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Basic Information
AGE 24
MODEL Chloe Bennet


Hailie's family's origins, or what lead to Hailie's fathers belief system that Hailie grew up on, began during the Qing dynasty. One of her ancestors was a general to the emperor during the Qing dynasty. Enough that when the emperor abdicated in 1911, introducing the People's republic lead by Sun Yetsen, he was deeply troubled, believing China had taken a turn for the worse. He moved to his home province, Jiangsu, and took residency in Nanjing, where the family stayed for the next century. His children and their children tried to avoid being involved in the political events that occurred during the century, though there were a few members that were incarcerated for being counter revolutionary during the 1950s. The general, though, imbued his beliefs into his ancestors. When Enlai was born, he eventually latched onto the belief that the world was, in other words, dirty. That it needed to return to a more traditional era, more conservative. That it needed to be cleansed. His own mother had a hand in this perception. Having her husband leave her for another woman, Hailie's grandmother groomed Enlai into a bitter and hateful adult who decided to take matters into his own hands. Throughout his life, Enlai targeted those he deemed immoral. Cheaters, druggies, prostitutes, alcoholics. Anything that Enlai felt disgusted about.

Zhang Lanfen was born in Nanjing, a city in the Jiangsu province, to Zhang Enlai and Diana Anderson. By then, Enlai was working as a surgeon at one of the local clinics whilst Diana was an international student from Scotland. Their story began when Enlai kidnapped Diana in the middle of the night. He didn't intend to keep Diana in his basement, renovated for the purpose of keeping woman he believed he could 'protect' from the world he deemed unworthy and corrupt, for that long. But after two months and it was obvious he had gotten her pregnant, he only got rid of her when she had given birth to their child. Zhang Langen.

Lanfen wasn't truly aware of what had happened to her mother until she was older. Nor did she know what her father's extra curricular activities were. When Enlai left for work, he did give Lanfen to the people down below, even though they constantly changed. Being a child, she never exactly questioned it. For the most part, Lanfen was kept out of the world, kept inside the house–though she was never deprived of love. No matter how twisted Enlai was, he loved his daughter. His child. There was some days where he took her to work, which developed Lanfen's interest in medicine and healing. Naturally, Enlai taught her what he thought was right and wrong and it was only until she moved to America did Lanfen was reeducated. What occurred was Lanfen's first magical incident. When she was eight, driving home from her father's work, they fell into an argument, causing Lanfen to grow upset and causing the engine to explode, killing her father and almost killing herself. In the weeks after, the police eventually found the basement and that was when everything came out into the open. How her father had been a serial killer for nearly ten years. How he had kidnapped and imprisoned countless woman. Lanfen still isn't sure on the exact details and has never really wanted to research what her father had committed.

Lanfen's family was large, with multiple branches, but none were willing to take Lanfen in, believing she would bring absolute shame to their household for what her father had done. The government eventually looked for the mother's side, taking a DNA test. Luckily, when Diana had been kidnapped, a sister had given a sample of her own DNA to try and find her. Luckily for Lanfeng, the sister, her aunt, was willing to take her in even though she lived in America. Lanfeng was introduced to a new world, a new identity. Not wanting anyone to recognise Lanfeng's name, her name was changed to Hailie, though she was allowed to keep 'Zhang', considering how common it was. Her aunt put Hailie through severe therapy, trying her best to unteach everything Hailie believed. By the time she was eleven, Hailie was sent to Ilvermorny, being sorted into the Horned Serpents. She typically kept to herself, save for one or two people that she became close friends with–particularly Kaia Yaxley. Hailie's school life was uneventful. For the most part. She'd fallen into a small group that practised dark arts. It's here that her own interest developed. Naturally, her own love for healing began to take a twisted turn.

As her father was a surgeon, with Hailie even going to work with him, she had experience in muggle healing and it developed deeper as she joined the muggle world. Though she didn't believe her own father's values, not to that extreme sense anyway, she just wanted to know how people ticked. How people became who they were. Maybe it was the way the body worked inside, wanted to see if there was anything different. Maybe it was the DNA. Maybe. Thus, when she graduated, she became a healer in America, learning as much as she could. Eventually, she moved to London, just for the change in scenery. For a few months, she just messed around, creating a home for herself, even doing a few medical and biology classes at a local university. Of course, she wasn't as disconnected from the magical world as she made it appear to the strangers around her. She was falling deeper into the dark arts. A path that lead her to meet a small group of people. Initially, it was an innocent friendship but it soon grew to become a plan for...well, murder. Hailie wasn't too fussed, even slightly excited. It meant she could do her own experiments. Currently, Hailie is making her way back into healing, trying to find a job at St. Mungos.




To most people, Hailie is a ball of sunshine. Bubbly, happy and loud. She's constantly trying to help the people around her. To most, Hailie appears to be a normal person, a helpful and kind person, that goes out of her way to interact with the world around her. She can often appear to be quite reckless, acting and speaking without thinking. Hailie knows how to keep a secret, knows what is socially acceptable and what isn't. Growing up under the legacy of her father, she knows her life isn't conventional and finds herself despising the reactions people give when they find out her own history. Thus, she tends to keep it to herself. Plus, her father was a notorious serial killer in the muggle world, being open about that would just bring attention to her. Publicly, Hailie is helpful, appearing to constantly want to help people, and never turns down a plea for help. Hailie can also be rather witty, especially in situations that probably don't require it, believing it would help lighten the mood or break the ice.

Naturally, with her extra curricular activities, Hailie doesn't want negative attention, not one that would raise suspicion. But she knows she can't stay in the shadows either, she can't keep to herself. That raises suspicion in itself. Even in a city, people always expect people to interact. So Hailie does. She tries to be friends with as many people as she meets, especially those she works with. Every other weekend, she throws parties. Extravagant, crowded, loud. Everyone and anyone is invited. Hailie wants to make her life appear to be as normal, as uninteresting, as possible. And, to her, she doubts people would suspects that a naive, innocent healer who personifies the Great Gatsby every other weekend would be someone who is interested in the dark arts. Not that Hailie complained. Hailie does like people, she likes to interact with them. Plus, she likes attention but the good kind. She doesn't like to be judged.

Something that might be a side effect from her own childhood, Hailie has found an interest in the psychology of people. How they tick. How they work. Hailie's also interested in how pain and trauma affects people mentally. Everyone reacts differently and Hailie's curious about it. It's why she's become associated with others who are involved in the dark arts. Maybe it's because, as a child, she only had her father that she was close with, who was ripped away from her, that she's interested in other people's relationships. Hailie's curious about emotional connections, whether it be platonic, romantic or even hatred. Hailie wants to know how it affects people and wants to see it firsthand. To Hailie, she considers herself a scientist, an intellectual, not a psychopath or a mindless killer. Of course, she can't deny that she doesn't slightly enjoy the bloodshed she leaves in her wake.



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Other Information
FATHER Zhang Enlai
MOTHER Diana Anderson
RELATIVES Kate Anderson (Aunt)
HOMETOWN Nanjing, China

Magical Information
WAND Ash wood with a dragon heartstring core
SCHOOL Ilvermorny
HOUSE Horned Serpent

FAVE COLOR Blood red
FAVE CLASS Herbology
FAVE FOOD Red meat
FIRST KISS When she was sixteen


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Hailie Zhang - Cereal Killer ☀️ Healer -“Even for me life had its gleams of sunshine.”
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