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HalleyD CP1

halley linnea dalton
fifth year gryffindor
i do my best all on my own

HalleyD CPM1

Birthday august 28th
Age fourteen
Pronunciation h-ahl-ee dahl-tuhn
Family nikolai + carissa (parents)
Gender female
Pronouns she/her/hers
Orientation homosexual
Relationship single
Nationality english
Languages english + klingon
Residence gryffindor dormitories
+ shanklin, england
Religion agnostic
Handedness ambidextrous
Roleplayer ateleia
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Eye Color blue
Hair Color brown
Height 5'2"
Style crisp, plain
Faceclaim raffey cassidy

HalleyD CPM2

HalleyD CP2


halley's parents were united one faithful morning during their fourth term at hogwarts. carissa and nikolai are both muggle-borns and lovers of muggle science and arithmetic. they were perfect for each other and they made it clear that they felt that to be true. very clear, and it is ridiculous that they did not seem to understand what even they were saying. they attended the ball together and everything, yet they did not go further until graduation came multiple terms later. they were best friends and had even agreed that they would get married if they were both single by thirty because they were the best match the other could sort out for themselves. this was not necessary and the two paired up just short of graduation. both had been aching over the other's seemingly nonexistent attraction and the marriage agreement was a poor attempt on carissa's part to nudge nikolai towards noticing. the two were stupid, but stupid no longer. after graduation, nikolai attended a healing program and carissa studied neuroscience at oxford.

when the two graduated from their respective programs, they married in a small ceremony. it was mostly practicalities and most of the lavish details were to appease family members. after all, they had just graduated and were in debt. they had not seen a point in waiting when they knew each other to be their perfect match. they didn't need time to tell them that. it would be wasteful, they thought. anyway, to the story: nikolai earned a position at st. mungo's rather easily considering he was rather accomplished during his run at the program. he is still employed at the morgue there and is occasionally given permission to study bodies there. halley loves sitting and listening to him discuss his regular activities, finding it rather fascinating. when she was younger, she would babble about it and it would scare people. on the other hand, carissa became employed by the department of mysteries' brain room. the mysterious nature of her job bores her daughter although it used to be a topic of curiosity.

the two had halley on purpose although her maternal grandmother batters her mother about how it must have been an accident. she was born august 28th, a blessed virgo at heart. since then, she has been the smallest in every class, but one of the ones with the strongest and most assured voice. she attended muggle school as a young child while her parents were sure to show her around the magical world too. she has had plans to become a paleontologist since she was a child in primary school and is well-versed on dinosaur trivia. she used to get into heated debates with her male counterparts on the playground over who knew more even when she was obviously the one that was far more educated on the manner just because they were boys and dinosaurs are for boys. she complained to her mother after school and her mother had a long conversation with her that led her to believe that men are rather entitled and believe they know things because they are men and not because they are qualified. while partially true, she did once accuse her father of this over dinner when he was reciting a fact that she found to be incorrect. it is a tale often told to people she brings around the house.

her first sign of magic happened when she was seven and sitting outside in their front lawn after school. one of the family's cats, who are named cation and catalyst (though this specific story involves the latter), was in her arms. at some point, he hopped onto the top of the short fence and she rushed towards it to prevent him from leaving. catalyst was quite troubling in that he often left their lawn to go exploring throughout the neighborhood. he had almost gotten hit by one of those stupid faulty muggle cars, however, and they were hoping he would learn from that. still, he jumped over the fence and she rushed to get through the gate. when both were on the other side, her arms reached out as she chased after him and he seemed to freeze in place before slowly drifting through the air into her arms. she was in awe and ran inside to her parents, telling them the story. they were thrilled and quite proud of how her magic seemed to be so practical. explosions are exciting reactions, but not necessarily coming from a child who has no control over them. catalyst was also banned from the outdoors until he reached an older age in which he can no longer leap onto the fences.

later, halley would start to attend hogwarts. she did not get along with most of the other students. she found herself to be above them in a certain field, more mature and more intelligent though she would never express that openly. most people got the impression that she believed herself to be better than them and actively avoided her as a result. she would meet with her parents and explain her predicament and they would give her advice (whether it was beneficial or not was mixed). eventually, some students warmed up to her, but mostly sympathetic older ones who wanted to ensure she didn't combust or become too serious. besides them, she spends most of her time with professors, harassing them over the material and all of the questions she has that her parents seem too busy for. also, they should be professionals in the subjects they teach, yes? and it is their career duties to answer her questions. they come from a place of curiosity and a desire to expand her learning and not simply a desire to disturb. her professors are her friends! right?

HalleyD CPM3

halley is highly observant, or at least tries to be. she remains quiet during lectures and group conversations, and honestly she rarely engages in one-on-one conversations among her peers. when she pitches in, she is usually laughed at for the sorts of ridiculous comments she chooses to interrupt with. she tends to have a scientific fact for every moment and a lot of witches do not appreciate it or care enough about the matter.
* she has a strong gut and heart. she was once told by a professor that she is a bit morbid, but that teacher quit after that term and is no longer present to nitpick her personality. she is allegedly far too comfortable during in-class dissections, but she believes she just respects science enough to gag. she is an incredibly focused person and has been exposed to these things via her father's career, so she can easily push thoughts about death and bodily fluids and organs from her mind. in general, she is good at compartmentalizing.

she has a strong memory, but maintains a journal detailing everyone she has ever met. in all other universes, this would be called a diary, but she believes it is more professional and more indicative of its seriousness to refer to it as a journal instead. she documents her acquaintances' features and behavior and uses it as a means of limiting her expectations for others. on less serious notes, she writes down their favorites and their least favorites and things that seem to bother them. she draws pictures of them and their favorite things similar to some sort of collage. she studies them almost, and her parents have told her on numerous occasions that she does not have to focus so much on doing so. her excuse is that humans are predictable and she can generally predict how one will act if she tries hard enough. it is sort of a love language of hers to earn a section. it shows she intends to continue being around you for some time, which is rare.

in a similar fashion, she is highly opinionated and her opinions are difficult to change. she is obnoxious about her opinions how freshman usually are. she is honest and straightforward, having gotten that form of communication from her parents her whole life. she prides herself on cutting the fat and has not yet learned that sometimes you shouldn't. her parents have become successful and she has never seen them (to her understanding) do that, so why should she? she is still nice and generally has a good demeanor, believing usually the best in people. so it isn't as if she is running around telling people they are useless or ugly.

she has some issues with being surprised and does not love surprise parties though no one would ever consider throwing halley a party. her parents have, of course, but they are not ones for surprise parties either. she has a very restricted life in general. she does not have recreational hobbies that are not useful to some other aspect of her life. she does not understand the point of video games or board games that do not involve trivia at the very least. she understands art, but is not well-versed in it besides being able to draw, which she finds useful for drawing models. she hates social media and does not believe in its usage, preferring to use letters as communication. besides, it pleases her watching them go across campus from one tower to another.


Interests dinosaurs, astronomy, chemistry, transfiguration
Pet Peeves
Goals discover a new dinosaur
Star Sign virgo sun
Alignment lawful neutral
Love Language quality time

Magical Characteristics

Patronus Memory
Blood Status muggle-born-born
Peculiar no


Song none
TV Show none
Book none
Movie none (despicable me)
Color none (blue)

* her family has two cats named catalyst and cation
* her favorite dinosaur is the brachiosaurus because of its familiarity and not because it is the coolest
* she believes she does not have actual favorites and rather chooses things to appease stupid people who care, so her favorite planet is uranus and her favorite element is sulfur; she will not engage with favorite movies or songs or stupid things of that nature

HalleyD CPT1

HalleyD CP3

halley linnea dalton
fifth year gryffindor
i do my best all on my own