Harley Davidson
Ravenclaw Alumnus
The Good Son
Owned by: Manolo
Basic Information
Full Name: Harley Abraham Davidson
Born: March 30th, 2013
Age: 22
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: U.S.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
More Information
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Romantic Orientation: biromantic
Relationship Status: single
Accent: U.S. Accent
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English and french
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Magical Information
Blood Status: half-blood
Wand Wood: TBD
Wand Core: TBD
Wand Length: TBD
Wand Arm: right
Exotic?: no
Schooling Information
Schooling: Hogwarts
Year: 6th
Year Joined: 2030, 6th year



Harley has two sides. With family, he plays a role, the good son and elder of the Davidson siblings. Harley does the dishes, takes out the trash, whatever. He pretends like everything is okay, despite it being a bit of a glass house at times. His sisters can get him to do all their chores and things just because he needs to keep up that good brother look. In truth, he does hold his father in high esteem, and that's probably why he keeps on acting like this person he no longer is, or no longer acknowledges.

In reality, or outside of the house, Harley is a bastard. He's a bully, and he picks on people with no discrimination. Harley even picks on his sisters, depending on how much they made him do their chores over the summer. He has a big head, and says what's on his mind. While he is bi, he hasn't fully accepted this and can at times be prone to saying slurs. He's a meat head, and works out a lot, one of the bonding things he has with his dad.

On the downlow, however, he is pretty intelligent. Harley never quite lost his love interest in learning completely, so he does study at some capacity, he just sleeps through tests. Harley isn't any kind of a good friend, having only been loyal as a kid. He has a tendency to flirt, but unless they're drunk or really digging his toned body, most don't bite. He drinks infrequently, but when he does he drinks a lot. Harley has considered joining a quidditch team in the past, but never does due to grades and commitment.

Harley is tough and doesn't cry in front of anyone, especially not his dad. He prefers doing things on his own, but after losing his friends, can't help but feel a little lonely, so in a sense his personality is a little desperate, and a little hungry. Some part of him does want to reconnect properly with his family, and go back to being the lovable kid from before. Harley doesn't think he'll become a soldier, but only time will tell.


It was at Ilvermorny that Duncan met his future wife. She was a British girl, not used to American ways. One boy decided he was going to make fun of her for it. Well, Duncan was about to have any of that. He socked the boy in the jaw. The bully left the girl alone, and Duncan decided he would show her around. The pair hit it off really well, and that's when Duncan learned her name. Jeannie Clark.

It didn't take long for the pair to start dating. They were in fifth year at the time, and they stayed together for the next two and a half years at Ilvermorny. On their graduation day, Duncan proposed. Jeannie accepted and just like Duncan's parents the two were married within three months.

Once Duncan turned 18, he decided to join the US Army like his father and grandfather before him. Duncan applied to join the US Rangers and was accepted into Ranger School. Upon his graduation from Ranger School, Duncan was sent out on his first deployment, leaving Jeannie behind, along with their first and only son named Harley, after the motorcycle. Little did Duncan know however, Jeannie was pregnant with their second child. A girl this time, she was named Emiline over a video conference while Duncan was in a war zone.

While off fighting, his son Harley grew up without his dad, but heavily influenced by him. Harley played war games more often than not, and dreamed of being a soldier. He wanted to be noble and just, Duncan's son. In a way, he romanticized being a soldier, to the point that, in his imaginings, the gig was more of a charming knight ordeal. As his siblings started coming in by the droves, he played the part of good brother, always helping around the house and with the chores.

His parents were slightly worried about Harley as he was a late bloomer in the magic department. They would've have loved him as a squib, regardless, and maybe it would have been better for him as a squib. The day Harley received his sign of magic was also the day he learned his father was coming home without a leg, when he was 9. Harley locked himself in the bathroom, refusing to get out. After a while, he finally left the bathroom, leaving behind a toilet split in two from magic. Jeannie was, presumably, shocked, but at least he was able to get it out of his system.

As the years went he became more and more disillusioned about the military, mainly due to his volunteering at the VA. He switched his ideals, instead finding favor in science and technology, all things that could prevent war in the future. You could call him a bit of a nerd, as many students did. Harley didn't mind the name calling, he just wanted to help guys like his dad.

Upon arriving at Ilvermorny at age 11, Harley was given the option of Pukwudgie and Horned Serpent. After some contemplation, Harley chose Pukwudgie. It was at Ilvermorny that Harley once again changed, perhaps not for the better. He suffered through a lot of bullying because of his intellect, and was always too embarrassed to tell his dad. As a young kid in an unfamiliar place,backed up into a corner, he only had a few options to change his situation. Harley reinvented himself, dumbing himself down in class, playing the kid who didn't care. His bullies became his friends and soon the asshole he tried to project truly became him.

In his fourth year he failed his exams so bad, they had to hold him back a year. Up until then he'd kept up a facade for his mom and dad, but at that point they truly started to grasp the difference in their son. His friends made fun of him and abandoned him. Harley was so upset he went out drinking (underage) with some of his muggle friends. They got so drunk they got in a car accident, but Harley fled the scene injured. He isn't as dumb as he pretended- after all it turned into a game of approval. He swiped their memories before fleeing. Harley absolutely sucks at healing spells, however, so he just had a neighborhood girl who had a crush on him patch him up. None of his family ever found out about his near death experience, but they could if they looked hard enough.

The family ended up moving to the UK, for whatever reasons his father gave. He didn't care. In a sense, it was nice to havea fresh start, even if he hadn't changed. Having grown wary of cars, upon arrival Harley gathered some of his birthday money and bought a a cheap, used yamaha motorcycle, which he rides around in secret. Harley is still an ass, but more considerate with his family. He is a 6th year.

Model: Spencer Neville
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'10
Weight: 176lb
Voice Type: Baritenor
Distinguishing Marks: scar on his back, bump on his head from when he was little
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Father: Duncan Davidson
Mother: Jeannie Davidson
Full Siblings: Clara Davidson, Rayne Davidson, Emilie Davidson
Half Siblings:
Spouse: nah
Children: nah
Other Relatives:
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Harls, H, Harlem
Favourite Colour: Crimson Red
Favourite Movie: Tropic Thunder
Favourite Song: I'm Different by 2 Chainz
Favourite Food: Ribs
Favourite Drink: Red Apple Ale
Most Important People: Fam
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