Han is a melting pot of identities. His mother and father met and fell in love quite accidentally, when she was young and couldn't find platform 9 and 3 quarters. A young muggle boy tried helping her, albeit quite confused, until her mother arrived and finally took her to the right location. This started out a friendship and a bond between the two. In secret, she would write to him via owl, and little by little, reveal things about the magical world. During the summers, they did their best to meet up and play. Eventually, the two fell in love, and by the time they were 20, had their first and only child- Han.

Han's father went on to become a stock broker in order to keep up with the family expenses, given how much more expensive the wizarding world is by currency. His mother became a Healer at St.Mungo's. Each worked long shifts, but still had time for Han. He lived as a happy little baby and, from an early age, he developed a love for art, despite not having the talent for it.

Han's first sign of magic was quite curious- he was shopping with his mom for outfits for school at about age 5, when, to his dissatisfaction, he noted how restricted the clothing section was. Racks started rolling from one side of the store to another, until the chaos finally settled and the gendered clothing finally became ungendered, with racks sitting in harmony in the middle of the store. Needless to say, it was clear he inherited his mother's magical ability. Even when he was young, he wasn't a fan of the roles and expectations set upon people based on their perceived gender. Han began playing piano when he was six, which developed his sense of musicality. While not the best, he tried really hard and eventually improved, building that sixth sense for music. His paintings did not gather the same improvement. His parent's discovered Han was slowly, but surely, going deaf when he was about 10. They thought about correcting it, after all the magical world allowed for things that only muggles could dream of- but they decided to leave that decision up to him, instead ordering some old fashioned hearing aids, and hired a tutor to teach him british sign language.

At eleven, the excited kid was finally sent off to Hogwarts. He made many friends in his first year, and started gaining new interests, such as in rom coms (even though they're kind of symbolically bad most of the time and perpetuate certain ideas), and in musicals, as a good gay must do. He briefly got into the furry scene but then backed way away from that. At about 12, he started learning how to b-boy, and that turned into a general love for dancing as well. For a while he thought exercising was kind of gross, that is until after he came out to everyone as genderqueer and wanted to radically change the presentation he had, which was at about age 15. That year was a year of transformation for him and growth as an individual. Probably his favorite class at this point is transfiguration, but mostly because of how nice the teacher seems. He is now in sixth year.


Han is a try hard in everything he does, not out of obligation but because he wants to be good at everything. He loves anything artistic even if the only thing he's managed to grasp are music and dance, ironic in that he's going deaf. He's really proud of all kind of art he produces, even his poopy paintings. He is highly sensitive and emotional, which makes it easy for people to open up to him. He likes to say he's an open book, and he's not afraid to cry. Han loves consuming different forms of media art like movies and tv shows, and rom coms are a sort of guilty pleasure for him. He has a high respect for other people and starts off respecting people, only through interaction losing that respect, and even then, treating them with dignity and respect. He loves cute animals and only recently gave up his stuffed animals.

As a respectful person, he's also loyal to his principles, and thus loyal to people who also have similar moral alignments. He's both a romantic and a Romantic (like the literary period), although he really just loves any sort of love. He's highly emotionally intelligent, but struggles with classes and things specifically like math and science. The good thing is he isn't afraid to ask for help, which he normally reserves. He's introspective, but is more of an extrovert than an introvert. He isn't at all shy. Han also loves crunching on potato chips, and isn't a fan of exercise, albeit he gets the purpose for it.



Han Rosenthal
RPer Manolo
Age 17
Birthday February 10th, 2022
Nationality British
Ethnicity Jewish/Chinese
Species Wizard
Blood half blood
Orientations panromantic/pansexual
Gender Genderqueer
Hair black
Eyes brown
Faceclaim Chella Man
Height 5'10ft
Weight 158 lb
Schooling Hogwarts
Year Sixth
Occupation None currently
Wand Arm right
Location UK
Languages English

Model: Chella Man

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