In 1032 A.D. Fredrick von Halbert commissioned the building of Halbert Castle. He was an immigrant from Germany, where he had been an important figure as one of the chiefest duellers in Europe. An entire hall was dedicated to a permanent duelling platform. His wife, Frieda, took charge of the construction crew of dwarves and goblins that made astonishing carvings. An owlry is in a high tower that is open to any weary owl on postal missions or just passing by. The castle is still in possession of Frederick and Frieda von Halbert's descendents and it's duelling hall open to any interested duellers.

  • A woodcut made by the dwarves that helped make it to commemorate their work shows Halbert Castle when finished.
  • Frieda Halbert's portrait that hangs in the great hall of Halbert Castle
  • This is one of the descendants of one of the many dwarven workers to help construct Halbert Castle.
  • Halbert Castle accomodates a large owlry that is open for any weary owl delivering or returning with post.
  • Being a professional dueller Fredrick von Halbert requested a duelling platform be added to the castle. Halbert Castle has hosted many duels.