Mahoutokoro Unofficial CrestHaru KorusawaMahoutokoro Unofficial Crest
Mahoutokoro Alumni ~ Japan National Quidditch Team Chaser
Owned by: Cookie
Basic Information
Full Name: Haru Korusawa
Born: July 19
Age: 25
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: Japanese
Ethnicity: Asian
More Information
Sexual Orientation: bisexual
Romantic Orientation: Biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Japanese
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Native Language: Japanese
Languages Spoken: English, Japanese
Current Location: London
Magical Information
Blood Status: WIP
Wand Wood: Cherry
Wand Core: acromantula Web
Wand Length: 13 Inches
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: Panda
Boggart: WIP
Exotic?: Nah, fam
Schooling Information
Schooling: Mahoutokoro
House: ???
Year: Alumni
Year Joined: 1st

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Haru is a very cold person to people he doesn't know, whether it be someone important or just some fan talking to him. In all actuality he doesn't care much for people unless he's really close with them which is very few. He has a saying: I don't like stupid people and by that he means he finds a huge chunk of people to be stupid. Though in all actuality he only says it because he doesn't want people bothering him. Haru is a very caring person when someone is finally able to break through his cold demeanor he tends to show. Though he only has ever let in two people, those two being Rin & Kiyomi. Though hes has kind of been in like with both since school, so he tends to believe that's kind of different. He tries to see them both as his best friends, which he seems to be doing alright with at the moment.


July 19th, 2017

I have no idea what my parents thought when they bought me a journal, do they think I share things with people? The answer's no! They seem to assume that me being cold to everyone is because I don't know how to expression my emotions. Maybe if they paid attention more they would know that, but their jobs seem to be more important. News flash I'm more level headed then they are and I'm only 7! SEVEN!! Why are they even parents? How are they even fully functioning human beings??

September 19th, 2017

Today my parents told me how they met, and they honestly seem to think I actually care, but I don't. Anyways, apparently mum and dad were really great friends growing up and they started liking each other when they got older, thought they never wanted to get married. They only got married due to the fact that dad's dad told him he wouldn't inherit anything if he didn't marry before he passed away. Well, he's still kicking! So it doesn't make any sense that even got married. Grown ups don't make sense. I hope this doesn't happen to me, ugh, I don't wanna be like my parents. I would never get married out of convention that's kind of a cruel fate, even if they liked one another.

April 30th, 2018

So, my dad finally got his inheritance. It was literally the family restaurants and now I know what my parents do. My dad's a head chef at one of his restaurants and mum is an accountant. Such joyous jobs neither of which I'm at all interested in, yet my dad makes me help him with the cooking and even making me come in and wash the dishes on the days I don't have school. To be honest I hate doing the dishes and he seems to think I love it, but he's such a clueless person. Let's be real here, who would honestly like doing dishes? The answer is not me. I really really hate the idea of having to spend my off days doing dirty dishes. I used to love cooking and now it feels like a chore.

November 22nd, 2019

Something really weird happened earlier my dad was telling me how I needed to raise my class rank, so that I could raise my state rank. I was so angry and we were in the kitchen and next thing I knew the plates on the shelves all came down crashing to the floor. There hadn't been an earthquake either, but maybe it was an unregistered one? Either way I got out of that talk today.

December 25th, 2020

My brother came home yesterday asking for help. Apparently he's having money problems and he borrowed money from the wrong person. Mum & dad refused to help and told him to get out. I hate them so much and if something happens to him I'm never going to forgive them. At least not like I have in the past. They know that my brother is the person I look up to the most, but they always say he's a bad influence. He hasn't done anything wrong besides leave the house. I don't understand how that's so bad. Adults always seem to think they know best, when in actuality they only know what's best for themselves. NOT for anyone else.

January 29th, 2021

They found my brother. He was killed over money, yet my parents thought it was damn joke. Now they know it wasn't yet they act like they didn't have another son. It's sickening, how can people like this even exist? Did they not care about him? I know I cared about him, but no one else in this damn house seems to bat an eyelash at the mere thought. I will never forgive them for allowing this to happen, but I guess they can't stop being my parents.

June 30th, 2021

A letter came for some magic school came in the mail for me. There's no such thing as magic, right? Than again who knows? This is probably my shot to get away from my parents. Just being around them pisses me off. How can they still not acknowledged my brother??? Seriously! They boxed up all the family photos with him in it and I honestly wonder what's going through there mind. I'm gonna write back no matter what, I can't stand to stay another day in this house.

Haru ended up writing back to Mahoutokoro which did anger his parents greatly, considering they wanted to keep their 'only' soon normal and nor send him off to some stupid school where people faked being able to do magic. That was the final stepping stone to him losing all respect for the people who were supposed to be his parents. How could they not allow him to do what he wanted to do?

Haru's first year was definitely something completely different than what he thought it would be. Though other than that it was pretty mundane. His second year is one things started to change, he met his future best friend Kiyomi. To say that didn't find her pretty was an understatement, because he did. Though he never did act on those emotions, ever. He even attempted to ignore her that whole year, but during his third is when he let his guard down and warmed up to her. That was also the same year Rin had transferred as well.

Haru was immediately attracted to his charm and wanted to be friends with him. Which grew, during fifth year, to romantic feelings. Which he tried not show, but it was pretty evident that he liked Rin; Who was low key manipulating his fillings. That was the same year he had decided to play Qudditch for his school as a chaser. His friends also seemed to have a knack for the game as well. So it wasn't uncommon to find the three together most of the time. As graduation neared he feared having to back to living with his parents. As his final year came to a close he was scouted by someone from the Japanese National Qudditch team. He's now playing as a chaser for his nationl team, not that his parents actually cared nor knew what Qudditch was.

Model: Yamazaki Kento
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5'8
Weight: 138 lbs
Voice Type: tenor
Distinguishing Marks: WIP
More Images
Father: Korusawa Yoshitora
Mother: Korusawa Minako
Full Siblings: Korusawa Satoru
Half Siblings: None
Guardian(s): Nobe
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: None
Name Meaning:
  • Current Name: Haru (陽) -> Meaning light sun
  • Surname: Koru (黒) -> meaning black
Nicknames: N/A
Favourite Colour: Fuchsia
Favourite Movie: WIP
Favourite Song: WIP
Favourite Food: salmon sashimi
Favourite Drink: wip
Most Important People: WIP
Most Treasured Possessions: WIP
Custom Trivia:


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