Harrison Jeom
Slytherin Alumni • Employee at Fortescue's

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Personal Information

Full NameHarrison Seunggun Jeom
[ Jeom Seung-Gun / 점승근 ]

Birthday29 May 2018
Age19 y/o
Zodiac SignGemini
Sex / GenderMale / Male
EthnicityAsian; Korean
Sexual OrientationBisexual
Romantic OrientationBiromantic
Relationship StatusDating Micah Baek
BirthplaceTruro, England
Living SituationHis Flat
Languages SpokenEnglish, Broken Korean

Magical Information

Blood StatusHalf-Blood
Wand WoodOak
Wand CoreDragon Heartstring
Wand Length12"
BoggartBlack Holes
Exotic?Yes; Half-Dark Nymph


Harrison is very blunt and cold, sarcasm being a second nature to him. He radiates a dark aura around him which puts many people off of him; not that he minds. Being close to too many people, as he's experienced, can only be a bad thing. That's why he's limited himself to having one friend and one friend only. Everyone else are merely acquaintances. Not much changes about him if you get close to him; his sarcasm remains but it's more jovial, there's evidence that he has a heart but he still retains a bluntness about him.


Lucas Song was notorious for having affairs and some could rightfully predict that he had a heft amount of children across the United Kingdom. One of these affairs produced a small son, Harrison. Maya Jeom was a dark nymph and hailed from a family who believed in nymph blood supremacy, ironically having distaste for the wizarding population. As the stereotypical story goes, Maya was tired of the restrictions on who she could date and happily had a one night stand with Lucas when the other pursued her. It was perfect for her that they didn't continue on; she wasn't one to be held down by relationships so him leaving made no difference to her.

What she never expected, was to get pregnant. At first she thought she had just been gaining weight, denial beginning to take over her life and it was only going to a muggle hospital and finding out she was pregnant that evoked her to accept the truth. Part of her was excited; she was having a half-breed son as she knew the father was Lucas. She lied through her teeth daily, saying the father was another dark nymph who betrayed her and left her when she needed him the most.

Maya eventually gave birth to a baby boy, Harrison, who she made the silent promise to love even if their whole family didn't love him - a promise just in case the truth of his heritage ever leaked. Harrison had very enjoyable early years; the entire family doting on him and everyday was filled with affection and love.

Suspicions were raised when he didn't begin to develop his powers at five like most nymphs did, instead developing them at a later age. The second point of suspicion was when a table had combusted out of nowhere with only Harrison and a sleeping uncle in the room. The final point was when he received a letter to Hogwarts at eleven years old. The family threw Maya out on the street whilst Harrison attended his first year of Hogwarts, being sorted into Slythern.

He and his mother now live in a cramped apartment in Exeter, hoping to make it through without any support.


Face ClaimJeon Won-Woo
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourDark Brown
Weight138 lbs.
Voice TypeTenor
Blood TypeA
Distinguishing MarksN/A
Body StyleLean

Family Information

FatherLucas Song
MotherMaya Jeom
Full SiblingsN/A
Half SiblingsJared Seon, Leda Song
Other RelativesN/A


Significant Other(s)N/A
Best Friend(s)N/A

Name Etymology

Given [ Harrison ]Son of Harry
Middle [ Seung-Geun [ 승근 ] ]Seung [ 승 ]: Inherit
Geun [ 근 ]: Sky

Surname [ Jeom [ 점 ] ]Little


Favourite ColourCrimson
Favourite MovieAtonement
Favourite SongCheap Thrills by Sia ft Sean Paul
Favourite FoodTangy Cheese Doritos
Favourite DrinkFanta
First KissMicah Baek
First CrushMicah Baek
First LoveMicah Baek
First TimeMicah Baek
Sports PlayedN/A
Instruments PlayedN/A
Biggest HopeTBA
Biggest RegretTBA
Best MemoriesTBA
Worst MemoriesTBA
Mental IllnessesN/A
Criminal RecordN/A
Medical RecordN/A

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