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Full Name Hanuel Annabelle Johnson
Nickname Hannie
Basic Info
Birthday April 23, 2028
Nationality Korean-American
Home Johnson Residence
Relationship Info
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual; Biromantic
Best Friend Quinn
Pets Fetch (Beagle)
Peppermint (Long-Hair cat)
Velveeta (Grey tabby)
Family On The Wiki Isaac (Brother)
Freya (Sister)
Taeler (Brother)

School/Career Info
House Hufflepuff
Year/Occupation Second Year
Titles Second Year Badger
Silencio Records' Trainee
Little Hannie
Smol Superstar
Optional Classes Taken None Yet
Magical Info
Species Human-Witch
Blood Status Muggle-Born
Wand Core Unicorn Hair
Wand Wood Alder
Wand Arm Right
Boggart Siblings, dead
Patronus Adder

Model Kim So-Hyun
Gender Female
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Hair Length/Style Long and full of natural curls
Eye Colour Brown
Skin Colour Pale
Clothing Style Casual, but very elegant
Other Info About Looks
Hanuel takes after her mother in all physical appearances. She may be short, but she hasn't let that stop her. Her brown eyes glitter with some sort of ever-present humor as she goes through life.

Colour Pastels
Music K-Pop and Instrumental
Food Pizza in a Pot
Sweets Sour Gummy Bears
Animal Cat
Class Transfiguration
Season/Weather Spring
Dream Job Dancer/Singer
Happiest When...

The Smol Superstar

"Peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet, chocolate cheeks, and chocolate wings."


Whereupon, just a few years ago, Hanuel was an innocent little girl. She was the baby of her family, always able to get anything she wanted, but of course, she always chose to not overuse her, well, ability to get what she wanted. Except with Tae. Hanuel always gets what she wants from Tae, it's just how their relationship works. She's a naturally kind soul, always looking for the good in anything and every person she meets, even if they absolutely despise her in return. Hanuel doesn't care. She's civil and polite to everyone, and always has a bright smile ready to brighten up anyone's day.

Hanuel is also instinctively incredibly loyal. She has a hard-working spirit, ready to help in any way she can, which came to no one's surprise that she was Sorted into Hufflepuff, the house of the hard-working and loyal. While she was expecting to go into Gryffindor like Tae, Hanuel gladly accepted Hufflepuff as her house for her seven years at Hogwarts... After all, spending time with two of her older siblings seems like a pretty good tradeoff for not being able to spend time with her favorite sibling of all.


As she's been scouted, and joined, and became known as a Silencio Records' Trainee, Hanuel's popularity has only grown. Despite her being thirteen years old, she already has paparazzi following her. It's normal for a Silencio Records' Trainee... After all, she is found to already have a verified tag by her witchagram name and has already gained followers from all over the world. As she grows, her popularity will most likely shoot through the roof due to her efforts to communicate with the general public. Hanuel's not a girl who likes all the drama and media attention...

She doesn't like, nor does she understand why the other famous people like causing drama and having their lives strewn all over the papers. Hanuel has gone from a life of virtual obscurity to a life in the media and ability to handle much of anything the drama-obsessed media throws at her. After all, what kind of person would she be if she couldn't handle the drama? Especially the rumors. Those are the worst... She would like to make a point clear: She is a virgin and is NOT interested in anyone romantically at this point.


Hufflepuff Crest (Gif)


Kim Chun-hee was a dedicated employee of Infinite Interprises. She was a genuine, hard-working woman who did everything that was asked or expected of her. Because she was such a valuable asset to her company, they promoted her to an Infinite Ambassador - that meant leaving Korea and going to the England branch, where, coincidentally, she met the love of her life. Brian Johnson had lived in England his whole life. He worked for a London-based corporation, and didn't travel much. His parents were from Korea and he always hoped to visit one day. He wanted to go to his parents' roots, but in a sense, their roots found him. His company made the decision to merge with Infinite Interprises. Through the merger, he met Chun-hee and fell in love with her.

The two married and planned to move back to Korea, but Chun-hee's job had a different course set out for them. The two were transferred to America where they would be living for longer than expected. After a year in the States, the couple became pregnant with their first child, Isaac. A few years after him came baby Freya. Only a year later, Taeler came into their world. Haneul was born last, but was loved just as much. Growing up the youngest of the family of six, Haneul was definitely the cutest daughter and little sister anyone could ask for. She always had a bright smile and would willingly hug anyone who asked for it. As Haneul grew up, she watched her siblings all head off to Hogwarts, two years apart. After Taeler left, she was absolutely devastated, sad that she was all alone with Chun-hee and Brian, or Mom and Dad as she called them. She was at the age of seven when she was left alone, and ironically, that's when her magic manifested. Hanuel's first sign of magic was sending a pillow flying across the room in a temper fit after her dad told she couldn't go visit them at Hogwarts. Of course, that resulted in her getting grounded, but afterwards, they were as happy as can be.

Hanuel is entering her first year of Hogwarts this fall, and she cannot wait to be finally joining her siblings after being so long alone at their house. Isaac is a current seventh-year, Freya's a current fifth-year, and Taeler's a current third-year, so she's really looking forwards to the remaining years she can spend by their sides while all are in school. Especially tagging along at Taeler and Freya's heels... they're her favorites, but DON'T TELL ISAAC!

First Year

As was tradition for incoming students to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hanuel boarded the Hogwarts express at eleven o'clock sharp at Platform 9¾. The almost eight-hour ride passed pretty normally, except with her meeting the one girl that would eventually turn into one of her best friends: Princess Quinn of Windsor and her adorable Crup, Sunlight. When they finally reached Hogsmeade Station, they were escorted across the Black Lake in boats by the current Keeper of the Keys before being handed over to the care of the Deputy Headmistress, a fairly stern Professor of Transfiguration called Juliette Van der Hoek, or Etta as she would become to be called by the incoming student class. As they followed her lead into the Great Hall, Hanuel scanned her surroundings for her siblings, spotting Freya and Isaac fairly easily at the Hufflepuff table and Taeler at the Gryffindor table.

When her name was called, she was expecting to go anywhere BUT Hufflepuff... But she got Hufflepuff for some strange reason. As such, Hanuel quickly settled into her new house. It was just as well for her that her friend, Quinn, was also Sorted into Hufflepuff, and the two quickly became dormmates as well as best friends. The next months passed without much drama, excluding the new Minister's policies and all that, as Hanuel and Quinn got closer and closer in their friendship.

Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Fifth Year
Sixth Year
Seventh Year





Hanuel is an indigenous Korean one-syllable name meaning 'heaven' or 'sky' depending on the translations and characters used.


Annabelle is a French-English name arising as a variant of ANNABEL, or as a combination of ANNA and BELLE. Annabel is taken from a version of AMABEL, inspired by the name ANNA, meaning 'lovable'. ANNA means 'favor' and 'grace', while BELLE means 'beautiful'.



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