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We're ruthless bastards and we always play dirty.

Hazel is the social outcast that knows exactly what you think of her. Knowing she was already a social pariah because of what her parents did, she embraced the role and is quick to use it as a barrier. May as well take the legacy as her own rather than let people use it against her. Hazel is quick to think everyone thinks the worst of her and hate her. It's easy to protect yourself and your feelings from other people if you make sure you never let them in far enough to hurt you. Hazel is use to people staring at her. Use to people judging her, believing her to be just like her parents–a killer. And whilst some people are driven to prove them wrong, Hazel couldn't care less. Hell, she's driven to prove people right. Hazel breaks as many rules as she can. Part of it is to draw attention onto her. Part of it is to see the reactions of whoever it is in authority. And the other part of it is just to have some fun. It's always the fun life that the adults try to ban, right? Hazel has an imagination. A very creative imagination. In the sense that Hazel is very likely to create stories in order to entertain people. Namely, lies about real people. She once went in front of a whole class and told people a specific professor was a spy in order to prevent a house elf revolution that was brewing in Hogwarts. Hazel doesn't like responsibility, especially for other people, and tends to stick to herself and maybe one or two other people. Whilst she'll use her parent's narrative as a barrier, in truth it does hurt her. It scares her to think she actually might be like her parents. Scares her that the rumours of her being able to kill someone might actually be true. Whilst she is a gentle person in reality–it's only because she's so scared of actually physically hurting someone. Hazel can be described as loud, imaginative, reclusive, socially awkward and someone who's unsure of where she stands in life.
The Habsburg line could be traced back to Charlemagne the Great, the first crowned king in Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 800, and continues both in the magical world and the muggle world today. The Holy Roman Empire lasted until 1806 and was the longest known empire in known history, lasting more than a thousand years. The Holy Roman Emperor, unlike the other empires at the time, was elected into the position by nobles. Hence, the position of king and emperor jumped from house to house throughout its history. The House of Habsburg had entered the Holy Roman Empire royal line when Rudolph was elected king in 1273. Previously, the Habsburg were a minor house that had only held the title of Count. However, Rudolph was not able to secure the title of emperor. It wasn't until Frederick III was elected emperor in 1452. After Frederick, the succession became inherited within the family line and the election was only a formality.

The Holy Roman Empire was a vast empire that ruled over a vast land of Europe, including Germany, Austria, Italy to name a few. It was later to include Spain under HRE Charles V. Charles the fifth was both the king of Spain and later the HRE when his grandfather died. Thus he was the reigning emperor of almost all of Europe at the time, creating tension across the land, especially within the rival empires. During his reign, he laid the approval for the settlements in California, the effort to convert Asia and created the foundations to colonialism. However, when he died, he split his empire into two sections. He split his empire into the Austrian empire and the Spanish empire, thus splitting the family into two branches. Though the Spanish line eventually died out, resulting in a fight for the throne, the Austrian line thrived until 1806 with the death of Holy Roman Emperor Francis II. The Holy Roman Empire officially collapsed after Napoleon's conquest.

However, this was when the Habsburg line split. Two brothers, Ferdinand and Philip, had a bitter argument of what to do with the future of Austria. What history fails to mention is that both brother's were wizards, educated by private tutors from both worlds. Philip believed their future lay more in the magical world, that they had run the muggle world dry and that so many more opportunities lay inside the new world. However, Ferdinand felt differently. When their father died, Ferdinand became Ferdinand the First and Philip disappeared into the Austrian ministry of Magic. Though he was, technically, a half blood, his status and wealth allowed him to hold immense influence in the ministry by the time he died. Though he never held minister of magic, his power nearly rivaled that title. He was a puppeteer. His descendents all followed in his foot steps and nearly all became Minister of Magic one way or another. Some held the title for decades. Some for only a few years. It depended. Regardless, the Habsburg line in the magical world was far more successful than in the muggle, like Philip had predicted.

It was in this context that we Harrison Habsburg, the current patriarch of the family, and his two baby mothers, Emilia and Whitney. Emilia, his first wife and the mother to the first four children, was an arranged marriage that occurred during his years at Beauxbatons. Emilia was the youngest daughter to a prominent member of the Frankfurt Mafia. Like the Habsburgs, they also had a branch operating in the wizarding world, often becoming dark witches and wizards or dealing with the black market. A political marriage, neither were too impressed with one another but they dealt with their pride and ego enough that they resulted in four children. Harrison eventually became chief warlock and it was here that he began to have an affair with Whitney Thurman, one of his coworkers. It was only a few months after Emilia announced their fourth child did Whitney confess to being pregnant herself. Having fallen deeply in love, it didn't take long for Harrison and Whitney too come up with a plot for them to be together. They did try to go down the more humane route. They sat Emilia down and told her two weeks after she had given birth to Jessamine. Told her that they were running off together.

Emilia, as one would expect, didn't take this well and tried to attack Whitney. In the scuffle, Harrison ended up snapping Emilia's neck. Not sure what else to do, they made her body disappear and made it seem as if she had run off with some mysterious lover that she apparently had for years. Of course, nearly everyone in society began to suspect something was amiss, especially when Harrison and Whitney became public. Whitney was heavily pregnant and people could do the maths. They became the prime suspects and even though they paid the auror office to mess with the evidence, resulting in the law leaving them alone, they couldn't do the same for Emilia's mafia family. To save themselves, the family moved too England to escape their reach. Whitney gave birth too Hazel, the youngest of the Habsburgs. With Harrison in the Ministry of Magic, life became normal. Their eldest children went to Hogwarts and Whitney worked in St. Mungos. Everything seemed to be okay until recently. When the mafia caught up to them. With the youngest being thirteen and the eldest having long moved out, it wasn't hard to catch Whitney and Harrison alone in their mansion. Soon, both lay dead. Both dead at the hands of Harrison's ex father in law, the grandfather to four of Harrison's children. He took great pleasure in doing so.

The family was always in the spotlight, with everyone talking about the possible murder of Emilia Habsburg, but now they were even more so. Doing their best to keep their life together, the five siblings kept low with the two minors being left in the custody of Elliot Habsburg, the eldest son in his late twenties. Their parents wealth was split between them all, with Hazel's and Jessamine's being left in a trust, but there was more than enough to go between them. Once one of the most prominent political families in all of Europe, they were now treated with suspicion across the magical world. The five children, the last of the Habsburgs, trying their best to pick up the pieces.

Hazel was the youngest and the most controversial child. The love child of mixed heritage made it painfully obvious to people who she was. Compared to her siblings, she stuck out like a sore thumb. As a child, she was use to people turning to stare at her when she walked through the street. All of them recognizing her to be the legacy of her parent's crime. This became even worse when her parents died at the hands of the mafia. When she was seven years old, she had her first magical incident. She made the daily prophet catch on fire. It had an article about her family and one thing led to another. It was enough though to get her a ticket straight into Hogwarts. Even though she was rather...unpopular, Hazel liked the place well enough. She found her niche in being the outcast of the school and having a lack of friends.

Basic Trivia
Name Hazel Diana Habsburg Favorite Color Olive green
Nickname None Favorite Music Genre Jazz
Age 14 years old Favorite Food Scrambled Eggs
Birthday 26th of August Favorite Animal Spiders
Sign Virgo Favorite Book The Pearl Thief
Nationality Austrian Favorite Drink Milkshakes
Ethnicity Mixed Favorite Song None
Home Vienna, Austria Favorite Movie Les Miserables
Status Alive Favorite Sweets Strawberry creams
Sexuality Bisexual Quirks
Location Hogwarts, UK Talents Dancing, singing, knife throwing
Year/Occupation 4th year student Skills Look above
House Slytherin Languages English and German
Species Witch Etymology
Family Blood Pureblood Handedness Right
Wand Core Boggart
Wand Wood Patronus
Physical Relationships
Model Zendaya Coleman Mother
Eye Color Brown Father
Hair Color Brown Full Siblings None
Height 5'8 Half Siblings Three
Distinguishing Marks Other None
Disorders Children None
Mental State

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