Holden Schmidt
30th June 2010
Brigitta Schmidt (Adoptive mother)
Roderick Schmidt (Adoptive father)
Ilsa and Keira Schmidt (Adoptive sisters)
Aeron †, Arthur, Lena, Ansel †, Edmund, Boyce, Sadie and Blake Schmidt (Adoptive cousins)
Derrick Schmidt (Adoptive uncle) †,
Emily Schmidt (Adoptive aunt)
Name Pronunciation
HOLD-en sh-MIT
Blood Status
rped by Bluue

Holden Schmidt is a graduated Hufflepuff and the owner of Co-Zee Café.
Eye Color
Hair Color
Clothing Style
Holden is seen by his peers to be a handsome young man. His skin is impeccable and lacks any flaw. His dark eyes are a dusky and captivating brown colour. Holden has clean, white teeth covered by light pink lips. He stands at 6 feet (6'0"), with a muscular figure. His hair is naturally a chocolate brown shade, his fringe often framing his face. When it comes to his clothing style, Holden loves to dress in casual and comfortable clothing clothing, not often going all out to impress his peers unless he feels he needs to.

Native Language
German, English
Slightly German
Earliest Memory
Playfully arguing with his cousin, Edmund.
Type of Childhood
Adventurous, lively, active, though full of guilt and a slight feeling of resentment due to his adopted status.
Childhood Fear
Finding his real parents - the thought always terrified him.

A burden in the hands of parents who found themselves too financially unstable to care for him, a very young Holden found himself at the mercy of the orphanage. This was where he spent the first couple of years of his life, often minding his own business and keeping to himself, quiet as a mouse while he observed his surroundings, never becoming completely used to or happy with them. Each day went by with Holden hoping for freedom, and with each day that went by, he found himself losing hope more and more, until one day. A witch and a wizard by the names of Roderick and Brigitta Schmidt visited the orphanage in the hopes of adopting a child. Needless to say, upon seeing Holden, their household almost immediately gained a new member, the two taking to Holden almost immediately. In his new home, Holden felt more content than ever, though he hadn't completely adjusted yet. Over the years, he began to become more aware and comfortable of the world surrounding him. During this stage, Holden was informed by his parents that they were expecting twins. He was ecstatic at the idea of there being someone around who he could potentially have things in common with, as well as who could understand him.

With the arrival of the twins, Holden slowly began to come out of his shell. Countless playful arguments with his sister Keira as well as numerous exchanges in acts of kindness with his sister Ilsa raised his confidence in his family as well as his security, and he'd never felt so positive regarding the matter of family, clearing him of his constant guilt as well as building the foundations of the person he is today.

At the age of 11, Holden was sent to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, being sorted into Hufflepuff. For once, he felt alone again, having to be away from his family and muggle friends for so long, having to wait for years before being used to them in a similar environment again. It felt like having to start from the beginning all over again, everything he'd worked so hard to sustain feeling pointless.

However, his arrival at Hogwarts wasn't completely negative. Traits from both his mother and father began to rub off on him over the years - his father's Quidditch career prompting an interest in flying and quidditch, while his mother's academic talents in turn led to his academic success. Holden went through a rough patch during his first few years at Hogwarts, only really letting himself go during holidays when he could go home.

Though it took some adjustment, Holden took to independent life, his frame of mind having been seemingly strengthened by the time he spent at the orphanage years ago. On top of this, he started to establish friendships just like he did in his school before Hogwarts. Things were finally looking up for him, especially with his two sisters joining Hogwarts a few years after him.

As his time through Hogwarts progressed, he turned into a complete social butterfly, something which he'd never have thought possible before. The playful banter with his sister Keira forever continued as she got older, as well as he and Ilsa's kindness towards each other. In his sixth year, he played as a beater for the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team, becoming a staple of the team for the year, but deciding to resign in his seventh year to study for his N.E.W.T's.

Having passed his N.E.W.T's with flying colours, Holden entered the real world, having moved into his own home, not having overly great ambitions - just something enjoyable which he can use to provide for himself. This led to him becoming the owner of a café in the muggle world, as he always enjoyed muggle interaction and very much misses it. Though recently, though the air of guilt and resentment which seems to only exist in his mind has haunted him, feeling like he was nothing but a burden to his parents, though there's been nothing to give him this idea. To this day, he's still too troubled on the topic to inquire.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Energetic, confident, social butterfly, charismatic.
Worst Qualities
Quick tempered, sly, sarcastic, stubborn.
Most Influenced By
His family
Holden is nothing if not confident and energetic; he embraces challenges and is never completely satisfied with things as they are, being very much a perfectionist. An independent and self-reliant young man, he’s more likely to break off on his own and take initiative when it comes to things rather than need a team. Lively and full of fire, he feels things in extremes, be it love or hate. However, he tends to be a bit offhanded in his comments and not in the most tactful of ways. He has the mouth of a sailor and that is something that hasn’t changed with age, and something that most likely won't. When he speaks, it's often very blunt. Something his mother always hated was his frequent sassiness and sarcasm, Holden never considering that it may hurt others. Hardly ever expect warm and comforting conversations to come from him unless you're very close. He tells it like it is, and often this can come across as uncaring. Contrary to the belief of most people he knows, most of the time that probably wouldn't be right. Other’s problems are his own, and though he's often afraid to admit it and this side to him is somewhat rare, he's a warm-hearted and sentimental person.

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Holden Schmidt - Hufflepuff Alumni, Owner of Co-Zee Café

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skills and magical abilities

Wand - Pear, unicorn hair, 9½". The owners of these wands are often popular and well respected. Pear wands are among the most resilient, and it is noted that they may still present a remarkable appearance of newness, even after many years of hard use. The owners of these wands have a lovely personality, warm and friendly.



Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Homosexual, biromantic
Relationship Status
Pear, unicorn hair, 9½"
Favorite Drink
Pumpkin juice
Favorite Sweet
Amortentia Scents
Pumpkin juice, chocolate and vanilla.
Favorite Song
Doin' Good by KittiB and Cool Hot Sweet Love by Red Velvet for when he's tired of jamming out to hip hop.


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