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Hailey Pemberton
(Character roleplayed by Sugar)
Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

– Philip K. Dick

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Hailey Pemberton
Biographical information

May 27th, 2014

Blood status


Hailey Pemberton signature
Physical information





5' 9"

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour


Family information
Family members

  • Weston Pemberton †
  • Angelica Slater
  • Clancy Pemberton
  • Preston Pemberton
  • Shantel Pemberton
  • Skyler Pemberton
  • Piper Pemberton
  • Maisie Pemberton

Magical characteristics

9¼" Rosewood, Lethifold Tooth


Spirit Medium
M.o.M. employee
(Spirit Division)


  • Pemberton family
  • Slater family
  • Marzara family
  • Qanungo family
  • Varma family
  • Nusantara
    • Phaya Naga

Hailey Pemberton is a half-blood witch, the daughter of Angelica Slater and Weston Pemberton. She is one of seven children, she has two brothers and four sisters; Clancy, Preston, Shantel, Skyler, Piper and Maisie. Her godfather is her paternal uncle Fulton Pemberton.

She was named after paternal great aunt Hailey Lamar. She began attending The Magical Sanctuary of Nusantara in 2025, she chose Phaya Naga.


You never know how much you really believe anything until its truth or falsehood becomes a matter of life and death to you.

– C.S. Lewis

Early childhood[]

Hailey Pemberton was born in 2014 to Angelica Slater an Weston Pemberton. She is a middle child, she has two brothers and four sisters. Hailey was the third of five daughters, the fifth of seven children. She grew up always feeling overlooked, with two elder brothers paving the way and two elder sister leading the charge she felt lost in the pair of sisters that follow her. She was left out, a lot. Her brothers clung to one another, the twins were metaphorically attached to each other at the hip. Before she got to be a big sister and had the pleasure of having younger siblings in her sisters Maisie and Piper she was the ugly duckling. If wasn't as awful as it sounds. She was able to do a lot of self discovery. She didn't have to argue with anyone over what she was going to do because it was always her choice. She didn't have to share her time or compromise on a decision like the rest of them did.

She comes from a Hindu family and she does practice Hinduism. As a family they study the scriptures and abide by the proper practices. Her infatuation with frogs came from the ritual of marrying animals – mostly frogs – in order to please the rain gods. The senior most or the oldest member of the family is considered head of the family, when her father died the head of the family became her uncle Fulton. She has a close fatherly bond with her paternal uncle Fulton. He has always played companion to her when her siblings were paired off with one another. When he was around he did not like for her to feel as though she were alone. She may not have had a born into the family best friend like the rest of her siblings. What she did have was her uncle Fulton. He helped her to look past the goal of always wanting to find what she was good at to finally get some recognition. She no longer wanted to be acknowledged, or to simply be adored.

Hailey was eight years old when it happened for the first time. Magic. She had known all about it watching her brothers than her sisters have their magical outbursts. For her, it was something small, in comparison to them it was small. A vase had fallen over, or it might have been purposely knocked over. Her siblings were running through the house like a stampede. As usual Hailey could be found somewhere far behind them. By the time she reached the hall that they passed through the pieces of my mother's favorite vase were scattered on the ground. Since she was the one there with the evidence she knew she was going to get the blame for it. There was no one to support her claim of innocence. When she heard her mother yelling at her brothers she knew she was getting closer to finding Hailey and the vase. The next thing she knew it was whole again. She put it back where it belonged and pretended like nothing happened.

Nusantara Years (2025-2032)[]

Hailey Pemberton began her magical education at The Magical Sanctuary of Nusantara in 2025, she chose Phaya Naga.

First year[]

In 2025 during the opening week of her first year was the Mengulur Naga Festival, where the Nagas announced the future students and which peak they fit best. She chose Phaya Naga after joining the majority of the events associated with that peak.

Second year[]

In 2026 she took an interest in History due to the way it was taught through large shadow puppet shows. She didn't like the oral presentations of long epics, but she still found herself very interested in the class and earned high marks.

Third year[]

In 2027 she excelled in her magical script and spellcasting classes. She was intrigued by the tool-less teaching of spellcasting and although it is not her strong suit she admires anyone with a natural ability to do wandless magic

Fourth year[]

In 2028 she took a liking to her art and music and cultural dance courses. She was still just as engrossed in history and spellcasting, the way the movement of cultural dance could be used magically blew her away. It was so similar to Theyyam, or the dance of the gods.

Fifth year[]

In 2029 as an elective class she began taking Magical agriculture / nonmagical agriculture. It was very similar to Herbology and she enjoyed the similarities. The title was daunting the classwork was something she had no expectation of being proficient in.

Sixth year[]

In 2030 as an extra curricular she began learning about magical tools and how the “wands” of Nusantara vary from person to person, culture to culture. She was encouraged to find and use as weapons or charms as a way to help her focus and channel her magic.

Seventh year[]

In 2031 when she began studying Shamanism as an elective at Nusantara because she has the gift she learned something about herself. She is a Conduit for channeling purposes. In a trance state she can communicate with spiritual entities.

Adult Life[]

After Hogwarts while honing her gift for mediumship she came to learn that she had a spirit attached to her. It was an animal ghost, an iguana by the name of Cochise. He had been attached to her for a long, long time. His presence went unnoticed since her family chose not to believe her previous claims about sensing something.

She spent over a decade working on her ability to channel spirit energies while still be able to separate her self from the different entities she was allowing to speak through her. It was complicated and she struggled when she was met with combative spirits that were more violent than communicative. She's never been willing to commit sinful acts even if it were to do something to alleviate the suffering of a ghost that she's come into contact with. She met a client who would come to her often to speak with a family member that had passed. It became a regular occurrence and eventually Hailey was encourage to apply for job with the Ministry of Magic. She works for the M.o.M. in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures in the Spirit Division. She also continues works as a Spirit Medium + consultant during her down time.

Physical description[]

Species: Human/Witch

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 9"

Hair colour: Black

Eye colour: Brown

Skin colour: Medium

Personality and traits[]

She's odd and she embraces the eccentricities about herself. She wants to be a more balanced person but it is a much harder thing to accomplish than it is to say and want. She likes to think of herself as a very centered person. She practices Yoga and Meditation on a daily basis. Before she knew about her connection to the spirit world she had a dream of opening up her own yoga studio, or maybe even an academy devoted to spiritualism. She wanted to teach others to teach others about the benefits of yoga, meditation and crystal gemstones. She enjoys fortune-telling and considers herself a crystal expert. She gave tarot card readings for fun while she was in school it was never meant to be taken seriously and she only ever gave readings to her friends rather than people who would take it too seriously. She has lot of difficulty when it comes to speaking with strangers. She does fine in a professional setting, when it is a business oriented interaction she doesn't register the normal awkwardness of her interactions. She prefers to have her talks with ghosts, it might make her seem insane to someone without her gift, she doesn't really care about her impression on other people. If she could she would allow them to give her all the details that other humans would typically provide her with. She has a deep love for snakes, toads, frogs, lizards and iguanas. The great care she takes of her animal friends is a display of the love she has to share but is too reserved to express.

Magical abilities and skills[]

  • Shamanism

  • Stone carving {Letter cutting}
  • Painting


  • Wand:Hailey's wand wood is made from Rosewood, not very compatible with Dark magic as this wood represents love and purity. Her wand core is made from Lethifold Tooth, gifted in non-verbal magic, which is this wand's favorite form of magic.

  • Owl: Pepper Snowy Owl



Pemberton Family[]

Hailey's relationship with her family is standard in her opinion. They have their issues with one another but their bond is what keeps them together. She has been the defiant daughter at one point in her life struggling to find her place while her siblings were paired off. Shortly before her uncle and secondary father figure became the head of the family her was a guide to her, helping her to stay on the path the suited her best rather than strive to become something she never intended for herself. She still has the occasional disagreements with each one of her siblings. As they have aged the bitterness that arises from their altercations does not last as long.


  • Hailey: Meaning "dweller in the hay meadow,".
  • Pemberton: Derived from "of Pemberton," a township in the parish of Wigan, Lancashire.