Birthday November 29th
Age 19
Status Alive
Pronunciation hahn soong hawn
Family Sujin Ekmongkolpaisarn
Handedness Right
Gender Male
Orientation Pansexual
Relationship Single
Nationality South Korean
Speaks English, Korean, Japanese
Species Wizard, Human
Blood Status Pure-Blood
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Red (colour-charmed)
Height 5'10"
Model Lee Taeyong

Seung Heon has a memorable face, mostly because of his incredible bone structure, and the slit he carefully shaves into his eyebrow. He tries his hardest to look cool at all times, okay? And yes, his hair is colour-charmed bright red. It's called showing house pride (even though it's been this colour since two years before he even started at Hogwarts). As for his fashion sense, it's not bad: he always wears his dragon leather jacket, of course, and perhaps he looks just a smidge like an edgy teenager, but then again that's what he is so. Fight him.
Han Taehyung was born into a perfectly respectable wizarding family in South Korea. He was raised as any respectable wizarding boy should: taught his letters and his numbers and then sent off to Mahoutokoro for day school when he turned seven. If, at a young age, Taehyung showed an interest in dragons it wasn't really something to be remarked upon. After all, what little boy doesn't dream of dragons?

Taehyung's imagination became a problem in his parents' mind when he turned ten and his fixation still hadn't let up. He'd be going off to board the next year, after all, and his peers already thought him odd. They just didn't want him being bullied when he was away without an escape in the form of home.

They needn't have worried, though: Taehyung was, in fact, perfectly sane and perfectly capable of defending himself from the occasional playground bully. In fact, he was so rash that it was entirely possible he could become the playground bully (he didn't, of course. He was always a very considerate child.) Anyway. Taehyung was never the smartest kid at school, and definitely didn't do his homework anywhere near often enough, but he made up for it with his sheer talent when it came to flying.

Upon graduation, he was snapped up by the Toyohashi Tengu and, eventually, the South Korean National Quidditch Team, where he made a name for himself as a formidable chaser. But Taehyung never gave up on his dreams of dragons, and when he discovered a kindred spirit in teammate Kim Seohyun (another chaser)... well. The two played Quidditch until they were Taehyung was thirty-one and Seohyun twenty-nine, by which point they'd saved enough for their ultimate dream home. A dragon reserve on Jeju Island.

Married by this point, the couple began collecting dragons rescued from traffickers - dragon dealers, as some refer to them. First a few Chinese Fireballs (there are quite a few in Korea, given its proximity to China), then a Peruvian Vipertooth and a Hungarian Horntail. Their reserve grew in size until it contained an incredibly diverse mix of dragons, while also growing in notoriety for the sheer balls its overseers possessed. Only two of them, not even bothering with the proper protections! It was a miracle they survived. But they did.

Han Seungheon, his sister Han Kyungmi and his adopted sister Sujin Cherry Ekmongkolpaisarn are the only children that their parents ever wanted. In comparison to their parents, their upbringing was... unorthodox. Sure, Seungheon learnt his letters and numbers by the proper age, but much of his childhood was occupied with slightly more practical lessons in things such as unhealthy recklessness and dragon taming (or as close as anyone's going to get to taming an XXXXX-classified beast). Oh, and flying. There was a hell of a lot of quidditch.

Seungheon was just as fearless as his parents growing up, and just as uncaring about any and all social rules. His grandparents, on the few occasions they'd visit the small family, would always scold him about his behaviour, but that all stopped when he had a tantrum aged six and set his grandfather's hair on fire because he'd been scolding him for running in the house. To be honest, the fire kind of set the tone for Seungheon's entire magical education.

Like his parents before him, Seungheon was packed off to day school at Mahoutokoro aged seven and Merlin, was he a demon child. Firstly, ever since his first sign of magic he'd had an unfortunate habit of causing things to burst into flames whenever he became upset, which was often since he was a pretty weird child. And what happens to weird children? Bullying. Often Seungheon would return home after a day at school and just cry, but eventually he learned to respond. Not with his fists (though that still wasn't an uncommon occurrence. Poor boy's never had much impulse control), but with his tongue. Seungheon became the class clown, and he thrived.

By the time his eleventh birthday came around and Seungheon began boarding, the awkward little boy with the odd obsession with dragons had been replaced with a social butterfly (still with the obsession with dragons, but it was cool by this point). He joined the boarders' Quidditch team as a chaser and occasional beater, and before long he was playing in the international under-18s leagues for South Korea. But eventually Seungheon became bored. And when he gets bored he gets reckless, so guess what he did? Brought a dragon egg to school. Needless to say, the school was not amused.

Seungheon somehow avoided expulsion - maybe because his ever-present smile charmed the teachers or something. But he was given a very strong suggestion: maybe go on an exchange to some other school? So he chose Hogwarts, because why the hell not, and now he's on his way to cause some much overdue havoc.
Seung Heon has a big personality. He's a product of his environment: loud as all hell, just like the rest of his family, and not averse to making snarky comments within earshot of another person. Damn the consequences - this is the philosophy that Seung Heon lives by. The purpose of his life is to have fun and if that means burning a few bridges he'll gladly do it. Han Seung Heon is here for a good time, not a long time. He's the very embodiment of you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

If you speak to Seung Heon, you'll most likely describe his manner of talking as all-caps. Everything he says, he means with every fibre of his being - sure, this could be described as blunt, but Seung Heon prefers the word honest. After all, he sees no point in mind games or political bullshit. It's all just a waste of time that he could be spending doing something fun.

Among friends, Seung Heon is a ringleader. He's endlessly friendly to everyone he meets, and genuinely enthusiastic about nearly everything he's presented with - it's a manifestation of his innate curiosity. Really, he'll leave no stone left unturned, and with his friends this can sometimes be seen as overbearing. Just know that none of his friends will ever get away with suffering alone, because you can bet your ass Seung Heon will uncover their problems and fix them.

Seung Heon takes everything to the next level, and his recklessness is no exception. Normal people can be adrenaline junkies, yes? Well, Seung Heon doesn't feel fear. Most likely. Honestly, he could meet death and he'd just laugh in his face. Growing up in near isolation with two of the worst daredevils in existence as his only guardians, it really takes no stretch of the imagination to figure out where exactly Seung Heon's complete and utter idiocy comes from. He actually aspires to have his parents' balls of steel.

Nothing has ever held Seung Heon's interest quite to the extent that dragons do, but growing up in an environment like his, that's not exactly surprising. The boy's practically been conditioned to be obsessed with them, but he's not complaining: in fact, it's his lifelong dream to become the first person to ever fully domesticate a dragon. And if that means learning whatever language they use, you can bet he'll do it. He doesn't turn down a challenge.
dragon leather jacket: one of their oldest dragons died last year and his parents didn't want to sell its leather on, but it was also too valuable a resource to just get rid of. So they had it made into a bunch of dragon leather clothing for each member of the family - Seung Heon actually could dress head to toe in it, but the only thing he really wears is this jacket. It makes him look cool.
wand: his is fir - for people who have a death wish but somehow never die - and salamander scale - absolutely shit at water spells but great with fire.

Boggart ??????? I have no idea I acc don't think he knows what fear is
Amortentia Burning, Coffee, Leather
Patronus Dragon
Wand Fir, Salamander Scale, 10 1/2"
Interests DRAGONS, Quidditch, Fire?
Pet Peeve Boring people
Habits Fidgeting
Star Sign Sagittarius
Dreams/Goals Become the first person to domesticate a dragon.
Color Red
Song Anything by Queen
Show Dragons: Riders of Berk
Movie How to Train Your Dragon
Book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Food Pure sugar
Drink Coffee

he colour-charms his hair red because he thinks he's cool
he legitimately cannot cast aguamenti and it's a problem
the only subject he does homework for is Care of Magical Creatures
his official reason for the exchange is to improve his english but he thinks it's bullshit because seriously do u need english when ur only aim in life is to domesticate a dragon? no. dragons DON'T SPEaK EnGLIsH
he probably has a dragon egg in his dorm right now.
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