Full Name Hanna Chaerin Myung
Age 12
Birthday May 25th
Sign Gemini

  • Nickname
    Hanna banana
  • Nationality
  • Ethnicity
  • Home
    London, England
  • Status
    Single; Alive
  • Sexuality
    Doesn't really know
  • Location
  • Year/Occupation
  • House
  • Species
  • Family Blood
  • Wand Core
    Unicorn Hair
  • Wand Wood
  • Wand Arm
  • Boggart
    Burning to death
  • Patronus
    Antipodean Opaleye
  • Model
    Hwang Yeji
  • Eye Color
  • Hair Color
  • Height
  • Distinguishing Marks
  • Disorders
  • Mental State
  • Favorite Color
    Hot Pink
  • Favorite Music Genre
  • Favorite Food
    Chicken wings
  • Favorite Animal
    Any type of bird to be honest
  • Favorite Book
  • Favorite Drink
    Apple juice
  • Favorite Song
    No Fun by Joji
  • Favorite Movie
  • Favorite Sweets
  • Quirks
  • Talents
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Etymology
    Hanna - grace
    Myung - a Korean surname
  • Mother
    Finley Peters
  • Father
    Kade Myung
  • Full Siblings
  • Half Siblings
  • Other

I hate to say it, but Hanna's a pretty badass eleven year old. With little no sense of actual fear, she seems to do everything on a whim with no concern for the consequences. It's a bit concerning and very problematic but honestly, she doesn't really care. Despite being as young as eleven, she's already particular and has a killer sense of style. She takes her appearance very seriously and likes her outfits to be as practical as they are stylish. You never know when you have to wrestle a misbehaving Kneazle.

Hanna also has a bit of an attitude. She doesn't really know when to stop and is keen for pushing her opinions onto other people like she's the superior. She's also a bit cocky and may overestimate her abilities, but she when she promises something, she definitely delivers. Her temper is easy to flare up and before you know it, you could be locked in hand-to-hand combat. Since she grew up working with dangerous magical creatures, her perception of danger is close to nonexistent. She is also very comfortable around animals of all kinds, and seems to connect with a creature small or big.

In retrospect, Hanna's actually pretty chill. She's not on the extreme end of "I will cut a bitch" but she get's pretty fiesty when she wants to. Sometimes, some things bother her and somethings don't. She has a desire to be a dragon tamer, but as far as she knows, that's also kind of illegal. It's not like it's going to stop her anyway. She has a love of being on the offensive. It's weird, but she seems to have a belief that there's an honor in attacking first instead of sitting around and waiting for the conflict to come to you. In that way, she's kind of straightforward. She's pretty sarcastic and honestly, quite petty. Although she does let things go easily, it typically takes awhile for her to calm down. It always seems like she's in the mood to contest with someone, and makes a lot of unwanted yet hilarious remarks.

Hanna's also a compulsive stealer, a true kleptomaniac who can't help but snatch everything she passes. It's obviously an issue, but one that often works in her favor, even if she can't really control her stealing impulses. She lives off of her own spite, pettiness, and caramel mocha frappes at three in the morning. AKA, she doesn't really sleep. She also pretty much laughs at everything. If compulsive laughing was a thing, she has that too. She always manages to find the humor in any situation, so with that in mind, don't bring her to a funeral or your death bed. Expect her to make a genius yet insensitive pun.


Kade Myung and Finley Peters had been professors for Care of Magical Creatures for years. Kade, before the two married, and Finley after. Nonetheless, it was clear that both shared a love for the many exotic and mythical creatures known to wizardkind. In fact, they stopped teaching to open up a Magical Creatures sanctuary and exhibit where they could care for these creatures as well as help other people see their amazing qualities.

The two had a baby girl who they named Hanna. Now, the delivery of Hanna was a bit wild. The couple, somehow, couldn't get to St. Mungo's quick enough, so Finley had her baby in a dragon pen. Since she was born, Hanna had always been a lively child. Having grown up with such dangerous creatures, she seemed to develop almost a fearless mentality. It seemed nothing could scare her or even upset her, and she began getting a little cocky with her interactions.

As she grew, she started finding an increased interest in dragons. She stole some of her dad's old books from Hogwarts and found out about animagus and since then has been trying to convince her parents to help her become a dragon an animagus, even though they explained to her several times that's not how animaguses worked. Hanna loved dragons so much that increasingly spent most of her time with them, whether it was feeding them or helping train the younger ones to be human friendly.

When she was ten, she even stole a Antipodean Opaleye egg and attempted to raise the dragon herself. They're now somewhat BFFs, and Hanna calls her little dragon Ditzy. Even though she was naturally inclined to all creatures since she grew up with them, she still couldn't help but be a little clutzy around all the pens. She nearly let go of all their hippogriffs by accident at her first magic sign. Her parents didn't understand how she undid the magic seal and released them all by accident but you sure will know that catching them was wild.

Hanna got her letter to Hogwarts the moment she turned ten. She was excited obviously. Her parents were practically convinced she'd been ready to go to Hogwarts in the womb from how much she talked about it. It was kind of a relief to have her somewhere hopefully better managed with more surveillance than a magical creature sanctuary.

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