffle back and forth until it hit the family's talking mirror and cracked it. Felix freaked out and just about lost his mind over it meanwhile Hudson just stared. Hadley, on the other hand, was so shocked and overwhelmed that when she rushed over to it and touched the crack it healed. After that, their talking mirror, who is generally quite complimentary, has been quite brutal to Felix and has hailed Hadley for fixing it.

Many years would pass and there would be more signs of magic. There was no question that the twins would have the ability to use magic - just like their parents. However, Hadley was less than enthused about it and was much more enthralled with playing quidditch. Her Auntie Elle bought her a children's quidditch broom for one of her birthdays growing up and she got good use out of it. She was a proficient flyer and has a strong swing with a bludger's bat. It's the only thing she's looking forward to at Hogwarts. In fact, when she received her letter on her eleventh birthday, she broke out in a dance while talking about how she was going to be on the quidditch team. Her dream right now is to go professional, but who really knows yet? She's only eleven.

For now, she should be focusing on going to school and unfortunately that's what her father is making her do. Hadley will soon be attending Hogwarts and promptly sorted into Gryffindor.

Hadley is brutally and truly herself. She's predictable in the most unpredictable way. While she used to have to use party tricks to catch people's attention, she has such an aura that she draws attention naturally to her. Maybe it's her confidence. She's rambunctious and ready to cause chaos at every corner. It's not necessarily intentional chaos, but maybe sometimes it is. She's a troublemaker, but sometimes disasters just happen around her to no fault of her own. She struggles to pay attention in class and isn't necessarily smart, but she likes talking and she wants to contribute. Therefore, she tends to answer things wrong and it's so frequent that - paired with her constant attitude and misbehavior - makes her look like she's purposefully trying to cause problems. She tends to end up in a lot of trouble and will probably land herself quite a few detentions while at Hogwarts.

She's a little social butterfly and is more interested in chatting up her fellow students and making memories than actually learning. She has a natural charm and it makes her a pretty decent liar, but she tries not to lie as much as she used to when she was younger. But she can sit there and chit chat for hours with the same person. There's never an end to her stories and rants, but that doesn't mean she can't listen. Hadley has a big heart and isn't afraid to express it. She cares a lot about the people around her and is the first to stand up for someone who is being picked on. She's strong willed and does what she wants and isn't going to stop because of the possibility of social isolation. She knows fully well that someone out there will befriend her regardless, so she doesn't have to worry. That's the thing. Hadley never worries.

Aydan Dane (father) To say Hadley looks up to Aydan is an understatement. She adores her father and clinged onto him growing up. She's a lot like him in the sense that she's incessantly playful and chaotic - maybe pushing things too far only to end up profusely apologizing and feeling guilty. Despite the family sometimes struggling financially now that her father is the primary supporter, she was always spoiled rotten by him and she's nothing but appreciative of him for it.

Jenelle Dane (mother †) Hadley barely remembers her mother and only knows the things her family tells her about her. She doesn't understand what happened even though she knows what suicide is. Part of her doesn't want to know and doesn't care, because she's not important to her life anymore. It bothers Hadley that she's compared to her mother so much. She just doesn't get it.

Felix Dane (older brother) Hadley followed Felix around whenever she couldn't follow around their father. They're quite different in just about every way, but still remain close. She struggles to connect with him sometimes and especially now that he's started to say really critical things about their father and what happened with their mother. Hadley finds Felix to be too uptight and too much of a rule follower, so she has grown to primarily ignore him despite still loving him and somehow maintaining their bond.

Hudson Dane (twin brother) Hadley and Hudson are an odd pair. Growing up with a twin isn't easy and has its problems, but she always enjoyed it. She actually thinks sharing birthdays is fun (probably because her parents always spun it that way). But they're too totally different people, so she sometimes jokes that they must have confused him at St. Mungo's. Don't get her wrong though. Hadley loves Hudson and the two are very much so a bonded pair. She just wishes that there was time for just her once and a while.

  • Born on December 13th, her astrological sign is Sagittarius
  • She is about 5'4 and is on the taller side for girls her age
  • Ever since she was very little, she has been a bit of a prodigy when it comes to quidditch and was the star player on her little league team
  • Her dream career is to play quidditch professionally as a Beater
  • One of her friends growing up was the family's talking mirror, who she named Charlotte, but it's a bit of an imaginary friend type of relationship
  • Her childhood pet was a cat named Biscuit, who ended up having kittens with the neighbor's cat Spanky, and she obsessed over them and convinced her father to let them keep Biscuit Jr.
  • When she was a baby, her mother would stand out in the water and do little baby swimming lessons with her and her siblings, but she picked up on it best and it is now her means of calming herself down when she's angry
  • Before her first year at Hogwarts, she dyed her naturally blonde hair a dark brown color to separate herself from her mother and her legacy, but she let it go back to its natural color after two years

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