The head dormitories are located in one of the many towers. It provides a living area for the two head students that are chosen each year from the student body. It's lavish and expansive and is one of the benefits of accepting the responsibilities that come with the positions. Outside of the large living room, there is a hallway that leads to two different rooms–the bedrooms, both equipped with private bathrooms and walk in cupboards.

Only those with permission by the head boy and girl can enter the dormitories as it is protected by a magical barrier. Permission that can be rescinded at any moment. Often, the heads invite students (regardless of their house) inside to help them with homework or other types of services. Other times, they provide permission to friends. Note, that if the faculty believe a head student is abusing the living area (such as private parties) then their position may come under question. The private dormitories are a privilege, not a right.

All students will turn their lights out and go to sleep at midnight, as they may be patrolling the corridors until then. Any student caught out of bed who does not have a convincing reason will be landed in detention, though Heads usually have a good reason.

Head Dormitories


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