These apartments are incredibly luxurious but expensive. This complex is set in the heart of the city and is highly accessible. The rent is high and really only those with a high income can afford these apartments. However, if you can afford it, you're provided with a large, spacious, apartment that gives you an incredible view of the surrounding city. It comes with daily house keeping, a private gym and a pool. However, there are three penthouses that provide rooftop pools. The penthouses are larger than the other apartments but are more expensive, plus you get a better view. All apartments are soundproof and so you're provided with absolute privacy so neighbors aren't an issue.


Apartments: 150 galleons per week
Penthouses: 170 galleons per week

Hillcrest Ridge
High rise apartments.
To create your apartment, simply add link both your character's name and the page to the apartment.. Place (P) to signify it is a penthouse. Please note that these are highly expensive and designed for those in high income careers. For example, the head of a department could be found living here. Also please remember to add the category 'Hillcrest Ridge' to the apartment.




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