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The Happy Petals


Welcome to Happy Petals! A florist at the edge of Diagon Alley, it offers charmed flowers in all types of arrangements. Flowers that never die, flowers that never need water, flowers that change colours depending on the mood of the people around them-you can find all the type of bouquets that you might need.



Valentina Cambeiro - Employee


Gabriel Pyeong — WB 1

Gabriel Pyeong‎ — hufflepuff alumnus

Flowers, chocolate, and perhaps balloon and a nice new vase, charmed to be unbreakable. One might think that Gabriel Pyeong is on his way to a date, given his elegant clothing and close inspection of every arrangement that Happy Petals has to offer. In fact, the young producer is an invitatee to a very special dinner thrown by his closest friends — Letus. Long ago, the production team had vowed to celebrate every and each successful song that they put out. Let's aim for the top of the charts, Milan had said. Gabriel explicitly remembered his own desire to at least chart once. And now? Their songs were always charting, and the celebration of each new song had proved to be too cumbersome to even attempt. Gabriel himself preferred to keep on working, even during joyful occasions. Ever the stoic, the young Frenchman prefers to accept pats on the back and nothing more. But since Milan and Seungbeom had insisted, Gabriel had relented to this brief break. He makes his way over to the back, where a small section of flowers that do die are kept. Flowers are a frequent presence in his life. To get the charmed immortal bouquets would require him to figure out a place for every single one, and he likes to keep his mind elsewhere. Unfortunately for Gabriel, he can't make up his mind on what to get. Silly, but he can't help it. This party marks the celebration of one hundred songs that have charted, and he thinks that this time they should get something a bit more grand. He ponders the question, standing there as his limited selection waits for him to choose.

Bing Siwoo - WB 1

Bing Si-Woo‎ — crowned with snowdrops

There's a pot of snowdrops sitting prettily near the back of the store. It's a bit out of season, Siwoo notes, his hand gently stroking one of its petals. But then again, he's not a stranger to out of season things. What he is a stranger to, however, is this country. There is a lot going on back at home. Their servants are rushing around to have one of their old vacation homes be transformed into an actual home. His parents are busy getting their business dealings straightened up. He still needs to choose an English name because apparently, shi-u is too difficult for these Westerners to pronounce. Siwoo would've been far happier to just stay behind in Komorebi. He's an adult now, wasn't he? But his parents insisted on him coming along and he can't say no to his mother even if he tried. And of course, they then gently "urged" him to go around the place and get himself acquainted with the new country, giving him a shiny new card and a pat on the back. How he ended up here in Diagon Alley when their house is in Lincliff is far beyond Siwoo and he doesn't have the energy to think much more about it. Anyways... should he buy these snowdrops?