the worst best wizard in the world.

Hayden Browne
Unknown biological mother
Unknown biological father

Fiona Browne (adoptive mother)
Johnathan Browne (adoptive brother)
Blood Status
Human; Wizard
This character is roleplayed by Ellie.

Hayden Browne is a fourth year Hufflepuff student who attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after transferring from Salem at fourteen.


She wouldn't know it, but Hayden looks exactly like her mother. From the pale skin and light green eyes to the bangs and the funky fashion sense, she is practically a mirror image. She's very short, barely reaching 5'2", and has a penchant for never really liking the way she looks so she's constantly changing things - charming her hair, buying new clothes and stuff. Whatever. Life's too short to stay the same.

Hayden's parents, her biological ones, are ghosts. Not literally, but they might as well be, seeing as they aren't anywhere and Hayden isn't sure whether they're even still alive. Basically, two young teenagers met and after a quick fumble in the dark, a seventeen-year-old girl found herself lumbered with a child she didn't want. So, Hayden found herself put up for adoption straight after birth - and that's the end of that.

Her adoptive parents stepped in pretty soon after. Married couple Fiona and Johnathan Browne, unable to conceive on their own so they wanted to give another child a chance in life; they chose Hayden, moved to America and started their own life.

It was a nice life, too. She grew up in a suburb, in a white house with a picket fence and a rose garden and had everything she could ever want in life. They even had a dog. Blessed with their own child, Hayden's parents poured everything into educating Hayden, determined to give her the best upbringing possible, and they really did. There was just one problem: they taught her everything Muggle. Of course they did, what were they to expect? Certainly not that Hayden's biological father was a wizard. Or that he'd passed his magical blood onto his illegitimate daughter.

So, Hayden grew up ignorant to her heritage or her powers, and didn't figure out anything was wrong until she started managing to change the colours of things just by touching them. Then her eleventh birthday arrived, as did the Salem letter, and things began to click into place.

The first three years were smooth-sailing, kind of, as although she was insanely untalented with a wand, she settled into Salem like she'd been there all her life. Friends were made, experiences were had and Hayden even managed to learn to colour-charm her hair when everything went wrong.

Long story short, her parents went bankrupt. Something dodgy happened with her father's business, some sort of market crashed and before she could blink, they were on a plane to England and living in the crappiest little flat in an equally crappy town. Hayden isn't one to complain, not when she knows how lucky she is to have such an amazing family, but god, she hated it, still does. It's damp and it stinks and she's pretty sure it's why she gets coughs all the time. However, now she attends Hogwarts, and she sticks out like a sore thumb. Bless her.

Hayden is nothing if not outgoing. She likes the busy and the colourful and sees no point in backing yourself into a corner because what good can you do from there? Life is short - her parents taught her that - and well, she has no intentions of wasting it.

The first thing you'll learn about Hayden is that a magic school is really not where she belongs. She is magic, but magic is not her thing; she's terrible at spells, terrible at potions and don't even try and stick her on a broom. Basically, she gets through her education by pointing her wand at things and hoping something happens. It might not do her OWLs any good but it doesn't bother her too much right now. Maybe in her seventh year it'll come back to haunt her.

Above all, Hayden considers her best qualities to be the more Muggley ones, the mundane skills: art and making tea and painting. Being raised by Muggles gave her an interest for science, too, especially things like chemistry and their inventions. Clocks are especially fascinating. She wanted to attend Muggle college but then she got that Salem letter and it turned everything upside down.

Naturally a chatterbox, Hayden loves talking. That's a nice thing about her, she never lets a conversation die: she'll find common ground with you and play to your interests and tell you stories about all the things she's seen her brother do. It's charming at times but she can get annoying quite quickly, especially when she's excited because she gets all animated and jumpy. Oh yeah, she loves physical affection - don't be alarmed if she hugs you every chance she gets.


friends, acquaintances and enemies

Wren van Heemstra
Wren's awesome, man. There's just something about him. Maybe it's the fact he's one of those people who just sounds clever, or maybe it's because he skipped lesson to be with her. Whatever it is, Hayden liked him when she first met him in the Kitchens, and hopes to see him again.

Eilis O'Reilly
Hayden likes Eilis, it's safe to say. She's very quiet and shy but Hayden finds it cute; they met on the Astronomy Tower and talked about basically everything. And demolished a bag of cookies together. What fun.

Herbology: literally the only school subject she's any good at, because it doesn't involve much spell casting. Even Hayden can keep a plant alive.
Painting: She's a hell of an artist. Modest, too, she doesn't like to brag.


*She wants to paint the moving portraits for Hogwarts one day.
*She makes amazing herbal teas. Her adoptive mother taught her. Peppermint is her favourite.
*Her grades are abysmal. She's trying, bless her.
*Cats are her babies. If somebody bought her a cat, she'd marry them on the spot.
*Her accent is horrible; it's one of those grating ones that winds you up.
*She's effortlessly clumsy, especially on stairs.
*Despite all her awful magic, she loves using her wand to make different colours. She's just very easily impressed, to be honest.
*She can play guitar. Badly, but it's a thing.
*She has zero sense of direction; if you tell her to go left, she'll definitely go right.

Handedness Right
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Bisexual, biromantic
Relationship Status Single as a pringle
Pets None (sadly)
Favourite Songs Patterns by Perlo
I've Fallen for You by Kelvin Jones
Everything Unsaid by Joshua Hyslop
Favourite Colours All of them!
Favourite Sweet Coca Cola
Flying saucers
Most Treasured Possession Her wand
Where to Find Them Literally everywhere and anywhere.


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